9/11 Stories

Anon 23

I am from Antwerp, Belgium. It was a few minutes before 3 pm. I was sitting home, in front of my tv, when my husband shouted from the back room “put on CNN.” I hear on the radio, something terrible is going on in N.Y. so I switch over to cnn. I saw a burning tower and just right behind a plane coming from the right on the screen, then turned to his left (to the second tower). I thought “Oh my god, what is he doing, he is going to hit the tower.”

I just kept shouting and repeating “what is he doing” and I witnessed what happened a few seconds later, which was the hit to the second tower. At this moment I didn’t know that the first tower had been hit by a plane. I sat there in complete prostration and just cried bitterly. This is a dramatic moment I will never forget. It will stay in my memory for ever. A few hours later I started ICQing with many of my American chatmates, just to know how they were and trying to express my sorrow.