9/11 Stories

Phyllis Motta

On September 11th, after hours of searching for my sister who works on Williams Street, finally after the most God awful hours I have ever endured we finally met up, she covered with debris and what not, the look in her eyes were changed and have been ever since that day, and I imagine they will never return to he innocence they had always possessed.

The only way out of Manhattan we were told, was to walk over the 59th Street bridge, which we were headed for, at this time the twin towers have already collapsed. I stopped into a bar on 3rd or 2nd avenue to get an update on what was happening, suddenly my sister and I were approached by a man in a business suit, like the rest of us attempting to fell the city, “what is going on” he asked.

“I just spoke to my son and he was on the roof of tower two, he called me from his cell phone.”

I couldn’t tell him hat that tower, or both for that matter had collapsed, maybe he knew and was in shock. Sir, I pray for you and your family every day since 09/11, and hope against hope that your son got off that roof, you were walking uptown going to your daughter’s house somewhere around the 70 or 80s streets.

Good Bless you