Six Stories Tall 1998

Six Stories Tall CD cover
Six Stories Tall CD cover

1. Sticky Stuff
2. The Hunting Story
3. Lion Mouse Truth Tracks
4. Think, Live, Fly.
5. Chicken and the Rabbit
6. Surf the Train

Six Stories Tall is an audio CD containing six original stories that were performed as part of my live storytelling shows in the 1990s. The album was recorded by Dave Meyer at Third Studio from the Sun, and mastered at Jim Barge at Barge Studios. Ross Kantor played drums. I wrote and told the stories, produced the recording, and played bass.

Six Stories Tall has been featured on The Apple Seed on BYU radio. All six stories can be found on a variety of streaming services including Amazon, Spotify, AllMusic, iHeart Radio, Last FM, and more.

Listen to Track 1: Sticky Stuff