9/11 Stories

R.S. Lee

I still can’t believe that WTC, the building that was built when I first arrived to America, the symbol of my American life is dead.

Its lifespan is shorter than mine.. just simply inconceivable. It hit all of us quite hard. NY is being amputated by the feet. There will be a gapping hole at the end of it forever. I did a monastery project on top of WTC from my architectural school days. Now, forever it will just be the spirits…. and lots of dead spirits in the city these days.. This is when one wonders why? Who deserves this and who doesn’t? The living even feeling guilty to be alive. The living wants to die and the dead wants to live…. in a way, I felt guilty for those days when I actually contemplate about death and to think how lucky I am to be alive, yes, we should appreciate life more and more. Just simply because we are alive.

R.S. Lee - NYC