Tai Chi for 1,000 2009

A Addressing the crowd before doing for the Tai Chi form. B Horatio Law, image by Leah Nash/Special to The Oregonian C TV news coverage of the event. D Tai Chi for 1,000 in action. E Tai Chi warm up.

Tai Chi for 1,000 was the culminating event for a public art project called China on the Willamette, which was created and curated by artist Horatio Law.

The event evoked an image of what Portland might look like today had racist state laws not prevented thousands of Chinese railroad workers who once lived in Oregon from being legally allowed to buy land and settle down in the state.

My role in China on the Willamette was to teach several public Tai Chi Chuan workshops and lead the participatory event. Each workshop had about 20 attendees and approximately 250 people gathered to practice the 24-posture, Yang style simplified Tai Chi form together in the park on the big day.

Participating in Tai Chi for 1,000 inspired me to integrate my Tai Chi Chuan practice with my narrative practice in a way that was more than just theoretical.

Date: May, 2009
Location: Portland, OR
Press: The Oregonian

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