About me

David Vanadia
David Vanadia
Hi, I’m David Vanadia. I work with stories.

Storyteller. Writer. Narrative designer. Web coder. Teacher. Artist.

I started telling stories (years ago) by busking on the sidewalks of Philadelphia for anyone who would listen. Thankfully I got invited to perform indoors. After countless storytelling shows in coffeehouses, libraries, bars, schools, and festivals, I taught myself how to code, and broke into the world of digital storytelling and computer multimedia.

During the dot com boom, I lived in New York City where I worked as a freelance communications consultant, web developer, and media trainer conducting workshops for companies of all sizes. Then 9/11 happened.

Witnessing that horrific event inspired me to sell everything I owned, travel, and focus on folk arts. I drove across America, and then moved to China where I completed my bachelor’s degree. When I returned to the states, I moved to Portland, Oregon, and worked for over a decade as a car-free, bike-commuting fitness instructor. I also led workshops, gave talks, ran a storytelling show, wrote articles, and earned an MFA.

A few years ago I moved back east, and lived on Long Beach Island before moving to Lambertville in 2022 with my wife Gwenn. Now I’m writing stories, creating content, teaching classes, making media, and working as a Storyteller & Teaching Artist for Storytelling Arts, Inc.