9/11 Stories

Anon 6

i am o.k.

some of you left messages, sorry i couldn’t call you because we still have problem to receiving/outgoing calls. mobile phone works very seldom with bad reception…... i feel so much love from my friends calling/e-mailing me.

tuesday morning, i was about to leave to go to the office, i heard on the radio that one of the wtc tower got hit by an airplane so turned on tv, it was about less than 5 minutes after the first attack on tower 1, i thought that was an accident with navigation problem. and when i saw another plane hit/and penetrated completely into the building and below out through the other side, than i knew this is terrorism. i still thought that most of them would be below! as you may seen on tv, i saw people jumping out of the building before they both collapsed. we all had to watch this horror with complete powerlessness!

on tuesday, i watched Palestinians celebrating… dancing and singing of our tragedy. sorry that if i was ever sympathetic to this people….. i felt my heart turning into a piece of ice!

i was having nightmares, even in my dream it was a dream, a dream with special affects on one of those sci fi movies. i have couple of clients at tower 1, don’t know where about them….... a good friend of mine have an office at 8 Seventh fl. tower 1, thank god! He was in up state ny with his family on tuesday. very sweet receptionist name lisa, whom always recognize my voice although i seldom call in. i can still hear her voice….. i pray she escaped this incredible horror.

as you know that ny is a multi national city, we see many different nationalities in their lists british, german, french, italy, china, korea, japan…..... this is a city where indians and Pakistanis working together at the tobacco store, russians american’s forming the venture together, Iraqis and Afghanistanis receive the equal benefits….... do we deserve this?

i’ve been living in ny since 1986 as permanent resident, i didn’t feel (yet) american nor, wanted to give up korean citizenship so did not consider become a us citizen. these few days, i realized how much i love this city and this country. this is my home and these are the people i share my every day life together. i will become a citizen and hopefully, i can contribute somehow. we will never be the same but i have a faith that strength in this country. we will rebuilt twin tower and we will be stronger than ever!