Live & Learn 2011-2014

Live and Learn
To MFA or not to MFA?

Live & Learn is a digital guide for artists considering a low residency art MFA.

Originally created to act as an online intervention for people who were about to borrow thousands of dollars to get an MFA degree, Live & Learn is now a repository of information designed to help prospective low residency graduate students make smart choices about their career, education, and finances.

The site contains links to low residency graduate art degree programs, features candid storytelling about academic bullying, questions the value of the Master of Fine Arts degree and discusses topics surrounding low residency art education.

All of my higher education was earned in self-guided, low residency experiential education programs and I passionately believe in this form of education. When I began to be bullied and discriminated against by faculty and staff at graduate school, I turned to blogging as a way to cope with the disappointment and stress. The decidedly pointed writing elicited strong reactions from classmates, educators, students and potential students, which in turn uncovered hidden myths and mentation artists have surrounding graduate level art education.

The conversations that came out of Live & Learn led me to host Pedigree and the comments and questions I continually receive fuel and shape future storyworks.

Date: 2011-2013
Location: Portland, OR

Live & Learn

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