9/11 Stories


I’m Ashley and i’m from Peter Muhlenburg Middle School in Woodstock, VA. What happened is an awful thing and heres my story. I can remember a lot of people talking about this but couldn't figure out what was going on then when I came back from gym class I walked into Civics and it all begun. I sat down in my seat and Mr. Saeler (my teacher) said lets talk about current events and as everybody's hand went up I sat there thinking what was going on. Then they said it they just said it! It absolutely blew my mind I couldn't believe that this had happened to the strongest nation questions began flying through my head like “What's or Who's coming next?” “Why did this happen?” “How could somebody be so cruel?” and many more questions went through my head but the only thing I wanted to know was Why? Now that its over and its been awhile I think that this awfull tragedy brought America as a nation closer together and maybe it didn't bring you closer to your family but I know it brought me closer to mine!

age 13