9/11 Stories

Anon 22

God Bless America

I was not in New York City on September 11th

I was not in the USA on September 11th

In fact I have been there twice in my whole life

I am not an American

But when I saw the images, I felt like an American.

I am 17 years old and I come from Victoria, Australia.

I do not have a story of survival, nor one of heroism. I just have a story.

I was lying in bed on the night of September 11, just as September 11 was dawning in the United States.

Not feeling particularly sleepy, I flicked on the late news, a very rare thing for me to do.

Up came a shot of the WTC on fire. I was surprised, naturally, but from this shot it looked like a small thing, a fire in a building, no big deal. Then the image changed and I could hardly believe my eyes, the whole top of the building was on fire. As I gawked at this horrible image, I watched as a plane came into shot and flew straight into the other tower. Baffled is the only work I can use, I simply could not understand. Why? How?

I stayed up all night, watching the reports trying to figure out what was going on. Sure I’d seen movies, but Seeing this, as surreal as it was, was somehow more intense than any previous moment in my life.

I went to school the next day, tired worried. Every television set was on in school, no classes were run, the whole day we spend watching with bated breath. There was a wave of silence as President George W Bush made his speech. Terrorism…Terrorism…The word hardly registered in my brain, yet the affects of it were beyond comprehension.

Over the next few days, the images began. Every morning I would read the paper, see the images and simply cry. Cry because I was scared, cry because I didn’t understand, cry because I wanted to help, cry because it was so unfair, cry for those lost and cry for those grieving.

I don’t like war, I don’t want war. But I don’t want Terrorism, and I never want to see that again.

The injustice, the pain, the loss.

I am currently doing a drama performance on Terrorism as a final exam. As I researched this assignment, I came across this site and was touched by the stories. Mine is not touching, but I hope it makes those who suffered understand, that some of us suffered with you. I hope it makes you see that we are hear for you.

When my children ask me, what happened on September 11, I will tell them this: A great nation was brutally attack and many people died. But this great nation showed its strength, and survived to become a nation stronger with the phenomenal examples of true human spirit.

I am not an American.

But I am a Person

A Person who loves, cares and shares the pain you have felt

I am not an American.

But I am proud of those who are.

You are courageous, strong and brave

I am not an American.

But let me be with you on this journey

I will support you, and hold your hand.

I am not an American.

But I say with pride and honor