DIY Stories 2006-2010

DIY Stories Tellers
Aaron, Anna, and Annie, telling tales at the DIY Stories storytelling show.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Stories was a live, open stage storytelling show.

Storytelling is a way to build community and share knowledge and I wanted to create an event that celebrated people rather than pitted their artistic expressions against one another in a competitive game of personal taste.

The first of its kind in Portland, DIY Stories was a democratic show where people would share and be heard without the need for glitz, gimmicks or rivalry. The best compliment I received about the event was when people told me they had no plans of telling a story upon arriving at the beginning of the night but then felt so comfortable they got up and shared their tale despite their original intention.

DIY Stories began with varying themes for each show and then dropped themes altogether to become more freeform. As a result, nobody knew where the evening would start and nobody could predict what kinds of stories would get shared by the end of the night. Tales were told about all kinds of situations, including getting lost on a jungle island, corpses coming to life on an airport tarmac, a cat who warded off evil spirits, and an unexpected saga that stemmed from giving away two free Chalupa coupons for Taco Bell on Craigslist.

DIY Stories was featured on the KBOO radio program Destination DIY and was part of Multnomah County Library’s Tapestry of Tales Storytelling Festival.

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