NYC Stories 2001

NYC Stories
Ice Angel image from the NYC Stories folklore collection.

NYC Stories is an online September 11th memorial.

In the weeks following the World Trade Center attack, New Yorkers seemingly spoke about only one thing—what they saw happen on that Tuesday morning.

Memories fade and stories lose their detail over time. In an effort to capture some of the spoken accounts and digital folklore emails that were being circulated, I created posters and placed them amongst the missing person signs that papered lower Manhattan. I had just launched a website called and it was designed to be a place where New Yorkers could tell stories about the city.

People began to submit original and emotional stories and others sent in 9/11-related emails. A collection grew rather quickly. It was important to me to make the stories and folklore available for free—I did not want to capitalize off the attack in the way that news outlets, book projects, and street merchants were. As a result, NYC Stories has been viewed by over a million people. In 2011 I added the video, My 9/11, which was shot on the streets of Manhattan that day.

In recent years I have had the privilege of speaking about my 9/11 experience at schools and organizations. It is always humbling, cathartic, and rewarding to act as a historical witness for folks who remember and folks who are too young to recall how many things changed on that sunny September morning.

Date: 2001
Location: New York, NY

NYC Stories

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