Stop Being Sweet

Sugarest Test

Stop Being Sweet

Sugarest claims to kill your taste for sugar but will it help you to Stop Being Sweet?
(Special thanks to Gwenn and Megh for helping make this video!)

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Arthur Dent


I like Meg! You should have her on more often.



I tried sugarest after watching this video.  It is AMAZING.  I mean it really, truly works.  The first time I tried it I did a little experiement with chocolate pudding and an oreo.  The pudding was horrible, like eating bitter paste.  Taking a bite of the oreo was like taking a bite of particle board.  It lasts for about 40 minutes which is plenty of time for a sugar craving to pass.  Also, if you take a sugarest and then take a bite of something sweet, it tastes so gross that you basically have no desire for sweets for about 24 hours.  I keep one in my coat pocket for emergencies, like when I am driving home from school late at night and want to stop for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s for a little exam stress self-medicating.



I tried the herb gymnema sylvestre (the main ingredient in sugarest - bought it through for about $9 for 100 capsules) and it lasts a lot longer than the sugarest.  Just put about 1/3 of the contents of the capsule on your tongue, swish around for a minute, then spit it out (it is very bitter), the result is that you can’t taste sweet things for about 4 or 5 hours.  Well worth the price, better than sugarest.



I LOVE MEGH!!  She’s flippin hilarious!!!



Meg was great. The whole thing was enjoyable to watch and informative. I was googling “how to curb sugar cravings ” because I was in the middle of one, so I am going to give Sugarest some consideration. As far as using gymnema sylvestre, never heard of it, maybe Meg can does this next and let us know the difference.



Is Sugarest FDA approved yet? I’d like to know where i can buy it, if it is.And by the way, Meg is entertaining and a good illustrater.

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