9/11 Stories

Abby Salomon: I checked my voice mail another 10 times Adalet Budak: now they are only a heap of stone and steel Allen: I thought of Woody Allen movies, I thought of people falling 110 stories Allison James: I am filled with shock, amazement and panic Amanda Highfield: before my eyes, the antenna tilted and fell into the smoke Anand J. Modi: there were about a dozen people milling around the lobby Andrea D. Ploscowe: the employees, fire fighters, police officers, and EMS workers—who must have perished in what we just saw Andre Thibault: I am 65 and it is the worst thing as I ever saw in my life Anon: my first reaction was to pray for the people in the buildings Anon 1: I just remember leaning against the wall crying a lot Anon 2: I’m crying as I write this Anon 3: we watched in shock and horror from my 10th story window as a huge dust and smoke Anon 4: we were coughing, choking, gasping, spitting, and sneezing Anon 5: I’m kinda looking forward to having armed personnel on every flight Anon 6: I was having nightmares, even in my dream it was a dream Anon 7: I looked out my entrance doors and saw the hallway filling quickly with what seemed like white smoke Anon 8: we gathered in the cafeteria and watched more people jumping and the buildings being engulfed in flames Anon 9: I went through the crowds of mourners at Union Square Park Anon 10: doctors and nurses were showing up out of nowhere Anon 11: the city’s medical examiners office, spoke about the dead bodies (or their parts) identified Anon 12: I was speaking to one of my buddies in NYC Anon 13: as the bodies continued to fall from tower one Anon 14: a yellow garment, like a sundress made of gauze, wrapping a torso Anon 15: one of the monolithic structures decomposes before our eyes Anon 16: I don’t think my mind is quite able to grasp what I have seen over the past fourteen hours Anon 17: I remember seeing a huge black spot on one of the World Trade Centers Anon 18: I must stay calm in front of her Anon 19: it looked like it was in slow motion Anon 20: you can see them jumping Anon 21: I saw the entire thing happen Anon 22: the whole top of the building was on fire Anon 23: I saw a burning tower and just right behind a plane coming Anon 24: I was totally shocked Anthony P Azar: how many casualties Ashley: I couldn't believe that this had happened Baha Yilmaz: imkanlarim müsait olsa bende aranizda olurdum ama kolay degil Barbara Joan Grubman: about 50 others stood, watching the second tower burn Belinda Chinea: I didn't know what had occurred Bill Holmes: who will take care of their children Blanca I. Rosado: they announced that a second plane hit Charles Waters: tens of thousands of people were walking across the bridge Chris McCabe: all I could do was stare in stunned disbelief and horror Christina Torres: a ball of fire shot up Colby Buzzel: it sounded like another bomb Corey Fortuna: the first tower was burning Craig: I grabbed my messenger bag and ran down the stairs Daniel Yucht: the 2nd tower collapsed right in front of my eyes Dany Boivin: I feel like somebody try to kill my family David: my eyes and my arms and hair were coated gray David Breitkopf: all hell broke loose David Hathaway: every second might be our last Deanna deCampos: the air began to have an acrid burning smell Debra S. Clark: turn on the TV and call me Denise Motta: I heard a horrified voice scream PEOPLE ARE JUMPING DK Holland: shrines to our lost citizens Dorothy Thompson: my heart aches for every one who lost someone in this terrible tragedy Douglas: missing posters with pictures of people that have loved ones Duane D. Brodnick: all I see is one Twin standing and smoke and dust E: the streets were empty Eddy Otero: it looked like it was going to fall on us Ernest Hilbert: the first screams he heard were on his phone Estaban: hepimizi maddi vede manevi yonden yipratti Francine Dagenais: god bless america Frank & Shelly Rubino: your twin towers in New York have been destroyed by terrorists G. Ramos: I couldn’t reach anyone through the telephone or my computer Gary Welz: two inch diameter drops of blood spattered the roof and the deck furniture Gerald J. Ferguson: if it falls towards me, there is no where to run Helene: je suis touchée par ce que j’ai vu à la télévision Hernan: the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are billowing fiercely with smoke Huy Trankiem: that was a bad day for the world Ileana Negron: we could read the print on the bottom of the plane James Capelonga: the single two worst hours of my life James Kirkland: we heard a loud explosion James P. Lamb: I cried that day Jeannie Giordano: pieces of office paper floated down from the sky Jeff: such evil, such cunning evil Jeff Stimpson: they ain’t there no more Jersey Girl: we were evacuated Jo Winter: your nightmare was our nightmare John Friedman: it sounded like a military jet at an air show Josephine Chinea: they showed smoke coming from the first building on the tv screen Joshua Burnett: people were running Joslyn Kaye: there was gray smoke billowing out Judy: forever seared into my memory Julie: there has been an explosion at the World Trade Center Justin Guavin: what would happen if they fell Justine Marino: it was quite surreal K. Pfeiffer: a bomb had been set Karen Moncur: we watched in horror as the towers collapsed in on themselves Katherine Hawkins: dizzy view down to the street Kathryn Nocerino: tears running down their faces Keith McCormack: I envisioned it toppling over sideways Keith Miller: strangers were hugging each other Kelvin Huang: there are thousands people in the WTC Kevin Hannan: I called loved ones to tell them I was OK Lara Lasner-Frater: I turned to see the Tower fall Larry Benfield: a group of 5 total strangers decided to band together Lawrence Reif: I was sickened by the sight of a gaping space in the skyline Lee: I thought we were at war Lin Min, Zhu: I prayed for him Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt: I still can’t sleep at night Lori Clinton: I was hysterical Lou Kunkin: our oxygen would have been exhausted Manuela Ribeiro: I was appalled and tears started running down my face Maria: I will always remember that day Mark Michaels: I was covered in inches of soot Martin Connors: the department was put on high alert Matthew Bates: it is hard to be away during these trying times Matthew Gray: like two cigarettes, lit in the wrong place Matthew Zachary: a piece of me was yanked from my living soul Mauricio Londono: I began to walk toward a light Melissa Warren: I felt, and heard, the BOOM Michael J. Wald: I looked up to see an enormous fire Michelle: it seemed like a very horrible nightmare Mihael Puscaciu: God bless America Mr. M: the most bizarre experience of my life Nancy Rapchak: I spotted an injured cop Neal Coxworth: the building swallowed the jet whole Nikki: collapsed while a news reporter was talking Nydia: I felt a desperate sadness for my beautiful city Paolina Weber: one by one, filling out missing person reports Patricia Morrison: we saw debris falling, but it was actually people Patrick: I had been at work for fifteen minutes when the first plane hit Peggy: the street is filled with shoes Phyllis Motta: I just spoke to my son and he was on the roof of tower two Rebecca: I thought of the people trying to get out Richard S. Cisak: there was no way in hell I was going to stay in Manhattan RLMF: I saw the second plane RM: forever be etched in my mind Rob McGuire: many people were trapped inside Rob West: I was at ground zero Robert Dirk Stanley: I’m going down there, they’re going to need help Robert J. Dorn: the Pentagon had been bombed Robin Sentell: I could see debris flying all over the place R.S. Lee: NY is being amputated by the feet Sabrina Ambrose: I heard fleeting conversations about airplanes Sandra Lang: I had just arrived at my office on Broadway and 42 street when my phone rang Sarah: people were jumping from the top of the towers Selge: wish with all my heart this tragedy was only a bad dream Sevil: please don’t worry Sheen W. Martin: my wife was physically sick Shelley: the police were asking me for id Stéphanie Deraîche: a song was interrupted by the announcement Stephen O. Noble: office papers and chunks of wallboard everywhere Steve Featherstone: we all were physically fine Susan Shapiro: had taken his girlfriend to the top of the WTC Tahir Turgut: deep sorrow for Twin Towers and the people who died Toby Leah Bochan: I saw a giant ball of orange flame Todd Calvert: I heard screams and shouting Todd Shea: absolutely the worst day of my existence Tracy E. Hopkins: I had a direct view of the devastation that had taken place while I was traveling underground T.W. Kriner: tiny flakes of ash began to settle upon us Twinkle: she was shouting at me Vail Stewart Rumley: I watched, frozen W. Thompson: there were wild reports of another plane somewhere above us Waldron Faulkner: it must be a suicide pilot William Gibson: people running and smoke coming out Wynette: tears ran down my face Yvette Thompson: I heard a crash, the ceiling came down, and fire consumed parts of the office and the entire hallway