Stop Being Sweet

How to Quit Sugar?

The two most common questions I am asked are, “How do I quit sugar?” and, “Why avoid sugar?” If you have to ask why then you may not need to quit sugar. If you are asking how then you may need to stop being sweet.

How to go sugar-free: Whenever you find yourself tempted to eat something sweet, just don’t do it. Stop eating junk and have something healthy instead. Does that sound impossible? Getting off sugar is doable, but not easy.

You like?

If your doctor told you that you would die within a week if you did not stop eating sweets, you would find a way to stop eating sweets. That is unless you have a death wish in which case you would eat as many sweets as you could before your time ran out—the mentality of an addict.

Look closely at the photo on this page. Notice anything about it? Now really imagine that the food you eat is laced with the sugar in the photo. Imagine the crystals touching your tongue. Imagine the rush of energy you get from eating the sweet stuff. Imagine the different names for sugar and the sayings that surround sweets: sweet-tooth, sweetie pie, sugar-coated, kid in a candy store, celebration, party, whisper sweet nothings, short and sweet, home sweet home, etc. By the way, that picture is a photo of crack cocaine. It sure looks like sugar, doesn’t it?

If it were so easy to quit eating sugar you would have already done it by now. Quitting sugar is not only hard, it might be impossible. That is why I hope you will join me and Stop Being Sweet. The Stop Being Sweet ebook contains action steps that you can take so you can begin to own your health, without apologizing.

Start today and take it one food at a time.