9/11 Stories


My friend was calling me. She said did you see what muslims have done to NYC? I hate all muslims. I said but shut up I’m a Muslim too, what I’ve done to NYC? But she was shouting at me and saying that all Muslims were bad people. We are both living in Paris. I told her that these extremist people educated by CIA of USA against Sovietics about 10 years ago. Then today they attacked to innocent people of this country because they were well educated with full of hate in their heads against all kind of human being. Now US government decide to send many soldiers and bombs aim to kill many thousands of people. It is not right to go on with hate and war. Instead of sending arms and bombes to poor countries it is better to send condoms and take care of family planing in these countries. Because poor countries populations are growing so fast you rich countries you have to take care about these countries. If these countries go on growing that way soon or later you will have enormous problems.

Twinkle from Turkey