9/11 Stories

Anon 9

On Saturday night 9/15 I went uptown to the Armory to donate some stuff. First I went thru the crowds of mourners at Union Square Park trying in vain to find the donation station before I found out it had shut down for the night. So I headed up to 26th and Lexington, and as I made my way thru the crowds, joining those looking at hundreds of pictures of the missing, I stopped in front of a wall filled with pictures. I was looking at one, of an attractive young women with the plea “Have You Seen Her?”, when a little boy about 7 years old standing to my left, with his mother on his left, turned, looked up at me, and with his little arm out-stretched pointed to the picture and with hope, patience, and urgency in his voice asked me “Have you seen her?”. “No, I haven’t” I said softly, and then his mother put her arm around him and said gently “Come on” and then led him away, so I could mourn privately.