9/11 Stories

Tahir Turgut

I am a Turkish citizen who has been in NYC 10 years ago.

I just would like to share my deep sorrow for Twin Towers and the people who died at the disaster. I condemn this terrorist attack and wish those who lost their loved ones; patience.

My experience goes back to 1990‘s when I visited this place at the evening of my very first day in NY. I was so excited to take the pictures of towers going into the dark blue sky with full of lights.

I asked a freelance photographer to use his stand as I needed to have a long exposure time. I had taken pictures and then offered him a cup of coffee at a cafe where two policemen had given me NYC street and tube maps.

Now I have very beautiful pictures of Twin Towers which I will keep all through my life.

My love to everyone in NYC with the hope that they will overcome this tragedy soon.

Tahir Turgut