9/11 Stories

Andre Thibault

I was in New York the July 28,29,30. 2001.

We were at the races in New Jersey, at the Meadowlands to the Breeders Crown….

On saturday morning we went to visit the World trade Center.

Believe me when I heard this terrible and horrible story on the radio and was in my car, I stop at one of my friend house to watch that on TV, and I coulnd beleive this….I had a bad stomack for the next 3 days….Imagine if this happen the saturday morning when we were there, nobody will ever find us.becaus we were supposed to be at the races…and we decide to take the tunnel to go and visit New York and to go buy some donuts at Krispy Kreame on the 125 th street .

I never think some crazy people could do a horrible thing like that. I am 65 and it is the worst thing as I ever saw in my life. I hope they wont do that again those stupids people….I pray for the persons who are missing their loves one.

André Thibault from Quebec City, Canada

(Excuse my mistakes in english but I am doing my best as a French Canadian who is speaking French all the time.)