Shave the World 2010

Shave the World was a disruptive presentation in a professional setting.

The Portland AIGA used to hold an event called SHIFT: A Green Salon, which featured ten presenters each giving a five minute talk about sustainable design.

My goal was to present the idea that being green is not about making more sustainable widgets and is instead about consuming less crap altogether.

As such, my talk focused on redesigning the master narratives around shaving, which is an often overlooked cause of waste and pollution. Since many of our grooming behaviors are the direct result of well-crafted, repetitive advertising, I poked fun at Gillette’s “Trim the Bush to Make the Tree Look Taller” ad campaign to demonstrate how we are selective when it comes to practicing sustainability.

The biggest compliments I received about this talk were when people tweeted me the following Monday to say they thought twice about shaving or were not going to drag a razor across their skin at all. Some designers said the talk inspired them to not work on ad campaigns for products that they do not support.

Location: Portland, OR

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