Arshloch Boyfriend 2004

Arschloch Boyfriend demo
Arshloch Boyfriend audio demo cover.

Arshloch Boyfriend was a digital demo recording of 3 original songs.

As a kid, music from the rock band Kiss provided me with an escape from everyday stress. When I found myself at the end of a dying relationship that lingered on too long, I wrote these songs in a decidedly campy, in-your-face style. It was a direct attempt to break out of the boxes I found myself in both personally and professionally. Life does not need to be so serious all of the time.

Granola Girls (2:42)
Am I Wrong? (4:07)
Heat Seeking Missile (2:22)

These songs were written and recorded in New York City using Garage Band software on an Apple laptop running OS 9—high tech stuff at the time.

Date: 2004
Location: New York, NY

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