Stop Being Sweet

Temptation Never Goes Away

Stop Being Sweet

Chocolate Pretzels

There’s a bulk foods section at Winco’s food store. Every single time I go through there I notice all the sweets. They have an end cap devoted to sugar free candy, but it’s all sweetened with Maltitol and eating any more than one piece of that stuff will make your guts explode.

Last night we were shopping and I saw a barrel full of Andes Candies mints. They were next to the barrel full of chocolate covered pretzels. That’s when it hit me: Halloween is coming and it’s just a matter of months before I can eat that stuff for a weekend. I immediately started planning to buy bulk bags of Andes Candies, Kit Kat, Reeses, chocolate covered pretzels and whatever else strikes my fancy when the time comes.

The desire for sweets never goes away.

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