Stop Being Sweet

Top 10 Excuses for Eating Sugar

Stop Being Sweet

1. I can’t control myself!

If addicts can get off heroine, you can stop eating sugar. What you eat is your choice. Sugar doesn’t jump into your mouth.

2. My family and friends force me.

Unless your loved ones completely hold you down and force cookies down your throat, you are using them to enable your sweet ways.

3. I don’t have a problem with sugar.

If you are reading this you probably have a problem with sugar. In fact, people in America and many other countries have problems with sugar.

4. I just can’t say no.

You don’t want to say no and you’re using the nice people in your life for your own sugary gain.

5. No really, I feel guilty if someone bakes dessert and I don’t eat it.

Then you need to stop being sweet and say no. If necessary, educate people about your choice to not eat sugar. There's no need to launch into a tirade, but issues with sugar can make for great after dinner discussion and you not eating it can be the conversation starter. It is just about you exercising your choice, not about you persuading the table that they are wrong.

6. Something really bad happened and so I was pushed/forced/had to eat a whole bag of cookies.

The problem is that you are using sugar like a drug and are of the mindset that when something bad happens it is a valid excuse to binge. It’s like those people who think that when something upsets them they have the right to walk around in a foul mood all day and treat everyone like dirt.

7. There was junk food in the house and I couldn’t avoid it.

Throw it out. Get other food. Eat something healthy. Go for a walk.

8. I didn’t know it had sugar in it.

Soup, crackers, cheese, bacon, bologna, bread, ham, mayonnaise, ketchup, cereal, rice milk, and a million other products that you eat on a daily basis have added sugars that you didn't even know were there. Start reading labels.

9. I am not fat.

Lucky for you. Wait until you pass 40! If you’re over the hill and still thin then congratulations, but sugar diabetes doesn’t care.

10. I didn’t eat sugar for two weeks once, nothing happened.

That’s like saying you exercised once for two weeks and nothing happened. Eating healthy is a practice and that doesn’t mean you deprive yourself. It means you change your current habits and create new ones. It means CHANGING how you identify yourself.

What are you waiting for?

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thank you so much for this, i definitely do have a problem and reading this really helped me come to terms with who i am and what i need to do to change.

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