9/11 Memes

Twin Towers

Subject: Chicken and Devil Face Seen

Chicken in 9/11 Smoke

Subject: Devil Face Seen in WTC Smoke

In his short story, The Perverse of the Imp, famed horror fiction writer Edgar Allan Poe noted that murderers and other notorious criminals are somehow compelled to confess, even to boast, of their evil deeds. Here, in this bizarre image, we see that Satan is making his own, perverse confession. Just as the Arab terrorists led by the Devil left their own trail of evidence, wanting the world to know their names of infamy, so, too, does the Devil, as proven in this photograph, cackle out loud and boast, “I did it and I’m proud of what I did!”

The face of the Devil
Photo: ©Mark D Phillips

Subject: Face of the Devil

The face of the Devil
executives at a meeting joking about the plane approaching the window

Subject: Face of God?

The face of god in the smoke

Subject: Kuala Lumpur attacked!!!

sky scrapers being hit by planes
flames coming out of the Concord

Air France “economy class” package on Concorde:

“Departure from the Airport - Arrival at the Hotel”

American Airline strikes back with the “business class” package:

“Departure from the Airport - Arrival at the office”

Subject: If the Taliban Won

New York City skyline with easter style architecture
Bush with Benjamin Felix, architect
multiple World Trade Centers lined up to form middle finger
glider flying towards a building

Subject: Where was King Kong?

gold frames image of the towers burning

Subject: More from France

It is the year 2032, and a father and his son walk the streets of lower Manhattan. Approaching the site where the WTC used to be at the end of the 20th century, the father sighs and comments,  “to think that right here used to be the Twin Towers…”

The son, not understanding, asks his father: “What are the ‘Twin Towers’?”

The father smiles and looks at the son, and explains,  “The Twin Towers were two huge buildings that used to be here until 2001,  when the Arabs destroyed them.”

The son looks up to his father, and asks, “And what are the Arabs?”

Statue of Liberty overlooking empty space where towers once stood

“Find the differences. By making a new hard copy of the picture, the author has made 2 mistakes.

Can you find them? Then send your bulletin of participation to Oussama Bin Laben (kaboul)”

WTC image with May God Bless Us All on it

Subject: Polish Hijacking in Warsaw

WARSAW (AP)—In an apparent copycat terrorist act, Polish terrorists Stosh and Yonko Binladenski have hijacked a Goodyear Blimp.  So far, they have bounced off of 5 buildings.