FAQ: Which is Worse, Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?


I do not like, nor do I trust the safety of artificial sweeteners. My assumption was (is) that sugar is a natural and is OK vs. chemical sweeteners. Which is worse??


Dear gh,

If you must eat sweet, natural sweeteners are the way to go. If you want natural sugar, eat a banana. (They bake well.)

There’s going to be someone out there who will argue that artificial sweeteners are just as safe as sugar, or just the same as sugar (they tend to be people who work for an artificial sweetener company), and they’ll cite scientific experiments.


I’ve tried artificial sweeteners and the results aren’t pretty.

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Nan January 17, 2013

Both are bad if used in more than minute amounts. Would be nice if there was some magic, but the only thing that really works for people with serious sugar or sweet problems is to get off almost all of it.

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