Nix NYC 2003

A collage of people who purchased my possessions.

Nix NYC is the digital documentation of a time when I followed my (he)art.

Circa 2001: I was living in New York City and working as a Web Trainer and Communications Consultant. My client list was impressive and contained brand names that people recognized. I kept telling clients about storytelling but they were more interested in whether or not I knew Director, Illustrator, Flash or Photoshop. Then, in the aftermath of 9/11, my work slowly dried up.

“Just do anything to stay in New York,” was the advice given to me by people who had given up on art and given in to working unfulfilling jobs. I wanted to stay an artist more than I wanted to be a New Yorker and—without the hypnotizing lure of a decent paycheck—I found myself trapped by my expensive Gramercy studio.

iPhones, YouTube, Kickstarter, and the concept of the 4-Hour Work Week had yet to be invented. Unsure if I should return to life as a starving artist, I turned to the oracle that is Craigslist and took a poll. The advice was overwhelming. In March of 2003 I sold nearly everything I owned and recognized that I had an unhealthy relationship with possessions. During the sale, I photographed the people who purchased my stuff and documented everything so to record stories that would otherwise have been forgotten. Seeing all the junk I owned made me realize how many unfinished projects I had and how susceptible I was/am to advertising.

After moving out of New York City, I learned about artist John D. Freyer’s art project called All My Life For Sale, in which he sold all of his possessions on eBay and made a book and website. An art museum purchased some of his things.

Year: 2003
Location: New York City


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