About me & my work

David wearing a mask while sitting on a bench
David Vanadia

Hi. I’m David Vanadia.he/him I practice and teach folk arts.

I love telling stories. My storytelling practice began on the sidewalks of Philadelphia in the 1990s, where I used to busk for anyone who would listen.

I love making media. I write, shoot videos, and make media for publications, companies, artists, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

I love teaching people how to create, tell, and transform their stories. After 9/11, I quit the rat race, and became a Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga instructor.

I’m working on writing new stuff, editing a documentary, completing a travel video, avoiding sugar, and living by the beach with my wife, Gwenn.

About My Website

This website is hand-coded using 100% pure HTML, CSS, and SSI. Why?