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My worst binge was a two-week long indulgence after having quit sugar for one year. I was working on my senior thesis for college, and I was housesitting at the same time. After dropping my friend at the airport, I stopped at the supermarket and walked the aisles looking for every type of favorite brand of sweet that I hadn’t eaten the previous year.

When I was checking out, I felt embarrassed until I realized that my product choices didn’t look very different from other people who were in line before and after me.

I purchased Captain Crunch, Pop-Tarts, chocolate chip granola bars, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and a bunch of stuff I can’t even recall.

The first week, I was up all night and writing like a banshee. The second week, I began to crash and couldn’t stand the thought of eating a bag of Sun Chips, so I burned them in the fireplace (they burn a blue flame).

After a year of avoiding sweet junk food, I had conditioned my body to come down off of sweets, and by the end of the two-week sugar binge I was dying to eat something healthy.

What was your worst sugar binge like?

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The internet is a great things if you try to find people who fight the same battles… in germany, there are no sites about quitting sugar, because almost nobody believes that sugar can be a drug that produces addiction. Although many people know that too much sugar is not healthy, it’s still seen as a normal food, and it’s in almost everything. There are many health food stores in germany, and 10 years ago it was easy to buy sugarfree things there. today, in all these organic yogurts and so on, everywher you find sugar.
I’ve tried quitting several times, and each time I felt much better after only some weeks: no more chapped skin on the fingers (which is a big problem of mine, i almost always need adhesive plaster - it dissappears when i avoid sugar!), more energy, and, which is the most importnt: more appetite for good food, i enjoyed eating much more. and i hate being addicted, but this is a life-long subject fpr me (i quit alcohol and cigarettes 5 years ago and i’m still very glad and thankful about that every day).
I want to quit sugar again, and i need others who write about their experiences and that i write myself, too.
I wish you all a great, sugarfree day!


I’ve had sugar (especially in the form of milk chocolate) almost every day for the last several months. After many false starts I told myself I’d quit sugar for 12 days and then binge on a chocolate milkshake on the 13th day. For some reason, I was able to go the 12 days. It was hard, especially every afternoon when I was looking for a snack, and after every dinner when I was seeking dessert. But I made it through the 12 days. Yesterday was the 13th day. I ended up having a tapioca pearl drink and a sundae made of chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream, marshmallow and fudge (instead of lunch).

It’s almost 5 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet because of the sugar. I told myself I’d go another 12 days without it and binge again on the 13th day.

I hope I can make it through Day 1 again.

I still eat some processed foods. I’m sure there’s sugar in the cream cheese that comes with my bagel, but 12 days without chocolate or dessert was a miracle for me. I’d sure like to repeat it.


It’s been pretty much impossible for me to quit sugar. I didn’t even realize I was addicted until I tried to quit. After 2 days of going without, I find myself running to the convenience store to load up on candy bars and donuts. As of this moment I am home sick from 3 days of binging.

I want to get off of it. And I will. Sooner or later. Excellent blog chief.


My worst binge I suppose would have to be this whole past week, I swear I gained a pound in just one day(after at least a year of being clean). I think I would start off the morning with this crazy idea that I would burn off all the calories on my exercise bike, but ended up eating to the point of hating anything sweet and feeling like total garbage, actually sleeping during the day from all the sugar/fat overload, causing even more weight gain. That feeling of forbidden was completely replaced with “I have it now, it’s not as great as I thought it would be”. If that’s not bad enough, a stayed up all night and made my way to the local shop in the morning for a purposely done binge. Not even trans fat or bleached flour was restricted this time, something I was absolutely against for the past year. I simply grabbed whatever I never bothered trying(usually “pure death” in my mind) at that store for a long time and washed everything down with some chocolate milk. Believe me I know exactly what I was doing.  I simply accepted the fact that I’m going to get fat that day and went on guilt free, even after finding out I had just consumed easily over 3,000 of the worst possible calories in one “meal” dead serious.  Strangely the feeling like crap part didn’t exactly kick in but I instead felt awake as the day went on, because I didn’t pack as much trash as possible into myself. The past days were what really kicked me. And I finally found out the answer why I binged so horribly the past few days; anything sweet or with sugar was “forbidden” in my mind, put on top of that the feeling of hopelessness and “what’s the point anymore?” I had after consuming what I knew was too much, and the perfect recipe for disaster emerged(seriously, ever tried binging on healthy food? NEVER!). You have to realize that this isn’t the end of the world it’s only one day of your entire life and you can eat whatever you want. There are so many people on this planet who eat daily like this and it’s disgusting. You don’t even have to eat healthy yet the fact that you choose to should be empowering and put you over so many people. Remember that food was never meant to be a pleasure, but a main role in survival for organisms in general for thousands of years. Seriously, you think a strong beautiful horse has ever had the “pleasure” of eating a pizza or chocolate bar? They would probably die.
I feel that there’s something much deeper than just eating though, like an unresolved life problem being put off or by not seeing the results of what you should be eating anyways. Just remember that your stomach is not in control you are damnit. And don’t let your stomach represent your life as weird as it sounds.  There will be many things that you won’t have control over so don’t be discouraged and give up beacuse only a loser does that. At least try and learn from your mistakes and try more.  Remember that new habits can always be born, good or bad. Sheesh sorry for the long rant.


I find myself perhaps at the end of a 3 week binge, prior to that I had been raw vegan for several months and sugar seemed… to be nothing to do with me anymore.
I know that I am provoked by stress & other emotional factors. I started bingeing on biscuits, 2 or even 3 packets per day, sometimes with chocolate bars and I felt like an addict ie smuggling my food in past housemates, buying other items to normalise my activity, fantasising about what I would buy. The first few bites always tasted so heavenly, by the end I would be eating mechanically. I spent days in listless uncomfortable semi-sleepstate, feeling exhausted the whole time.
I surrendered to the compulsion, what else can one do? I suppose I have gained several pounds, which isnt great. It helps me to take a spiritual perspective ie to find forgiveness and compassion for myself. I have upped the complex carbs ie muesli, good bread to ‘come down’ slowly from the white powders…
The urge to binge came again today & I went to the shop, picked out my goodies, then put them back, from an inner impulse. Sweet mercy. Feels like awakening from a nightmare.


Hi, I’m writing this, not for me, but for my son who has just turned 16.  It’s been very interesting reading all your stories and possibly feeling relief that there is maybe a name for the way my son eats - “sugar addiction”.  He is like a substance abuser - he steals money, sneaks out of the house, lies, cheats and then hides the evidence (wrappings).  He does not have a weight problem (yet) but I am very concerned about diabetes, etc and other health issues (and all his teeth will probably drop out).  I do believe this is just like any other addiction which comes from feeling bad about yourself or punishing yourself for something.  I am just very scared that it will escalate into more addictions for other bad substances.  Does anyone else have a child that is going through this?


Hi Annette, I used to steal money (pocket change) from a jar in my parents’ bedroom and use it to buy candy. The only thing I can suggest is to educate or get him educated about addictive behavior. It would’ve helped me if I knew it wasn’t normal to eat three candy bars at a time. Anyone else have ideas?


This is such a terrible addiction because it’s totally acceptable to have it all around all the time! Have a cookie, have just one, aren’t you going to eat dessert? I made this just for you! Like everyone else’s story, when I’m sugar-free, I’m strong, feel and look great, life is great, then I give in (because I’m strong, feeling good, etc. “I can handle it this time”) and I quickly spiral downward, again. We are like theives in the night, waiting for our families to go to sleep so we can raid the cupboard in private. For what, though? It doesn’t even taste good!


Annette, if what he is eating is more than enough for him, it is possible he has bulimia you know? I am not trying to worry though, and it’s probably not the case, he might just be eating a lot but not too much. Got to mention it though, eating disorders are very serious issues. x


When I was in 6th grade, I cut holes in the pockets of my winter jacket so that I could line the bottom of my jacket with candy and my mom wouldn’t know I was sneaking it in the house. I find that my sugar eating is very, very secretive and something I do alone to relax. Julie


3 oat fudge bars (starbucks), lots bread with butter and 10 easter eggs.  OUCH.  This day 2, but in the last 3 months i have binged on an average of 4 out of 7 days.  wtf.  I gave myself premission for onelast one, casue yesterday was not good and my hubby was around so i had to hide. Trying to lose those lst 10LB has been on going and its all becasue im a sugar addict.  I feel happy, playful and content, waiting for the crash of depression.  It follows from guilt or trying to end the sugar addiction.  Eitherway the depression will be there , so tomorrow i prepare to feel like shit for a week while I detok from sugar and gain control of my life.  READ THE SUGAR SHOCK


okay so ive gained at least 5 pounds since the past month. i work out every day and i started to jog outside instead of on the treadmill. and im trying to only eat 1400 calories to try and loose the weight ive gained, but then i would get strange chocolate cravings and binge. i had i think at least 2 mabey 3 binge days i cant remember, But i dont understand why ive gotten like this when before i use to be able to not indulge in my cravings. im 18 years old and im 5’6 and i think i weigh mabey 120 to 122 pounds when before i weighed 115. i eat healthy and make sure i get what my body needs. ill be good through out the day but sometimes crave chocolate at night. i usually indulge in special k chocolate cerial, or dark chocolate, or chocolate protein bars and all natural peanut butter. Some days are worse. one more thing that mabey can attribute to it is that ive gotten the depo shot. it comes with a set of three shots that you get every threee months. and ive only got the first shot and decided not to continue with it. it completely stopped my period which i dont think it was suppose to so quickly. i have gotten my period for 6 months now and ive been emotional a lot and like i said been craving more sweets. does any one know what might be going on with me? your help will be greatly appreciated. thank you


Special K chocolate cereal, dark chocolate, chocolate protein bars and all natural peanut butter can be pretty fattening. You might be “treating” yourself more than you realize. Also, you might want to vary your workout to include other forms of cardio besides, or in addition to, running. Ten pounds can come and go, especially when you alter your hormone levels like with the Depro shot. It’s possible that you gained some muscle mass from running. The real question is HOW DO YOU FEEL? My advice would be to keep a food log. By writing down what you eat you can clearly see trends that might go unnoticed otherwise. You could also include a detailed journal of your workouts and show all that to a certified trainer/nutrition counselor and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s what. Good luck!


My worst binge has been been the past 3 years. I’ve always been heavier and an overeater. Three years ago I lost 50 lbs (200>150) through diet and exercise. I resisted all temptations, but eventually I lost my footing and started eating junk again. It snowballed into binge behavior. I would sit in class and fantasize about what I would buy, I’d rush to the store like a crazy person (I actually had an accident because I was in such a hurry), buy a sack of food, run home and hide from my roommate in my room shoving sweets into my mouth. When I moved abroad for work, I lived alone and that gave me more reason so binge. This time I was always alone so I could always binge and feel “safe.” I’d eat to the point of becoming physically ill a few times a week. Of course I had been gaining weight back and I started to get scared of being “fat” again, so I kept putting myself back on a diet which would scare me into binging again.

A year and a half ago I started becoming more aware of how serious my problem was. I started reading books by Geneen Roth and other authors who deal with the emotional side of addiction and binging. I still binge, but I’ve stopped dieting because I don’t think it works. Instead of forcing myself to conform to a set of rules which only drives me to binge, I’m trying to find a healthier lifestyle. I became a vegetarian a few months ago (more for ethical reasons) and when the sweets binging persisted, I started to see how dependent I was on sugar.

I’m on Day4 of my first Stop Being Sweet challenge, and I’m just excited to have gotten this far. I haven’t been able to go a day without sweets for almost 3 years. Thanks for the great site and inspiration David!!


Ada, sometimes I ask myself why I tell the whole world about my sugar addiction but reading your story makes doing so completely worth while. I’m happy for you! You’re doing it. This is the first step to a new way of being and dealing with the world. Here are some more posts to check out as you continue:

1. You can do it and now you know it’s a matter of your choice.

2. Cold turkey is the hardest way to go but it’s doable!

3. Removing sugar from your daily diet is a great way to address the problems that are causing you to binge as they reveal themselves a little bit at a time.

4. To stop being sweet is not all-or-nothing.

5. When you make it a few weeks you’re actually at your most vulnerable point.


to “Danae”
i got the depro shot like 10 years ago…and i gained 30lbs in 2 months…it was heatbreaking…cause i wasnt eating more and i was still working out. :’(  The BEST thing you did was NOT getting another shot.  In my opinion that depro shot is the WORST thing ever!


:( i just stumbled upon this site…in search of tips and ways to stop sugar binging.  well, at this moment im going to use it to spill my confession… 
i eat very healthy, with the exception of when i eat my sweets…the thing that i hate myself for, is that after i eat my 5 cookies (they are big too) i go and throw it up… now, i’m not bulemic, honestly, (well, i guess doing that kinda makes me) but I throw it up out of sheer guilt that i succombed to the sweets, not to get thin.  I hate that I have all my food planned out for the entire day.  all packaged up and ready to go…my eggo sandwich i make at home for breakfast (just one egg with tons of pepper on an english muffin) then my snack, an apple, my lunch a small portion of protien, lots of veggies and small carb like rice…then another snack which will be a veggie like more broccoli or some carrots..then i go to the gym and eat my dinner (usually a salad) on the train ride home.  Well, I screw it up massively by throwing in like a giant cookie or multiple cookies, or if i get offered cake, a donut…i’ll eat it, why not? then i’m pissed at myself.  HOW DO I STOP THIS!!??  :’(  I just want to be able to say, ‘nah, i’m okay, dont really want anything sweet right now’...  So, I’ve read all the posts above me and you all have inspired me :) I will take this day by day… and since I screwed up already this morning..(actually just as i found this site…and in fact while typing this i broke and went to throw up the 3 cookies i just ate) so, yeah… I really need to do something better for myself.  My husband doesnt know everything…but i’ve admitted some and he hates it.  Well guys, here i go… wish me luck!


Hi Birdette. You just took a major step! By searching the web and communicating about what you’re struggling with you have begun to heal yourself. There’s no turning back now, you’re on the road to being healthier—it’s happening! If you haven’t already, do an internet search for “bulimia symptoms"and see if you identify. From an outsider’s perspective, it sounds like you are Bulimic. This can be a good thing. Why? Because it means that there are many, many systems in place to help you learn about why your relationship to food is dominating your life and how you can cope with that. You needn’t answer the following questions publicly but I’m wondering, do you eat cookies and sweets in order to have an excuse to get rid of everything (including the healthy food) that you ate?
How long have you been bingeing and purging? Have your eating habits caused troubles in your professional or personal relationships? When you are all alone and you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? If you asked yourself, “Why do I do this,” and could give a true and honest answer, what would the answer be? What does eating sweets remind you of? What about purging feels good to you? If you could design your husband’s reaction, what would it be? I strongly suggest that you seek out a support group and go to a meeting. They’re usually free with no commitment and you can just listen to other people talk about their experiences. Also, watch this and this episode of Intervention to see if you relate. The show is about addictions of all kinds but those episodes feature bulimics. I’ve watched many episodes of that show and find it very educational. Keep on investigating outside sources as well as what’s happening inside of you. Getting professional help would be best, if you can. Day-by-day is the way to go but this kind of thing isn’t something you can easily overcome alone. One final thing: you are pretty amazing. You control your food intake and “out-go”. You plan your meals. You put up with the discomfort of puking it back out and you are in control to make that happen when you decide. You allow yourself to eat as many sweets as you want for a reason. All of this is like choosing to walk down a dark path even though you’re terrified to do it. That’s the definition of courage—you’re scared sh*tless but you do it anyway. What frightening thing might you uncover? Scary. Exciting! Good luck with your adventure.


Hi David,
thanks for all your reply.  I would like to answer your questions publicly for those who might stumble upon this like I did and read it and hopefully find answers and discover that they too, are not alone.  Youre first question about eating sweets as an excuse to get rid of everything else:  No, actually I dont.  I am very happy with everything else i eat.  My ONE GUILT is the SWEETS… the ONLY time I purge IS when I overeat on my sweets…  I have eaten like 8 -10 pieces short of a 2lb box of See’s candies… I’ve eaten 2 boxes of thin mints girl scout cookies, i’ve eaten and entire batch of brownies… and its that over indulgance that makes me want to throw up because physically i have to!..lol..  I literally eat sweets till I make myself sick and then HAVE to purge.  But I kinda “gauge” how much I purge..thinking..okay, that’s about equal to what I just ate.  Kinda gross huh?  Oops, sorry gotta go just saw the time.  I’ll finish the other answers when i get home.


The only reason I finally don’t eat sugar, is that my blood sugar numbers were rising and I get terrible health problems within hours of eating the stuff.  Here is a great tip to get off it - make yourself eat Protein when you get the sugar urge.  I dry hamburger with soya sauce on it in a cheap food drier, and it is a lifesaver when I’m out somewhere and want to eat sweets.  Doesn’t go bad carried in your purse.  Also don’t be afraid of healthy fats!  They curb your hunger and DON’T make you fat.


bev - thanks for the tip…anything is worth a try

but i see know that i wrote my first entry in June…  well, this is what has happened.  I acheived my goal of no sweets for an entire 30 days… actually i made it to 37 days.  I was on top of the world… i was very happy with myself and i felt great! inside and out!  I felt and could see that i wasnt as ‘moody’ and my husband especially noticed it.  So…it is with great regret that i have “fallen off the wagon”...again.  I’m not doing totally AS bad as before…well, somewhat… i dont know… yeah, i guess i am.  In the past 2 weeks I’ve thrown up 4 times all because i ate like 6 gigantic cookies that i just couldnt stop myself from eating…one after the other….even after i felt beyond full and physically sick..my stomach hurt and my heart was racing from all the sugar. But, i did it.  And then i would do it again the other day knowing that my outcome will not be good.  So, i cried myself to sleep 2 nights ago.  My husband and I “got into it”.  I started to confess my feelings of guilt and tried to vent about why i can’t seem to control myself.  Well, i think he just cant handle trying to be my psychologist, you know? i mean what do you say to someone who you’ve said the same things to over and over again for the past 8 years?  omg…8 years…. this is how long I’ve been doing this to myself?  ...this isn’t what i want…


Birdette, do you know what’s causing you to want to eat sweets?


no, i dont… i just… “crave” them… and it’s only sweets not food in general… just stupid sweets but mainly cookies and baked type sweets.


What does eating sweets remind you of?


well, nothing, just that it tastes really freakin good…lol..  i’m sorry, i dont have a weird past childhood or anything like that.  I just crave sweets and when i eat them, i feel like i cant stop.


I know that feeling. Does it happen with all sweets? Are certain sweets more desirable to you?


uhm not all sweets… like for instance..this might sound weird for a supposed sugar addict ..but.. i do not like chocolate cake, chocolate milk or chocolate ice cream..  BUT my achillies heel are brownies…lol.. wth? 
i dont know what it is…it’s like an uncanny draw to baked sweets that’s so hard to control…
i’m gona try hard this weekend.  I want to do the 30 day challange again…  wish me luck :)


Good luck! Keep in touch.


Hi everyone.  It’s so good to know I’m not alone in this.  I am struggling with emototional sugar binge eating.  I have been for the past 5 months on and off.  I’ll go a week on my normal sugar free-whole food diet and then for some reason by the end of day 5 I freak out and binge on whatever I can find.  I’ve gained 20 lbs and feel so lethargic and weak.  I know I’ll get there soon.  I just need to get all the right tools in order.


I’ve always loved sugar. I would steal money from my dad’s wallet to buy 30 cent cookies at the school cafeteria. At birthday parties, I would stuff my face with cookies (never cared much for cake, strangely), but it never was met with concern because I was a skinny kid, and I was really good at sneaking them in smaller portions so nobody had a clear idea of just how much I was eating.

I think sometime when I was in my late teens I started realizing just how addicted to sugar I was, because when I binged, my skin would break out, and I’d become so self-conscious and stressed about the pimples, that it would drive me to sugar binge some more. When my mom found an entire bag filled with the wrappers of candy I’d eaten the day after halloween and started watching me more carefully, I started hiding cookies in my room, 1 lbs chocolate bars in m backpack. I would squirrel away wrappers to throw at school, so that she couldn’t find evidence at home.

When I got to college, things were horrible. It seemed like the entire college experience was based on binging on food and alcohol—and food was everywhere and free. My roommates were big bakers but not eaters, and so I ended up consuming most of it, secretly, guiltily. I would pretend to take muffins for friends, or ‘for later’, only to stuff them into my mouth at the first opportunity I could.

My biggest binge? Hard to say. It might have been finishing an entire jumbo box of Honey Bunches of Oats, poptarts, brownies, cookies, and Candybars. More than what I ate, what sticks with me was how I felt. I was shaking from all the sugar, and I remember trying to throw it up, because I felt disgusting, but I only succeeded in making myself gag. I felt like even more of a failure. I was sweating, I felt like my head was about to explode, and I felt so achingly thirsty, but without any desire to drink water, because it would only fill me up more. I ripped myself apart in my mind, curled up in bed, and cried.

Versions of that sequence still happen, but somehow I can’t seem to ever quit sugar permanently. I seem to binge for 3-4 days almost every two weeks. Not quite like clockwork, but pretty consistently, all the same.

So, instead of trying to be completely sugar free, I think I’m going to try to only eat sugar in the presence of others. I don’t binge as badly when there are others around, so if I hope that this way, when I do eat sugar, I don’t overdo it.

Good luck to everyone out there quitting sugar. Stay strong!


Last weeks binge: 3 cadbury creme eggs, a twin double decker bar, 5 caramel snack a jacks, a tub of ice cream, 2 cupcakes and 3 slices of chocolate cake. what’s wrong with me :/


whats wrong with “you”..people like ‘us’... is we are not in control… we think we are, then it just explodes in our face…heh, almost literally..lol.  But i completely understand and know what you’re going through…  just 8 days ago i ate 13 chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies (they weren’t small!) The next day i went to the bakery nearby where i work and bought and ate an entire cheese danish as big as my 2 hands put together… but worse, about 3hrs after that, i ordered a bananna split from our restaurant :’(  i felt like dying or at least like my stomach was gonna split open. 
this biggest thing we have to constantly remind ourselves WHILE we eat this stuff is, “do you really really want this?”  of course our answer is “yes!” why? cause it’s taste soooooo damn good!... but then ask yourself this: “i know if i eat this and more, i’m only gona regret it and hate myself for it”  with that being said,  HOW TIRED ARE YOU OF FEELING TIRED OF THESE FEELINGS AND TORTURE WE PUT OURSELVES THROUGH??? 
stay strong and positive….  (it’s what i have to tell myself EVERYDAY… and accept that i will have good days AND bad days…but hopefully, as my husband tells me, the more good days i have, slowly the bad will deminish completely and control, my control will return)  good luck to you Mildy…


SO much compassion and love for all who have written and/or are reading: I have tears in my eyes as I write this. Its happening (the binges) as a response to ...what? I suspect feeling out of control emotionally; the bingeing diverts our time effort and focus away from whatever we might have been feeling. I have been scared, confused and overwhelmed and had the strangest of days today, I am living overseas; far far from home and the diligence and control of a healthy lifestyle crashed just now. SO I just ate a double dinner and then out of nowhere just had to go to the convenience store for bread and butter; pastries. At least not as sugar loaded as cookies and chocolate bars. I put myself at risk going out alone in this environment just before midnight. The worst part is how my health suffers as it is fragile at the moment; post sugar I often get a day of mad energy followed by a slump and then toxicity ie headaches and energy crash. I keep listening to Louise Hays self esteem affirmations, I think this helps. I also read a good piece of advice, what could you do for yourself today that would make you feel proud of yourself tomorrow, it made me assess that I never really feel proud of myself so there is work to do there. Peaceful blessings to everyone


Hi guys,

Thanks for your (excuse the pun) sweet replies the other day. I am officially 3 days sugar free and counting. I was even able to resist office cake this afternoon, something that would have previously been unheard of. I didn’t even have to resist that hard, not eating sugar made it so much easier. 75% of my unstoppable cravings were just not there.

We can do it!!!!! :D xxx


I honestly thought I was the only one in the world who suffered from this affliction.  I am 45 years old and I can relate to every entry I have read.  I don’t know whether to feel happy about this or sad.  Both, I guess. It is awful, yet I am not alone after all. I have been addicted to sugar for as long as I can remember.  Childhood to date…. I have eaten it, done it, sneaked it, stolen it, and I am so ashamed. I think maybe yesterday, I hit the bottom. Rushed home from work with a plan. I knew exactly what I was going to eat. Started when I walked through the door and made myself completed sick. I NEED to feel uncomfortably full. I was miserable. Went to be sick, didn’t sleep well, and woke up hung over. Got to work today, and began looking on the internet when I found your blog. Thanks be to God! 

I got off sugar last summer for 4 months and felt amazing! And then I fell… I fell so hard. I really felt like I had a handle on my problem. I don’t know what happened. Something triggered my addiction. I am just now figuring out all of my triggers. There are MANY. A large part of my life has been spent trying like mad to figure out “what went wrong?” and it scares me to think I will be like this for the rest of my life. How will I cope if I take my sugar/crutch away? I thought if I just wanted to be “normal” badly enough, I could just be “normal”.  I now know that being a sugar addict is my normal. Today, I start again. Sick to my stomach, headache, bloated, tired, scared… I start again. Please pray for me…


Rene, why not try this- stay off sugar, but when that huge craving strikes, whip up some whipping cream ( mostly protein) and sweeten it with stevia.  Eat it like a pudding.  It fills me up and doesn’t give me that sugar rush.  Just an idea….


Rene, you have begun! That’s how it starts. You go off sugar a while and then slip up and then go off again.


I wondered if anyone has used EFT to end sugar binges? 

Would love to know if anyone has had success with it.

Thank you.



I would be fascinated to know if that has worked for anyone as well. If you don’t know, EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique and it involves tapping key areas of the body during times of stress. Some folks claim it has changed their life.


Hi David -

I will let you know I have an appointment next week :)


Hi David -

I just stumbled across this blog looking up calories in Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels…for my food blog. Ha! I joined Sparkpeople.com recently to start food journaling and tracking my fitness. I am focusing on a healthy lifestyle/weight loss with a little more structure. Trust me…it is helping a lot! I have friends on there who I am somewhat accountable for. There is tons of motivation on there as well. It’s like a big weight loss facebook community. I strongly suggest some of you look at it.

I digress…after reading all of these posts, I can’t say that I have an addiction, but I certainly agree with a lot of the feelings you all are sharing. It’s amazing how, if I have something sugary in the morning, I absolutely crash in the evening. Or…how about that dang salty/sweet combo that leaves you going back and forth from chips to chocolate to popcorn to ice cream. It’s evil!

Like a lot of you, my clinic is a horrible place to stay on track…I swear every day someone brings ins a cake or cookies…or there are some candies they felt like sharing. AHHHH! I am always proud of myself for turning it down, but that isn’t always the case. Sugar is so yummy!

Anyways, I do allow myself to have the occasional treat, but mostly stick with fruit as my sweet reward (strawberries with 2 packets of splenda is my fav). I grow stevia in the summer which is helpful (I make a simple syrup from boiling the leaves in water). Regardless I wish you all the best of luck…and hope you overcome your addictions!!!!



i was anorexic for a year and was able to not eat anything except for shredded wheat cereal, fruits, vegtables, yogurt, milk and water. I’m 5"6’ and my lowest weight was 82 pounds. when I decided I didnt want to live like that anymore, I went into thereoy and I began eating more. The first few days were great but then it turned into binge eating. everything in site. its been a month and a half and I’m now 110. I know its a healthy weight but I just cant stop bingeing. I wont binge for a few days and I’ll hit up the gym but then I just get the urge to binge and I do :( The cravings are so hard to stop. I miss having complete control a few months back..




Food stuff, to me, is like navigating a large ship. If it heads too sharp to the left and I crank the wheel to the right, I’ll soon be heading too much to the right. There’s a finesse to getting the ship to go as I want. I try to never forget that am at the wheel. Your ship may be in the middle of a storm but you’re still at the wheel. Good luck navigating the changes!