9/11 Stories

Sheen W. Martin

We are very close to New York (I have lived in Niagara Falls - a border town, as well as Sault Ste. Marie and Windosr-Detriot in my life), so naturally I know people effected first hand. My wife’s three cousins there all got lucky. One on vacation in Las Vegas, one at Rhode Island. unsure of the third’s details. All three live in Manhattan, and one worked at the WTC. All three alive and well. We Canadians stand with you - as part of our North American family - all the best.

I was at home in Mississauga, and watched the second tower get hit live on TV. I was not at work as I had a morning appointment. My office is amongst the Toronto Dominion Centre buildings - the highest of which is 54 floors. I never made it to the office that day as all the towers downtown closed between 10 and 11 am, effectively shutting down the city’s core. I was in shock more than anything. My wife was physically sick, vomiting. Our hearts go out to all New Yorkers, people of Washington, and Americans.

Sheen W. Martin,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada