9/11 Stories

Christina Torres

Daddy went home today
by: Christina Torres

Daddy went home today

He was working in the
Tallest Building
In New York
In a pretty office on the almost top floor

Daddy went home today

He looked out the window
The one with the view
And saw something
He went back to the phone
The thing got closer
He looked back at the window
And saw the thing get larger
It was far below him
He saw into the cockpit
Bloody and dark
He saw an angry face and
He saw the plane hit
And felt the building shake

The tallest tower in New York shook
Like Jello

A ball of fire shot up
Into the sky
And Daddy couldn’t move
30 minutes later his partner
John yelled at him
To run
Cuz the halls were filling with smoke
Daddy stared back at him with scared, blank eyes
And began to cry
His friend pulled him one way, but there was too much smoke
So he pulled the other way
Still too much
They ran back into the office
And John broke the window
The one with the view
And stood on the edge
And Daddy woke up and yelled
For him to get away from the window
His friend looked back at him with tears of despair
“we are all going to die anyway”
and he jumped
and Daddy yelled
and cried
then he closed the door and stayed near the window
so he could breath
hours later
the building shook again
and fell on Daddy

Daddy went home today

Two days later
They found Daddy
Under the building
He was alive
And went to the hospital
And Mommy cried and thanked God
So we went to go see Daddy
He was all bloody
But awake
He smiled at us
And Mommy and I hugged him as hard as we could and told him we loved him for
fifteen minutes at least and he grabbed our hands
And he told mommy that he loved her very much
And asked if he could talk to me alone
And she nodded And left
And Daddy took my hand and told me he was going home
And I smiled and asked when
“soon” he said
I said that I would make his favorite food
And wait on his chair for him
And his smile died a little
And he said he wasn’t coming to OUR home
But he was going home
to God
And I was confused
But Daddy said it was good
And that when I was much older I would get to go live with Daddy and God
But for now
He wanted me to help mommy feel better and to be a good girl
I said I would and that I loved him
And waited
And he told me to get mommy
And Mommy came in and I went out
And waited
Then mommy got me
And we went to daddy
He said he loved us very much

and we told him we loved him too
And he began to breathe funny
Till he stopped
And then Daddy went Home

My Daddy went home today