Sugar Log: 2024

I have plans for this year:

  • Abstain from eating sweets
  • Mental and physical fitness
  • 100% vegan diet

Simple: I will avoid sweets all year again, like I’ve done in the past, and my joker snack will be mixed nuts. It might change, but that’s it for now.

It’s a little weird writing this log by year, because the rollover date is Halloween instead of December 31st, but I’ve always used my birthday to declare New Year’s resolutions. Doing so gives me a jump on the upcoming year, and reminds me that my life time is running out...

Connoisseur of Crap

A month ago I was in a store with Gwenn. We were looking at ice cream in the freezer aisle and trying to decide if we were gonna get some.

A man who worked at the store was within earshot, and he heard us debating about the offerings. He chimed in to tell us his favorites, and recommended a new fruit-flavored ice cream product. I didn’t want that.

“I like chocolate in my ice cream,” I told him.

He didn’t listen. Instead he nattered on about this fruit-flavored ice cream bar and that new fruit pop thingy. He was really into it, and he’d obviously tried them all. He talked about junk food in the same way readers talk about books, or how fans talk about sports games.

I could see that he took joy in trying the products, and rating them. If he was talking wine, I might have listened to his advice since I know basically nothing about wine. But he was talking about ice cream.

The man was rather large, as in fat. I imagined his family as also being fat. I imagined them as also being poor, and junk food being their main pleasure. I have no reason for the negative judgement. It’s just a story I made up in my head, and not a very kind one. Why did I think that?

After pondering it for a few days, I realized what bothered me was that I saw myself in the ice cream man. Like that guy, I am someone who has spent a lot of time and energy consuming and comparing various types of junk food. I have an experienced knowledge about the stuff.

Without trying, I’ve become a connoisseur of ice cream, cookies, candies, and consumable crap. It’s embarrassing, and I’m chagrin.

Why do I know so much about junk food? Why don’t I know more about health food, horse farms, or haberdashery? Is the answer that obvious?


It was a nice Halloween. I managed to get my hands on quite a few Reese’s peanut butter cups, a Snickers, and some Peanut M&Ms.

Same Old Lessons

At the store today, I was surprised by all of the candy that was at eye level in the bagging area of the self-checkout. It’s been off my radar.

The Reese’s peanut butter cups were exactly as I remembered: first one or two were good, and then the rest tasted like salty chemicals.

So far I’ve had crusty eyes in the morning, difficulty waking up, and muscle cramps. Like, my foot just locked up. All are reminders to SBS.

Survived Thanksgiving

Another (lovely) Thanksgiving come and gone. It was easy to avoid sweets since there were some grapes to eat during dessert.

However, I recently watched this video (WARNING: it’s about cookies). It shows how McViddies Digestive biscuits are made, and the look good.

The voice in my head started saying, “Make Digestives your joker snack.”

That voice is still there, saying all the reasons why I should eat them...