9/11 Stories

Anon 5

i was at LGA at 8:30am on Tuesday getting on an American Airlines Flight to LA. Need I say more?

Quite the view from the departure’s ramp (got to see the first one hit, then got the hell out of the airport), but not close to what you’ve seen up close. Things have changed, and hopefully, after this is over, it’ll be for the better. I’m kinda looking forward to having armed personnel on every flight and the extra security precautions. We’ve all been very lucky for a very long time, and reality finally caught up with the americans. we are vulnerable, and need to take things much more seriously than in the past. Let’s also not kid ourselves into thinking that this is just a fanatic at the helm. we’ve obviously pissed off a lot of people over the years, and this is just one(group) of them.

anyway, i hope you get through this as best as can be expected. finally heard from the last of my friends from the towers. so far, so good.