Why Quit Sugar?

upset man eating a doughnut
Sugar addict.

Why quit sugar? Because sugar is an addictive drug that is bad for you.

As kids we learned that you can’t sustain yourself on sweets alone. Yet many of us try to do just that, and then we wonder why we feel terrible.

Everyone is different, but there are some common things people I’ve spoken with have agreed upon as far as how sugar impacts them.

The information below is based on my experience, observations, and conversations with other sugar addicts. I’m not a scientist or a doctor.

When I eat sugar I:

  • Feel drowsy
  • Can’t make decisions
  • Can’t wake up easily
  • Sleep heavier
  • Stay up late at night
  • Act moody
  • Am more gassy
  • Am more thirsty
  • Crave sweets
  • Find that my teeth ache
  • Have teeth coated in sugar
  • Often have bad breath
  • Feel depressed & helpless
  • Only feel satisfied by sweets
  • Have evil and irregular poops
  • Have to nap during the day
  • Lose control and crave sweets
  • Need chocolate every day
  • Feel bad about eating junk food
  • Overeat and use food as a drug
  • Get “sweaty butt”
  • Reward myself with sweets
  • Soothe myself with sweets
  • Feel like I’m in a daze
  • Medicate myself with sweets
  • Feel pain in my joints
  • Pee alot
  • Eat just about anything
  • Can’t have fun without sugar
  • Support the sweet system
  • Spend money on sweets
  • Eat out more often
  • End up eating lots of chemicals
  • Don’t know what is in my food
  • Act hyper
  • Worry about everything
  • Wake up feeling bloated
  • Use sugar as an upper
  • Can’t fall asleep at night
  • Get the shakes
  • Use sugar to connect with others

When I avoid sugar I:

  • Feel much more even
  • Make clearer decisions
  • Wake up more easily
  • Sleep calmly and thoroughly
  • Don’t need a midday nap
  • Don’t act so moody
  • Am satisfied by veggies and fruit
  • Have regular and elegant poops
  • Am not parched all the time
  • Don’t crave sweet foods
  • Don’t lose control
  • Feel good about myself
  • Think everyone eats junk
  • Read labels more often
  • Am more aware
  • Often make natural foods
  • Don’t feel bloated
  • Feel tighter in the mid-section
  • Don’t get the shakes

When I stay off sugar I:

  • Feel even and calm
  • Wake up energized
  • Need less and lighter sleep
  • Have increased stamina
  • Want to get out and do things
  • Am not parched all the time
  • Don’t crave processed products
  • Think food products taste bad
  • Am grossed out by sweeties
  • Feel better about myself overall
  • Feel more attractive
  • Am more confident
  • Want to visit the dentist
  • Focus better on long-term goals
  • Am a happier person overall
  • Find natural foods to be delicious
  • Am less susceptible to advertising
  • Save more and spend less

If you’re trying to figure out how to quit sweets, recognize that it’s likely impossible to quit all forms of sugar forever.

That’s why I say: do not quit sugar. Stop Being Sweet instead.