NYC Tai Chi Club 2002-2003

Push Hands Club in action
Practicing push hands at the NYC Tai Chi Club.

NYC Tai Chi Club was a space for Taiji students to practice, share and learn.

In the aftermath of 9/11, I practiced Tai Chi Chuan a lot. My dream was to become a Tai Chi teacher. However, in 2002 I wasn’t yet skilled or knowledgeable enough to teach yet, so I created the NYC Tai Chi Club.

Located at The Movement Salon, I printed out flyers and took them to Central Park on World Tai Chi day. There, I introduced myself and invited practitioners from different schools to come and play push hands with each other.

The first few sessions were just one or two people but in a short while word spread and the event grew to average 25-50 people per week. Participants learned from one another in the spirit of friendship while taking advantage of the abundance of skill and knowledge available in New York City.

The club ran for two years before I moved out of NYC and returned to college.

Date: 2002-2003
Location: New York City, NY

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