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we will not let them destory our spirit mural in NYC
anti bin Laden sign hung by sports fans
effigy of bin Laden with missile in his bum
effigy of bin Laden being hanged
noose with for sale sign that reads Osams bin Laden swing set

Subject: Not in Our Son’s Name

[Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez’s son Greg is one of the Trade Center victims.  They have asked that people share this copy of a letter sent to NY Times as widely as possible.]

Our son Greg is among the many missing from the World Trade Center attack. Since we first heard the news, we have shared moments of grief, comfort, hope, despair, fond memories with his wife, the two families, our friends and neighbors, his loving colleagues at Cantor Fitzgerald / ESpeed, and all the grieving families that daily meet at the Pierre Hotel.

We see our hurt and anger reflected among everybody we meet. We cannot pay attention to the daily flow of news about this disaster. But we read enough of the news to sense that our government is heading in the direction of violent revenge, with the prospect of sons, daughters, parents, friends in distant lands dying, suffering, and nursing further grievances against us. It is not the way to go. It will not avenge our son’s death. Not in our son’s name.

Our son died a victim of an inhuman ideology. Our actions should not serve the same purpose. Let us grieve. Let us reflect and pray. Let us think about a rational response that brings real peace and justice to our world. But let us not as a nation add to the inhumanity of our times.

Copy of letter to White House:

Dear President Bush:

Our son is one of the victims of Tuesday’s attack on the World Trade Center. We read about your response in the last few days and about the resolutions from both Houses, giving you undefined power to respond to the terror attacks.

Your response to this attack does not make us feel better about our son’s death. It makes us feel worse.  It makes us feel that our government is using our son’s memory as a justification to cause suffering for other sons and parents in other lands.

It is not the first time that a person in your position has been given unlimited power and came to regret it.  This is not the time for empty gestures to make us feel better. It is not the time to act like bullies. We urge you to think about how our government can develop peaceful, rational solutions to terrorism, solutions that do not sink us to the inhuman level of terrorists.


Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez

Subject: Drum Circle Invite

Dear Friends,

Please pass along the following information:

Please come and, if you have them, bring percussion (or any other) instruments to the demonstration for Peace on Sunday, Oct. 7th, departing from Union Square at 3:00 PM. This march is being organized by a citywide coalition of major organizations and individuals seeking an alternative to war. We expect there will also be an interfaith service at 2:30 PM. If you have ideas for chants or songs - come prepared to teach others. Bring a megaphone or hand held sound system if you have one.

On Saturday, October 6th starting at 12 noon, the Arts & Culture Workgroup (a sub group of the coalition) invites you to participate in making posters, banners, etc for the march the next day. Please bring any materials (paint, markers, crayons, paper, fabric, brushes, scissors, glue, etc.). Please ask your neighbors, friends, colleagues and local businesses to donate supplies. We will meet at CHARAS at 605 East 9th Street, (between B&C) rm. # 114. You can leave the posters, etc. for pickup the next day.

Flyers about the demonstration can be picked up at the DSA (Democratic Socialists Association) office at 180 Verick Street, (7th Ave) & Houston Sts., 12th Floor. They should be open all day from now on. Please pass them along and post them.

There will be Marshal Training on Saturday, October 6th also at the DSA offices - more details soon.

If you have access to performance or gallery venues and/or want to help produce events to creatively express ideas to support an alternative to war and help fund future efforts - please contact Judith. She will add your name to the Arts & Culture Workgroup. You will be expected to attend meetings and participate in group events. Please do not deluge Judith’s email address with information - she is already on mailing lists that give updates every few minutes and is being deluged with requests.

Please participate in any way you can.

Judith Z.

Subject: Connor Geraghty Petition

I lost my Dad on September 11th; he was Chief Edward Geraghty, Battalion 9, New York City Fire Department. He lost his life with many other heroes that day, victims of the terrorists.

Firefighters from all over have come to the aid and rescue of the tragedy in New York and Washington, D.C. Many firefighters have lost their lives to save someone else’s; the truth of the matter is, they do this every single day. They truly are heroes. I know many people feel helpless, especially those who live far from NYC and D.C.

We all want to do something, show our appreciation, our support. I think we can…

In honor of the bravery, courage and determination of American firefighters, there should be a day in our nation to celebrate and appreciate their handwork and never-ending passion for saving lives.

I think we should honor all those other heroes who still live today . . .

I’m starting a petition for a National Firefighters Day. Will you help make every September 11th National Firefighters Day? Please join me!

Thank you.

Connor Geraghty, age 14

Rockville Centre, New York (I Love u, DAD!!)

PS When this list reaches 250 names, please send it back to me at:

ceg8587 @ aol . com


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