9/11 Stories


I live in Minneapolis and it was my day off of work. I was trying to re-insulate my closet area. I had to smash concrete and wood slats to get at the ceiling beams. I had the news on and watched the tragedy. I was knee deep in concrete & wood slats and dust was in the air. I couldn’t imagine the horror at the WTC. I don’t know anyone in the WTC buildings, yet I have trouble coping.

I had to do cupcakes for work. I put US flags on them to show my support as tears ran down my face. I felt like I was putting flags in a cemetary. Halloween was terrible as I had to decorate more cupcakes with hand picks, skull picks, brains, and eyeballs. It really disgusted me after Sept 11.

I had to decorate some funeral cakes too. Some of the airline deaths were connected to people here in Minnesota.

My heart goes out to our country. I love the USA and it is the best nation on earth.