Storytelling in Business Communications


The Hoffman Agency recently produced a cool infographic describing how storytelling is different than corporate speak. Five days later Lou Hoffman blogged about the (well done) video they made (above) which says, “To connect with your audience tell a story.” The irony is that their video doesn’t tell a story and instead makes use of the corporate “blah blah blah” that they preach against. In fact, their video falls completely down the corporate side of the “storytelling vs. corporate speak” dichotomy depicted in their infographic.


1. Teach within reach and practice what you preach.
2. Companies can’t help but put out “blah” corporate speak.
3. Nobody’s perfect and it doesn’t matter. The Hoffman Agency is a successful world-wide PR business and it will continue as such. Are you striving for perfection? If so, stop.

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