NYC Tai Chi Club (2000-2003)

NYC Tai Chi Club
NYC Tai Chi Club circa 2002

NYC Tai Chi Club was an open gathering for Tai Chi players.

I began properly studying Tai Chi Chuan in early 2000. At the time, I didn’t have the experience to lead a class, and I had limited funds to pay for lessons. My teacher said, “You can’t teach, but you can start a club,” and so I founded a club, built a website, and ran the meetups.

My goal was to create a learning environment that was welcoming for all Tai Chi practitioners. I was attending classes at Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon, and I proposed the idea to Daniel Giel and Anthony Macagnone. They agreed to host the Tai Chi Club on Sunday evenings. I invited people to participate by handing out flyers at World Tai Chi Day in Central Park, posting ads on Craigslist, and contacting local schools.

Our group met weekly, and hosted an average of 25-50 participants per week. Tai Chi players, teachers, and students (including some famous actors and professional musicians) came from all over New York City to practice and learn from one another in the spirit of friendship.