9/11 Stories

Justine Marino

Unfortunately, I was watching television as the breaking news hit in Australia, and so went on to witness the whole thing unfold live in front of my eyes. At times, it was quite surreal as the station we were watching flicked back and forth between fiction (West Wing) and reality (NYC). My husband and I were in shock - mouths agape, heads shaking and lots of “oh my God, what next?”

We have a few friends who were in and around NY at the time, some living there and some just visiting, but there was a frantic call around and quick ‘stocktake’ of where our friends and family all were.

My cousin, who works in the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald when in NYC, was here at the time. Needless to say, he is devastated. As I am sure the rest of the world did, I was glued to CNN for 3 days, and not willing to venture outside my door!!! Did I cry???? Almost continuously.

I simply want to send my love and warm wishes to all those affected by this disastrous event. Keep up the good work in informing the world that this cannot be forgotten. The thoughts of all Australia are with you.

All the Best,
Justine Marino