9/11 Stories

Sabrina J. Ambrose

My name is Sabrina Ambrose. I live in East Orange, NJ which is roughly 45 minutes away from Manhattan. On that fateful day, after watching my favorite show, “Good Day NY”, I left for school. Upon arriving there, I heard fleeting conversations about airplanes, destruction and finally the World Trade Center. Someone mentioned that the World Trade Center was on fire. Curiously, I headed for the nearest computer lab and accessed the MSNBC website. Despite the fact that the computer uses a T1 line, connection was very slow. Finally the image of the twin towers came up. It was engulfed in flames. I couldn’t speak. I then returned to my class room. A girl who had a cell phone was reading the latest news displayed on it. My classmates listened intently. She read the rapid developments out loud. We gasped in disbelief. planes went through them? My beloved twin towers?

That later on that day, classes were cancelled. I headed for the neighborhood bar and saw with my own two eyes on the television, the large commercial jet flying right through it. I downed two strawberry daiquiris, feeling stressed out. I had my brother pick me up from school as no buses were running after the news.

That evening I became obsessed with the news. I couldn’t stop watching the same sickening images over and over again. It was so surreal, seeing people fleeing for their lives only to be engulfed in smoke and debris. It looked like something from a movie; only that it’s not a movie. I thought I saw a female reporter cry as she reported from ground zero.

This day will surely go down in history. No longer will I be able to take the PATH train to the WTC, to take advantage of their underground mall, to go up to the observation deck, to marvel at the breathtaking beautiful twin buildings that I love so much. I close my eyes now and I can still see the buildings. Only now they are just a distant memory. The World Trade Center will never be forgotten!

Sabrina J. Ambrose