Pedigree 2012

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Pedigree was a series of open discussions about art education.

Every year, countless artists enroll in expensive MFA programs. Many borrow large sums of money to pay for their degree without considering the impact of taking on so much debt.

Pedigree gathered artists with and without MFA degrees to publicly discuss education, student loan debt, the value of the Master of Fine Arts degree. We also talked about how to making a living in the arts and why the artists were or were not planning to earn an MFA.

Pedigree was held at PLACE gallery, which was an experimental venue located on the top floor of Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland.

Pedigree #1:

Katie Dunbar and Elizabeth J. Armstrong.

Pedigree #2:

Michael Endo and Jason Doze.

Pedigree #3:

Horatio Law, Gabe Flores, and Gwenn Seemel.

Pedigree #4:

Jamie Marie Waelchli, Travis Nikolai, and Katherine Groesbeck.

The discussions at Pedigree helped prospective students make more informed choices about whether or not to pursue an MFA and also served to expose myths that surround higher education in the arts.

Date: 2012
Location: Portland, OR

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