9/11 Stories

Allison L. James

The Rebirth of a Nation
By: Alison L. James

The early dawn mist was beginning to clear as the white sunlight glimmered on the ocean’s surface. I heard the gentle lapping of the waves against the rowboat and the bobbing of the oars as we glided almost silently over what seemed to be a still and very deep water. I was aware that the depth of the water was particularly unusual and that as I looked out towards the horizon, nothing save the pale sky and water was in view. It seemed as if there was no oarsman with me in the boat and I felt alone. I turned, looking away from the sunrise, and suddenly beheld the face of Lady Liberty looming over me, her body hidden by the water; only her head was visible now…

I awoke on Thursday, September 13, 2001, with this vision clearly before me. After time and place had registered their reality, I lay transfixed in my bed in my New York apartment. I pondered my dream and its meaning. I sensed that I had been given the answer to many questions I had asked during the two unforgettable days following the terrorist attack on the United States of America on the morning of September 11.

I felt that morning that the presence of God had manifested itself to me in this dream in answer to my pressing questions. Why had God allowed such an atrocity to be inflicted on the American nation? What acts or perceived wrongs by the nation had brought about the devastatingly cunning and senseless murder of thousands of innocent Americans? How had the law of cause and effect been activated and where would it reverberate next? How could commercial airliners have been hijacked simultaneously? Who perpetrated these heinous acts? How could the suicidal pilots have thought that so many deaths, including their own, was the answer to any problem? The horror and senselessness was so hard to reconcile in my mind. However, as the days passed and the rescue and recovery operations continued, and more information became available, my dream kept coming before me. It kept replaying in my mind over and over again and brought me to this written page. I share my thoughts in the hope that in its meaning and symbolism it may bring some answers and spark some revelation for the reader also.

The Water

Water is of particular significance to me, a Cancerian, ruled by the moon, living in the Cancerian city of New York, in the Cancerian nation of America. Cancer’s element, water, symbolizing the emotions, is governed by the gravitational pull of the moon. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that emotions run high at full moon and yes, the water was very high in my dream. I am always enlivened and inspired by water’s power and beauty as it draws me into the Divine presence of God, the Oneness of all there is. It is, of course, fundamental to man’s survival. One can live without food for an extended period to time, but without water, man will surely perish. Metaphysically, water represents the spirit of God and I am reminded of Genesis 1:2:

“... and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water ...”

In the Bible, this scripture is followed by the story of creation. I believe my dream, therefore, speaks to a new birth emerging out of the events occurring on September 11. The month of September is, of course, the ninth month, and America has undergone much travail to give birth from within itself. This child brings new destiny and purpose through the unification of its people. And this is built upon caring and love. I John 4:8 says:

“He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love”.

Love is all there is; without love nothing is. Love is processed through the heart and it is important that we filter our thoughts and actions through the heart also. Our conscience speaks to us if we have the ears to hear and will lead us to the highest good for all. Another scripture comes to mind, Proverbs 23:7:

“For as he (man) thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

In my dream I am given a multidimensional view of the scene. I am participating within it, as well as outside of it, looking in, as if I am looking at the inner slice of a huge pie. There is a great depth of water, representing to me the presence of God moving and controlling what is here on earth. If Lady Liberty is only holding her head above water, the City of New York similarly must be flooded. Yet, this water is not really threatening. It is carrying me serenely and peacefully where I need to go.

I am reminded that astrologically the earth has entered into the Age of Aquarius, symbolized by the water pourer. The act of pouring water represents God’s move at this time to not only pour the Spirit, but also to pour knowledge upon the earth. The new knowledge that is coming forth is not just of material things, but also of man’s inner connection to the Divine. Man must know who he is and connect to his Higher Self, the God within. With the flood of water in my dream, I am being shown God’s move upon the earth. Man is not in control.

The Aquarian influence has already been felt in the 20th century as we have hurtled towards a technology-based society. Aquarius is one of three signs of the zodiac representing air and it is through the air that words and information are transmitted. It is interesting to note that the attack on September 11 was from the air and, among other things, posed an attack on our ability to process information and highlighted the gaps in our knowledge. Other Aquarian characteristics include the ability to be quite unique in terms of purpose and leadership ability and to be able to break through accepted dogma. Those born under this influence embrace humanitarian causes and possess a strong sense of community and caring. Let us hope that this predisposition will dominate this new age going forward. Worldwide people are awakening to individual responsibility for the planet, nations, community and self. The events of September 11 have acted like a catalyst, pointing people everywhere out in the right direction.

Another aspect of water is its cleansing and regenerative power. The abundance of water in my dream not only speaks of the Spirit of God upon the earth, but also of the cleansing away of what is outmoded, no longer useful, and the inflow of new currents. It has been interesting to note that in the ensuing days, when challenged by death, disaster and sorrow, so many people have turned to God for help, comfort and wisdom, including our government leaders. Church services have been full again. Indeed, has not this 21st century disaster brought everyone “to their knees”, to a place from which the heart of man can reach to God for the good of mankind? Patriotism and the desire to unify for the common good have manifested, bringing this nation, and other nations with us, together. The ability to care for strangers, to recognize the Divine within each one of us, irrespective of race, color, creed or religion, has emerged as our saving grace. Why did it take this atrocity to make this attitude a daily and familiar occurrence in the lives of everyone?

The Rowboat

As I reflect upon the little rowboat in which I am seated, I am aware that this boat is carrying me, but it is adrift. It is moving gently with the current, but I do not feel uneasy in any way. The oars are at rest bobbing on the water and there is no turbulence. I am looking out to sea in the early morning light towards the horizon. In my humanness, I ask who is at the helm as I am unaware of the presence of an oarsman. But I know that I may take control at any time; that is my will, my choice, my right to do so. However, I am an observer at this point. In this dream experience it is not so much that I am allowing the forces to deliver me to the Lady of Liberty, but rather that they just do, whether or not I am prepared for it. In other words, the forces of the Universe are leading me and are in control. I am transported to another place to witness something, just as America has been led to witness the horrific murder of innocents and then to regroup.

I must ask why this experience is necessary, just as Americans everywhere must be asking the same question. The answer that comes to me is that even as each of us is at the helm of our individual boats, we have forgotten that God is ultimately in control. The laws of nature are in effect, we cannot stop them. Therefore, we must not look to man to be the Source of all our good and abundance on earth, but rather look to God. God is guiding us individually and collectively into a new day. We may grasp the helm and give directions for our own purposes, but I believe, as my dream illustrates, we may be redirected to have a look at something else. We need to take a fresh look. We must reconnect to the Divine guidance within each one of us and learn to ask whether the goals we select are for the common good of humanity. We know that it is the journey, not the ultimate destination, that matters. Thus, what is America’s goal and how is she getting there? It is our individual responsibility to help steer the boat. It is time to take a fresh look at how and why we have been brought us to this place of pain and regeneration.

Lady Liberty

In my dream the water delivers me to Lady Liberty, but it is I who must make the turn to look. I am filled with shock, amazement and panic as I realize that her face is so close to mine. That strong, determined and beautiful face is looking at me from arm’s reach. The water has risen so high. I am thinking that the City must be under water also. I cannot see the torch but I am aware that her body extends down into the water below. Questions flood my mind. How could the water be this high? How could I have been at ease when this is obviously a perilous situation? Why did I not see her before? What has happened to cause this deluge? My life is at risk ... what should I do next? Who is there to help me? If I got here in this little boat, is that the only exit strategy I have? Issues of survival flood my thinking. I am frightened and not used to feeling this way. My world is rocked and I awaken ...


This is a wake-up call, not only to the potential loss of liberty in America, but also to all nations on earth. We must turn to look at what God is saying to us in this hour. We must cease thinking that geographic borders delineate us, nation from nation. Instead we must understand that it is love that crosses borders through mass consciousness. While in my dream, Lady Liberty, our symbol of freedom, appears to be awash, with her foundation out of sight, we may rest assured that God is in control. This is a new day for the international city of New York and an opportunity for the United States to set an example and emerge with the consciousness to heal mankind and our planet. United as one people under God, all nations may co-exist in harmony and peace. We have the choice. Let’s live in freedom, love and peace and celebrate the diversity of life on earth.

I believe September 11 heralded the rebirth of America. The unification of the people against a violent attack on its shores brought them to a place of love and respect for fellow man. May we now take that love and respect and redirect our rage and indignation into constructive ways to rebuild our lives and a better place for all mankind.

I share my dream in the hope that we may all take a fresh look at our individual lives as well our collective (national) roles on this planet. We must begin to care about EVERY individual and this can only come from a place of LOVE. God’s abundance is not for the select view, but is available for the benefit of all. We must work together to heal the devastation we continue to cause to the planet’s ecological systems and moreover, to heal the perceived divisions between us whether spiritual or physical.

From a place of Love we can be kind and generous of spirit so that life is a win-win situation for all. Through giving we are able to receive great blessings both individually and collectively. For in giving to others we are really giving unto ourselves.

We are all One: sons and daughters of the One Power, the One Source, the One Living God, the great I AM. Human life is sacred and a gift. We must learn to recognize the Divine in every man and help to bring humanity to the awareness of the Unity of mankind. We must treat every individual with love and respect. Violence to others is the yardstick of our own self-hatred. Only love can permeate, transmute and overcome. Love can empower us all.