9/11 Stories

Kelvin Huang

WTC: the lost dream?

China, Shanghai, 20001.9.11. it’s the sixth day i worked for one new company. i went back home very later since there were many new things i had to cope with.

Drinking tea, turning on TV after taking shower. I have accustomed to watching TV news every night from which i can know what’s going on around the world: the success of chinese application for Olympic, the hard peace process between Israel and Palestine, the cruel and incredible Taliban regime in Afghanistan…...

There were many peddling news so that i changed the channel from 1 to 38 again and again, then i decided to sleep finally. Suddenly, i was attracted by the ramshackle skyscraper and bomb fireball. It must be a presentation for another American new movie, like Swordfish, i thought in sixth sense.

I was utterly wrong and strongly shocked by the truth: WTC was attacking by terrorist. The first thing through my mind was to call my best friend Steve, his brother may working there.

“How’s your brother? the World Trade Center, the terrorism… Where is your brother? are you watching CNN…..” i spoke very fast in my fractured English.

His brother is living nearby Pentagon where is only five minutes distance to his brother’s apartment, Steve replied in agitated emotion that his brother was fine. ” But there are thousands people in the WTC…. my god, may god bless them…”

the south tower of WTC was attacked,
the north tower of WTC caught fire,
the south tower of WTC broke down,
the despairing people jumping down from the tower,
the horror-struck people running out from the tower,
the grieved people hold their face with tears,
the smogbound heaven,
the sorrowful heart…...

i stayed up all night. There are too many things we never predicted in this world. The fact demonstrated, it happened in such a sun-shining morning and it’s hard to believe even though you have experienced it yourself.

i will emigrate to Canada this year,and i had planned to work in New York city once i am granted full of citizenship in Canada. I hesitated at then if i should go to USA in such chaos situations. How could i over achieve my ambitious without any life safeguarded?

WTC, you disappeared with my dream. Like life, i would treasure the current happiness rather than to think up a brilliant future. i would hold my lover tightly all night rather than to make an oral promise in uncertain tomorrow. i was conflicted!

Time will go on with my heart and all people around world. We know who we are and what we are pursuing. May god bless the world and the inculpable people.

Taking a deep breath, i murmured “WTC, tomorrow morning will be sun-shining as before!”

Kelvin Huang