9/11 Stories


My name is Maria. I am from Slovak republic, but I just live in the New York in the Brooklyn - Bensonhurst. I dont speak english very good, but I wanna something to tell about that.

I am 19 years old an I work on the Manhattan. I was at home and I watched TV in this morning September 11th 2001. It was 9,00 o clock a.m.

I couldn't believe that. I know nobody of WTC, but its not important. That was crazy. The people was scared of that.People are crying now and me too.I felt very bad and I was very very scared. I couldn't believe it, what I saw that. I felt very very bad and I still feel very bad and I will always remember that day. I never forget it!!!

I hate Bin Ladin of all my heart. That was very stupid idea. I hate hate hate Bin Ladin!!!!!!

I love America very much! I am proud of America's fireman and policeman. They are heroes!!!!! I LOVE AMERICA AND ALWAYS WILL.