5 Key Questions to Ask When Crafting Your Story


1. What is the Purpose of Your Story?

Why are you taking up someone’s time and attention? What do you want them to learn, do, think, feel?

2. What is the Value of Your Story?

Why does your message have meaning to the person/people listening? Are they being entertained or educated? Informed or sold?

3. What is the Emotion of Your Story?

Do you want your audience to laugh? Cry? Feel scared or safe? In the end, your story will make people feel either positive or negative overall. Whatever you do, make sure your audience feels something.

4. How do the Elements of Your Story Serve the Purpose of Your Story?

Does the story you’re telling convey or reinforce what the audience values? Do any of your story’s elements distract from your purpose? If the purpose in telling your story is to influence an audience to buy the pizza you’re selling, then you want your story to highlight your pizza’s value. Everything else should end up on the cutting room floor. 

5. What is the Best Way to Deliver Your Story?

Does your delivery method serve the purpose of clearly conveying the story without distraction? Does it reinforce the value(s) of the story? Does the delivery method in and of itself carry an emotional charge? Does your delivery method serve the purpose of your story?

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