Stop Being Sweet Since 2005

A Presenting at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). B Speaking about sugar abstinence at Umpqua Bank. C Image from Sweet Nothing documentary.

Stop Being Sweet is an ongoing interdisciplinary project that works to re-story our positive attitudes towards sugary foods and drinks.

In 2005 I created the Stop Being Sweet blog as a place to vent about my battle with sugar addiction and also, more truthfully, because I thought that telling the world about my transgressions with sugar would help to keep me honest.

I launched the blog right around the time when people’s ideas about sweets began to shift. More and more people started to realize they had sugar issues and those who searched the web for information found my website and read my story. People began to email me with questions, support, and gratitude. What began as a tongue-in-cheek expression has become a legitimate movement.

Stop Being Sweet examines and adapts themes such as diet programs, social activism, health gurus, self-help, branding, persuasion, twelve step counseling, consumerism, and pop psychology. Research has included nutrition, exercise, eating disorders, psychology, obsessive-compulsive disorder, advertising, the food industry, political practices, and genetically modified organisms. The project has grown to include online sugar-free challenges, public meetings and workshops, personal coaching, an online forum, an ebook and lectures.

Stop Being Sweet has been featured on radio and television and has helped thousands of people to recognize and recover from sugar addiction.

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