9/11 Stories


I returned to Los Angeles from a visit back home to New York one week before the unspeakable. I moved to LA one year ago after living in NYC for fifteen years. I returned to LA with mixed feelings about the city that, deep in my heart, I love so much. Like many New Yorkers, it’s a love hate relationship.

I left because it was becoming unlivable there. Life had become increasingly more difficult over the years and the city was changing. I knew that for myself - And for my well being - It was time I move on. My trip back convinced me that I had done the right thing.

Then last Tuesday, the world changed. I woke up and turned on the TV and watched my home being destroyed. The WTC were visible from my living room window in the East Village. I was just there. The one thing I wanted more than anything when I went back was to see that view from my window. I thank god that I had the chance to see it one more time. That image will forever be etched in my mind.

I am sad for the world right now. And I am upset at not being able to be a home with my friends and the people I care about. I want them all to know that even though I’m not there with them, that my heart is. And that NYC will always be home. And that I love them and love New York.