9/11 Stories

Dorothy Thompson

I’m Dorothy Thompson, from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Our Security Guard ( at work) came to my desk and reported the news.We watched it on the TV monitor. I was in a state of shock, sick to my stomach and could not stop crying. I felt so helpless, unable to get those poor innocent people out or even find some of them alive.

The devastation has left me with an angry feeling. I believe in an “Eye for an Eye" and I want justice, even it means wiping the country off the face of the Earth. Osama bin Laden must die. If he is such a Martyr, why not face the public and die for his countrymen. What a damn coward. He is training youngsters, so guess what? In another 15 years this could happen again.

You don’t have to be related to anyone who was in the WTC, to feel the impact of this. My heart aches for every one who lost someone in this terrible tragedy, and will continue to ache as stories unfold. GOD BLESS your beautiful Country and your wonderful President Bush.