9/11 Stories

Belinda Chinea

Please print this story in your very important website. I feel that many of your writer’s just do not know the full impact of their often haunting and always moving personal accounts of their very important lives.

Most of all, I want them to know that each one of us feel their pain and would reach out and give them all a great big hug, were it possible. Since it’s not, here is MY HUG!!!

May you all feel a tiny bit of comfort and satisfaction in the total knowledge that your letters and photos DO make a difference. They did to this lady, believe you me!!!!

Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2001

I send my daughter off to school, three blocks away, and as is my habit I perch on my windowsill until I view her walking through the park in back of our 13 story apartment building.

But for some reason this time something made me stay at the window, even after she had walked past my view. I had channel 2 on and I was listening while still looking toward my favorite site. The very top of the north tower, the one with the antenna on top.

All of a sudden, at around 8:47 or 48, I see dark smoke wafting toward the antenna! From my vantage point I did’nt know what had occurred just that something had. A fire, perhaps?

Then the horror was on the news on tv. An airplane had collided into the World Trade Bldg.! Oh my God!!! There were the pictures! Right on the tv!! Oh God!

But that was not to be the end… oh no. It was only the horrific beginning of the terror in which we were in store. A second airplane purposefully slammed into the second World Trade Bldg.! Now there could be no room for doubt… we were under attack! Then came the collapses, the third airplane hitting the Pentagon in D.C., the fourth airplane missing it’s intended target by being overtaken by the heroic passengers who gave up their lives rather than allow the terrorists to kill even more innocent lives. They truly died for their country, God Bless them all!!!!

I’m sorry for such a long letter but I just wanted you all to realize that even through this most horrendous of times, God will see us through. If you just let Him. His is the strength we sorely need. Grab onto it and never let go!!! Never! I am proud of each and every American and our allies who stepped up to the plate. God Bless you all!!!!!!

Belinda Chinea, NYC,USA.

I came across a book today denouncing of all crimes, hate
I started toward the very first page, then realized, if late
that what has happened to the world, a scant five weeks ago
has never before been paralleled,much less, had been foretold

It’s easy to say the very next day, well, we shoulda, we coulda, oh wow
but I’d like to see, in any writing, a synoposis outlining just how?
It’s not so simple is it my friend, to second guess a fiend
a person who outlines daily life, in a heartless hate regime

We could not guess the magnitude of someone elses rage
but one thing we can do right now is learn from this man’s page
Let’s set aside our personal views, the morals we’ve been taught
let’s save them for a better day when strife and hate’s not wrought

Let’s turn the tide and fight the foe whose scorn for all mankind
Resounds in bitter battles fought on the Shores of Auld Lang Syne!

Written by Belinda Chinea,
Oct. 15, 2001
Union Square Park

I pray daily for the spirits set free on Sept. 11, 2001 and I pray daily, mintuely, and secondly for the spirits confined to unbearable grief… May God grant you some sort of strength and bearability, we will see our loved ones…someday. Somewhere.

Bye David, Judy, Josie, Judi, and my Cristen! God Bless!!!