Stop Being Sweet

Symptoms of Sugar Withdrawal

Stop Being Sweet

When you first go off sweets, your body can have quite a reaction. Below are some common symptoms of sugar withdrawal.

There is also a lot of good information in the comments, so take a moment to scan through them as well.

Also see Why Quit Sugar.

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I went on a terrible sugar binge last night, and am paying the price today. I am experiencing sleepiness, anxiety nausea, and lack of appetite. I will never binge like that again. It ruined my entire day!



Sorry to hear. Drink lots of water and start anew! smile



David, I did just that; I drank a lot of water. I’m fine now, but looking back to yesterday, that was the worst “hangover” I’ve ever had! I used to drink beer and have those college hangovers, but never had experienced a sugar one. The sugar one was by far the worst! I never realized until yesterday what a powerful drug sugar is!



I stopped eating sugar yesterday cold turkey.  I have been experiencing headache, nausea, vomiting, and sleepiness.  How long will this last? And, what can I expect in the days to come?



That feeling of crashing after eating too much sugar is the worst Karenlynn!

Janine, it will most likely last for a week or so. Make sure you eat healthy alternatives and drink lots of water. Take a walk and avoid hard exercise. It’s worrisome that you’re vomiting, however.



Thank you, David.  The vomiting came the first full day of cutting out the sugar.  Have not done so any more.  Drinking lots of water. Walking to help curb cravings. Just wish this headache would go away!



Gently move your spine. Also, eat replacement foods and avoid your trigger foods! Hang in there, it gets better. If you give up and go back to sweets, you have to do this all over again in the future.



Janine, I know how you feel! I am still having daily headaches and some nausea. My appetite has sharply decreased. After dinner last night, I did have some severe sugar cravings. I had no idea what sugar is capable of until recently. I’ve always stayed away from sweets; no sugar in my coffee, unsweet ice tea etc. That one binge however sent me over the edge. Experiencing low energy, but am getting back on track. Best of luck with your situation!



I am 2 days sugar free and on top of headaches, nausea, and fatigue, I feel SO bloated! I expected the other symptoms but not this!



The first few weeks are the most difficult. If you slip up and eat sweets during that time, you have to repeat the first few weeks all over again!



Have not had a sugar episode since Aug. I really learned a good lesson. How can something so “innocent” cause such harm? Sugar is definitely a drug!



One week without sugar! Oh god I feel like my head is going to explode. It’s awful, like the flu. Hope it gets better soon.



i have gone 2 days cold turkey without sugar. i have no energy at all and get killer headaches! i always feel tired but i can never sleep! This sucks!!



It gets much better, trust me! Make sure you drink lots of water and eat replacement foods. Consider joining this week’s Sugar-Free Challenge.



Day two of no sugar and it’s not a fun at all! The cravings and mood instability are overwhelming. That goes to show that that white crystalline substance called sugar is truly a drug!!



“Addictive” is certainly a good word to describe the stuff!



I am 6 days sugar free and miserable.  No headaches but stomach cramping, fatigue, weakness and diarrhea.  Anything to help?



Yes, EAT! Eat healthy foods. Drink lots of water. Fill your stomach with veggies and keep going. This will pass. smile



The headache is killing me.  So tired it’s ridiculous.  I am really striving not to cave in and have some sugar.  I love bananas and they help.  Why, oh why must it last a week or more???  I do feel like I have a mild flu.  That’s really odd.



Don’t give up! This is the place where many turn back. There is a wonderful place on the other side of these cold and dark mountains. Keep going…



I quit 3 days ago, I can’t concentrate and my brain is all blergh! I will not fail now though, I’m not starting this again! I’m shakey, nauseous, weak and SO tired!



Hang in there, Dani!



it’s day 9 and i feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. My sugar intake has been less than 26 grams a day these past nine days (i used to average 120+ grams a day). i have a lot of anxiety and am feeling depressed. I’m exercising 4 times a week and that helps but the weekends are the worst. I can’t concentrate, my body aches, and I feel like I have the flu. When will this end? I’m also having terrible mood swings. Is this what sugar withdrawal really feels like? thank god i never smoked or did drugs. this is absolutely painful.

debbie v.


I was wondering if giving up sugar can cause you to feel nauseated?
It’s only been 3 days and i feel terrible…like i have the flu.  I was also wondering how long this will last?



It can take several weeks to several months before you stabilize—depending on how much sugar you cut out, how fast you stop, and how your particular body chemistry reacts.



Hi. I have been sugar free for almost three months now. It was quite a quick transition for me but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing bowel problems, awful bloating, constipation, pain in the intestins that’s killing me. It’s so depressive. The problem is I had a bar of chocolate yesterday and my symptoms seemed to disapear. Only I’m craving sweet chocolate again and my bowel seems to “threaten” me after every meal and I can’t help thinking I should maybe grab another chocolate bar :(



I have been sugar free for 3 weeks. The first week was ok, but filled with anxiety. The 2nd week I had intense cravings for sugar, everything smelled like chocolate, the anxiety increased, and I had headaches.
This past week the anxiety has increased again to where Im over the top agitated, can’t sleep, over-reacting to EVERYthing. I’ve had diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, tons of gas.
Majda, I’m sorry to hear that you are 3 months out and having such symptoms. Does anything seem to help?
I’m just hoping I still have friends after things calm down. I’m really feeling out of control —however the one thing I will not do is eat sugar, no matter what.



Lucy, Majda, what are you eating as replacement foods?



Hi David - I eat a lot of protein, some fresh fruit. Im also gluten free and dairy free. I’ve had weight loss surgery (lap band), so there isn’t a lot of room for food; Im supposed to get a lot of protein each day, so I have to eat that first while there is still room.
Do you have suggestions for replacement foods?



Lucy, so it’s not just going off sugar that you’re dealing with—your whole system has changed! You’re being seen differently, you feel different, and everything happens so quickly. Are you in touch with other people who have gotten the same surgery? How long has it been since you got it?

Here are some replacement food suggestions.



Hi David,
Yes, my whole life has changed. I had the surgery 2.5 years ago. For the last 2 years I’ve had mystery symptoms that seem to be a complication—though western medicine cannot address it. It involved my throat and what made it feel much better was bread and butter :(
Long story short, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage have worked a miracle and I am now feeling a lot better (not completely) and have the will power and motivation to get healthy again. Not so distracted with pain and discomfort. Thank you for the list of replacement foods! I will go read that now.
Thank you, also, for your response.



Hi Lucy, David,
Lucy, I’m sorry to hear about your symptoms, that must be hard to deal with. Having someone by your side is very important. My mom doesn’t wanna understand and keeps talking me into eating sugar again. She says you gotta be “normal”!
Thank God I have a friend who really supports me.
David, For replacement food, I eat a lot of protein, fruits, veggies, good fats and nuts, and I eat a handful of dates a day, sweet and delicious. I also drink up to 2 litters of water a day.
Unlike Lucy, I’m not dairy free. last month, I tried to go gluten free for a couple of weeks, but it didn’t seem to change anything so I’m back to eating whole wheat with moderate portions.
It could be stress, I mean it definitely is stress because I believe there is a sort of drug in sugar, and since my body is craving that drug, it’s sending signals to my brain that come out as stress. And since I’ve always had bowel problems when I stress out, it totally tells me it’s the sugar.
My diet is super balanced. I tested causality and dairy and whole grains are not what irritate my bowel.
I went to the doctor but he only gave me a bunch of medicines that made my irritation and bloating worse. My blood and stool analysis showed that everything is fine with me. It’s only when I had a chocolate bar that I understood that it was sugar so I googled withdrawal side effects and I was shocked to read all that stuff. I had no idea sugar withdrawal would get me in all that trouble!!
I have to say it was much worse when I was not able to know what was wrong with me, now once I feel my bowel I take a couple deep breaths. Yoga helps a whole lot. Since I had sugar again I’m gonna make a detox by fasting a week or so. I’ll let you know how it turns.
Thank you so much for everything.
I’m sorry my message was quite long.



Day 8 without sugar
I’ve been feeling fine but today i have been so thirsty it is ridiculous, I’ve probably been drinking at least 5-6 litres during the day and I am still thirsty.
Does anyone else have that experience?
I also feel a little confused and restless.
day 8 without sugar.
I’ve been feeling fine but today i have been so thirsty it is



Low blood sugar levels can cause dizziness, moodiness, and restlessness.  Thirst is also common. Eating complex carbs and proteins can help.



Hi Camilla
I havent especially been thirsty, but I imagine your body is signaling you to continue to flush out the toxicity of sugar. So it sounds like a good idea to flush away!
I have just finished my 4th week of being sugar free.  I’ve had quite a bit of anxiety, lack of ability to sleep, my face is breaking out; I had one where my body felt like my finger was stuck in an electrical socket - energy zinging every which way.
I have heard that if you have an abundance of yeast growth in your intestinal trac (which feed off sugar), when you stop feeding the yeast and it dies off - you can experience a lot of weird and intense symptoms.
My acupuncturist recommended a product—Im not sure naming products is allowed here, so I won’t say what it is—- but I have high hopes that it will help me.
I think everyone is different in what they can handle and in what their body needs.  Going off sugar is no small feat—so hang in there everyone who is doing this!  Let’s see whats on the other side smile



Thank you Lucy smile
The yeast growth sounds nasty, a very good reason to stay off sugar.
I’m on day 10 now and feel very proud, no added sugar at all and the thirst did calm down a bit, drinking alot of water though to “clean out ” the system



Hi Camilla
Sounds like you’re doing great!  congratulations on hanging in there smile



For a few months I’ve been having “a little sugar” after being off sugar for a couple months. The “little bit” turned into a huge 5 day binge. Now, I’m on day 5 totally sugar-free and it’s been horrible. Last night I was so depressed, having suicidal ideation (don’t worry - I will not act on it), crying, angry. I haven’t been able to function in the day and haven’t been able to sleep at night. I hope I remember this in the future so I don’t have to go through withdrawal again. I can not eat “a little sugar.” I also have Intercystial Cystitis so there’s a lot of healthy food I can’t eat, which is tough. So glad I can come to this site and read the comments; it’s very helpful.



I was so glad to see this site. Today is my 4th day off sugar, cold turkey. I am feeling so yucky. Cold chills, so very tired, fatique is getting to me, fuzzy mind, nausea, just an over all feeling of being sick. I will be soooo very glad when the light at the end of the tunnel comes. I want so much to be feeling better. Sorry that you all are going through this too. Just glad there are others out there who understand. God Bless.



Hi everyone,
I am on my 8th day of being sugar free. I have been having shakes with veggies and a little fruit. That seems to help a little. You don’t want your shakes to be too sweet though or you will use those the same way you used sugar, so stick with less sweet fruits. Also, I just recently learned that ginger tea helps with headaches. I use the Yogi brand. It is very strong, so I do add a very small amount of honey. More like a 1/4 teaspoon.
I have a question for anyone that has experience with this. Why is it that last week was easier than this week?? I am craving sugar more in week 2 and I am super tired and moody. I thought it was supposed to get better, not worse.



I’m thankful for this site!  I have started refined sugar free diet and I am on day 3.  The headache has continued since yesterday and today I’m nauseous and have no appitite plus I’m cold.

I am glad to know that this is only temporary!  I am forcing myself to eat to prevent starvation mode.  I never knew that sugar had this affect!



I am on my 5th day of being sugar free. I had a horrible headache that lasted from middle of day 1 to end of day 2. Other than that, I wasn’t experiencing many other symptoms until last night. My nose would not stop running and still hasn’t and I have this cough that does not end. I am constantly coughing up mucus and have to blow my nose within minutes of just blowing my nose. I can’t seem to find any blogs that have these symptoms listed. I also cut out most carbs from my diet. The carbs I am consuming come from veggies and nuts. I am not eating any fruit. Before my sugar cut off, I was eating a TON of sugar. I am an emotional eater and sweets were my go to.



I have been off sugar for 15 days now. This is the worst I have ever felt. I experienced, nausea, chills, muscle aches, bones ache, so very tired, can’t sleep though, fatique hits me and I have to lay down. I feel nutty, fuzzy headed. I am so hoping this will pass soon. I am not craving sugar, just feel like if I eat some sugar I will feel better, you know, caving in. I am a fighter though, so no sugar, dairy for me. I quit cold turkey. I know that the light is there, just will be so happy to see it.



I have bipolar II and am giving up sugar for my moods.  It’s day 3 and my lower stomach and back are killing me.  My head doesn’t hurt yet today, so that’s good.  My legs feel rubbery, like I need to repeatedly stretch them. 
My moods are doing great though.  Amazingly stable.  I just hope my back feels better soon.



Oh but after the first day no cravings, which is very surprising, and makes it much easier to deal with than the last time I did this a few years ago.



Hello all, Day 22 no sugar, no dairy. I still feel weak in the legs, tired every day, when I get up I’m tired and when I go to bed, I’m tired. Tired of being tired. I do feel better than when I started 22 days ago. Trying to hang in there and wake up feeling more energy and less fatique. I know this is worth it, I am so happy that I did this. Not fuzzy headed any more and mood swings are gone. Legs feel tired and achy still but I can live with that, just want the fatique to go. Patience, that’s what my husbands says to me. Good news is, I have lost 7 pounds. That’s a plus.



Given up sugar, artificial sweetners, wheat, flour and cheese almost 4 weeks ago. Still fighting fatigue. When does the fatigue pass?



That’s a lot you’ve given up. Mary. If you are eating new foods in place of all that (instead of just eating less) then figure three to six months before your body catches up.



Hi everyone
I continue to be sugar free, dairy free, and gluten free. I feel so much better! The last thing I gave up was sugar, since February.
The first month was rough. Now I feel great most of the time. However, I thought the symptoms of detox were gone—but this past week I have had severe fatigue and very thirsty (which I have read are detox symptoms).  So, it’s hard to say exactly how long this will go on.
What I can say, is that Im very glad I sugar free and have no regrets, no matter how tough it was there for a while.



Hi - I looked everywhere on the internet for answers, and found this.  I’m on day 6 of the 21-DSD.  I’ve had the usual symptoms (headaches, lethargy, cravings).  Also, as with Issa above, I’ve had a constant runny nose but claritin helps me with that.  But 3am this morning, I was violently ill.  Has this happened to anybody before?  I have an iron stomach, and never EVER get stomach bugs, even when they rip through the house.  The last time I vomited was during childbirth 13 years ago.  So I can’t explain it other than as a sugar withdrawal symptom.  I have to add that I was a true sugar-addict - I never ate breakfast, lived on nuts and cheese till the afternoon, and, often, a bag of candy for dinner.  So I was expecting severe withdrawal symptoms, but riding the Porcelain Bus for an hour last night was not what I was expecting.  I have zero appetite today, which is good - I was dreading my first weekend, sugar and alcohol-free.  Thanks in advance for any insight.  Elise



Hi Everyone,
Congrats on defeating sugar.  Day 2 for me…......soooooo tired and the runs.  Have discoved Roasted Dandelion Tea and Chai Tea….. seems to help smile



I’m on my 8th day without sugar or sweeteners of any kind. I’ve been aware of my addiction for some time, even to the point that there is an alcohol connection for me. It’s either a drink or dessert . . . and never just one. I do wake up with sugar hangovers (without alcohol). I found a wonderful book by Anne Katherine entitled ANATOMY OF A FOOD ADDICTION, which addresses the physical and emotional causes of sugar addiction. Anyway, I was doing great - some cravings but eating 2-3 whole fruits daily helps, drinking lots of water, walking, feeling less tired, no more heartburn, but lots of bowels elimination! Day 7, however, was horrible! I was a nervous wreck, anxious, emotional, snappy, wanting to crawl out of my own skin and craving a sweet fix, knowing that it would make me feel so much better. I did not give in, but I’m worried now that the worst is yet to come. It was great to discover this forum and to see that there are so many others struggling with the same affliction (not that I want anyone to suffer through this) who understand how very real this addiction is. Thank you all so much for sharing! I look forward to being part of the conversation.



I’ve been feeling nauseous for almost 3 months now, with other symptoms that come and go. I have been from doctor to doctor getting way too many tests done. Blood work, urine work, pregnancy tests, sonograms and CT scans on my pelvic and abdominal area, MRI on my head, an endoscopy and a biopsy on my stomach. Everything keeps on coming back negative/normal. Within those three months I had gas, constant headaches (like pressure in my head), bloating after every meal, heavy sick feeling in my stomach, hot/cold flashes, etc. I thought back to what happened a few weeks before this all happened and I realized I had quit sugar cold turkey and make a joke to my mom that I might have sugar withdrawal and she said that I might be right. After researching it seems like I do have it…but I don’t if I can actually get diagnosed by a doctor for it. 3 months is a pretty long time and I don’t know when my body will finally adjust…because I’ve eaten sugar for YEARS as in like I’ve been overweight basically my whole life.



Hi Michelle, it’s highly doubtful that a doctor will diagnose sugar withdrawal. Did they do blood sugar tests when doing your blood work? What are you eating to replace your sugar intake? Have you had any sugar over the past three months and felt better in your stomach as a result?



Been sugar free for about 32 days—and the first week was just absolutely terrible.  I was afraid to even leave my house because I knew I would rush into a store and gulp down a can of soda.  My desire for a cola was so intense, I just refused to eat for 48 hours because I knew that with one bite of food I would have to drink a Coke.  In the second week, I had very little desire to eat and I would sleep for about 18 hours a day.  In hindsight, make sure you have about a month of vacation lined up for the sugar detox.  Third week I felt lightheaded but with no mood swings.  I still would have the occasional intense craving for a cola.  On the fifth week—I have better control over my cravings—they last about 10 minutes—but I believe I have finally kicked my sugar habit.  I realize tho—I will always be an addict—just need to stay away.  I have lost 12 pounds—and I feel so restful and at peace with myself.



Congrats Teddy, glad to hear you made it through five weeks.  I am on my 4th day and feeling terrible.  Can anyone offer any suggestions for the severe stomach pain



Hi Kurt,

Drink lots of water. Eat veggies and borderline replacement foods.



It’s been over 4 months since I had my stomach issues and I’m starting to doubt I’m going through a sugar withdrawal because I’m not getting any better. I can’t drink anything cold it has to be either room temperature or hot. I can’t drink water at all or any fruit juices without it irritating my stomach. The only thing I can drink is room temperature iced tea, powerade, and hot tea. But only a few mouthfuls at a time. I can only eat simple foods like boiled potatoes, boiled chicken, veggies, and crackers or bread with a little jelly. I’ve lost 45 pounds since this all happened because I’m barely able to eat.



Hi Michelle, sorry to hear you’re still feeling ill. Have you tried Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture? Also, do you know if your stomach is overly acidic? There are paper strips you can get that you touch to your tongue and they tell you if you’re too acidic. It’s called PH testing tape. If it shows you’re too acidic, you can start taking steps to reduce the acid in your body by eating certain foods and drinks.



Michelle, I believe you are suffering from acid reflux.  Your stomach has been so used to coping with insane amounts of sugar and carbs that it produced and is still producing lots of acid to deal with your former way of life.  I believe your body will adjust but it will take time.  For me, I still cough after meals from my stomach acid still reaching my lower throat—but I noticed recently that it is less intense as the weeks go by.  However, my heart is full of joy that I am no longer a slave to sugar and I hope you never go back to sugar as well.



Whenever I stop eating sugar, I have symptoms so severe that no one believes me, including doctors. I go into a deep depression after a few days, which is followed by extreme anxiety. The anxiety includes episodes of tachychardia where my heart will suddenly take off and beat about 250 or more beats per minute. These episodes last about 10 or 15 minutes and are quite terrifying. They usually happen in the middle of the night and I can only hang on for dear life waiting for my heart to slow down. These symptoms last about 2 months or longer before I start to feel better. Unfortunatley, I fell off the wagon on my last attempts and resumed eating sugar sIowly but surely. I am currently not eating sugar for what is hopefully the last time. The symptoms have been a bit less severe this time, thank goodness.



Wow—that is insane!  Do I believe you?  100 percent I do believe it.  We are so addicted to a sugar us and all our friends that no sugar lifestyles is something utterly new to us.  We are all jumping off the wagon together and relating our journeys.  Can’t jump off the wagon and not expect some bruises.



wow, this is so inspiring: well done to all of you living sugar free; and hang in there, your tenacity is motivating and helpful.
I am on day 9 and I have bloating, headache, feel fragile, I have anxiety and gloominess, gas, dry skin, lethargy and fatigue.
I am eating plenty fruit, vegetables, starches such as brown rice, lentils etc; I am pleased with my diet, I do feel better and I am optimistic and determined. I have been a sugar addict for 40 years, since early childhood.
I am finding liquorice tea to be soothing and bananas, apples and tahini (sesame seed spread), also potatoes.
I am taking a muscle repair supplement as well as evening primrose oil.
I would be desperately sad to fall off the wagon and I have no intention of doing so.



hi everyone,
I am starting my sugar detox tomorrow and plan on staying off sugar for good. I will eat naturally occurring sugar, from from and such but no added sugar. I am scared. I feel like I am going into rehab. I am most likey going to suffer because I am loading up on sweets now. I hope I get thew this.



I just gave up sugar again for the umpteenth time. Well, this time the withdrawal is the worst. Chills, can’t sleep, congested, fatigue, worse muscle/body aches I have ever had. This is day 3 and I just want to cry.  The flu or withdrawal symptoms?  I don’t know?

Lyn O'Donnell


Day 5..I am type2 diabetic .. Blood sugar levels now 4 to 6 which is amazing.. we’re 10 to 20…having 20 units less insulin..feeling good except for the diarrhoea and stomach pain when I eat ..I’m not at all hungry and have to force myself to eat.. Can only get better .. Very happy 😍



Day 1 of NO sugar/caffine (breaking my Frappachino addiction cold turkey)
All day I’ve had a terrible headache in the back lower area of my head and shoulder muscle aches.



Just eat some sugar, for crying out loud. I went off sugar for about five weeks and have been constipated for as long! I’ve developed hemorrhoids because of this! Last night, for 4th of July, my husband and I had cake and ice cream. I pooped this morning! I’m back to coffee without sugar, and I’ll continue to try cutting out sugar FOR THE MOST PART, but not much is worse than not being able to evacuate your bowels. Probably not a better way to get really, really sick, either! Renal failure anyone? Not for me, thanks!



I am, thankfully, staying sugar-free, because I had the ability and good fortune to get through the painful detox and come out somewhere near the other end - now I am more healthy than ever and have been sugar-free for six months, and continue to be so.



Day 14 no sugar have had headaches today first day headache free .. Have bipolar my mood has been really good.. feeling positive knowing i am making a healthy choice for myself. Today heaps of energy cleaned cupboards not done for years and did so effortlessly very unlike me…so far so good if this is what quitting sugar does think I will make it a lifelong change…



I stated eating healthy the last four days small meals pretty much no sugar been going to the gym and hour a day .today I feel horrible bad headache shaking dry mouth and diarrhea increase anxitey. It is because I changed a kot in a few days and I used to eat a lot of sugar like most of my diet .will this pass I feel like I’m withdrawling ?



It will pass. It’s that kind if physical reaction that keeps people from going off sweets. Drink lots of water and eat replacement foods. Lots of veggies will help too.



Day 3 of reduced sugar.  I’m really not counting how many grams.  I’m basically avoiding Dr. Pepper, fast food, and white bread.  If I eat pasta, it has to be whole grain.  So far so good.  I’m pre-treating the headaches.  Usually I wouldn’t start having headaches until 9 or 10:00 in the morning if I hadn’t had a soda.  So, I’m taking an Aleve in the morning and then 6 hours later.  Tomorrow I’ll cut out the second Aleve in the afternoon.  Next Monday, I’ll cut it out completely.  No headaches.  No irritability.  I am having cravings like crazy for fast food and sugar.  But, some of my issues are already getting better.  I am not diabetic, but I did have some pre-diabetic symptoms.  So far so good.  It’s a long hard road.  Weekends are the hardest which is why I started on a Monday .. Wanted 5 full days before the weekend hit.  Yeah, I know I’ll have my slip ups, but I have to at the very least consistently cut out soda.  That’s an absolute must for me.  On the down side, I am peeing like crazy.  I started the greatly reduced sugar thing on Monday morning.  By Monday night, I had to pee all the time.  I peed 3 times while getting ready for bed.. had to get out of bed twice.  That’s been the only huge symptom for me so far.



How’s it going now, Murph?



I’m surviving.  Actually, my blood sugar is sitting in the high 70s.  Blood pressure and cholesterol are perfect.  I’ve dropped 15 pounds, but I probably have 15 more to go.  I fell off the wagon pretty hard for a week or so after severely straining my calf. While running.  But, I’ve been back in track for over a month now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to run again in December.



Glad to hear you are recovering and are on track. Hope you get running soon!



I’m currently on Day 3 of a 6 week elimination diet (no sugar, no dairy, no gluten) and OMG I feel like death! I found this post through a quick google search last night. I thought I was crazy with the intense symptoms I’m experiencing, but on reviewing my diet from the last few years, I have used sugar as my primary energy source throughout the day (yoghurt, muesli, fruit, biscuits, cakes and always, always made room for dessert…doesn’t help that I love to bake sweets!)...I’m definitely addicted & just never realised how bad the withdrawal symptoms are! It’s kind of disturbing to realise these things, but I’m also feeling really proud of myself, as I never thought I’d even contemplate giving up my sweet treats. So far the worst symptoms have been constant nausea (& pretty much zero appetite as a result), diarrhoea, headaches, muscle pain and moodiness. Breakfast is the most difficult as I’m not even allowed fruits on this particular part of the diet. I am over eggs, meat, raw nuts & vegetables…and it’s only day 3!! Anyway, stay strong all! We can do this!



I gave up sugar two days ago and I am so bloated. anyone else have this issue and how long did it last???  It is so discouraging…I didn’t have a “belly” before hand but now I do. :(  Will this go away?  As I said it is so discouraging, I want to go back to sugar…but won’t!!!



Yes, bloating will go away so keep off the sweets!



been day 4 for me and I my biggest issue is deep depression and lack of energy. Encouraging to hear others experiences. Will try to hang in there.



The symptoms of withdrawal are the reasons to stop using sugar. I no longer use sugar (it will be a year in January) and I think my detox has completed now - so for me, it took a fair amount of time. I don’t have deep depression or bloating or anxiety or chronic fatigue, all of which I had both on sugar and when withdrawing. Hang in there and let the symptoms encourage you to keep hanging in there, because the symptoms are showing you what sugar does to you, and the way out is through. Or, as I did many times (though not in the year of recovery that is coming to completion now) - fall off the wagon, get back on, until there is balance and no more falling off: It can be done, it can be done, it can be done.



My husband and I have been working toward cutting out the sugar in our diet over the past few weeks. Week one we cut out the soda. Week two, the alcohol. By week four, all refined sugar. This past week I’ve had a screaming headache and have been having trouble sleeping. At first I thought it was the caffeine, but I’ve cut out the soda before and the headache usually only lasts a day or two. After reading your posts I feel much more ‘normal’... I can gut this out as long as I’m sure these side effects will pass. Thanks!



I’m glad to find this site and I’m hoping it’s still read and advice still given.  So I know I have a problem with sugar.  It’s my drug of choice as they might say and I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs.  But I love the sugar loaded refined foods and I turn to them when I’m stressed.  Decided a week or so ago, after putting on my typical winter weight, to cut sugar out of my diet.  Cold turkey.  The first two days, I thought honey was OK, read somewhere that it was.  I then read an article that convinced me that honey was just like having sugar, even it is the natural, unrefined kind.  So last Wednesday, 9 days ago, I started giving up sugar.  I went through the uglies, even in those first couple days of a TBSP of honey in yogurt in the evening.  Wednesday, Thursday, I was so very tired.  Spiny head and a headache late in the evening.  Over the weekend, wasn’t so bad.  Headache seemed to lose it’s grip on Friday afternoon.  Not too bad Saturday, Sunday.  I really felt like I was on top of it.  That’s how it went in the past, a week of yuk and then out of it.  Well Monday as the day wore on, my headache came back.  I’ve been so tired.  Could just fall asleep.  I’m on Day 9 of being off the stuff.  I’m fighting the impulse that I’m just sick.  Feels like I am.  I feel cold, head woozy (headache most days by late in the day).  The fatigue.  And weirdly, I’m struggling with anxiety!  Just worked up about stuff.  I’ll be honest, I am at the point that if sugar will make me feel better, fine.  This is wearing me out.



Don’t give up, Larz. I felt that way too, but am feeling much better now… Still have headaches in the afternoon sometimes and I also feel like I could just about sleep anywhere, but I’m making a decision to hang in there. If my body thinks it needs something THAT bad (that I KNOW isn’t good for me) then I have to find a way to ‘kick’ it! We’ve been ‘sugar-free’ for a few weeks now and I’m finally having some ‘good’ days (you know, days I don’t feel like hurting someone for a piece of chocolate! haha). Hang in there!



Larz, never give up! You’re learning a new skill and it’s gonna take some time and discomfort before you’re a master. You’ve removed a coping mechanism (sugar) and so all your inner baggage is going to come to the surface and have no way to be relieved for a while. That means you’re gonna deal with some of the stuff that makes you want to eat sweets when you’re stressed in the first place. The good news about doing so is that you’re going to grow in ways you’d never expect just from going sugar-free.



It gets easier and smoother as I go along, even when there are bumps, such as recently eating sugar due to feeling under pressure because of Easter and my birthday coming up. Still, I am more determined than ever and I do very much enjoy life without sugar use.

Hang in there Larz; the only way out is through.



Thank you for your responses.  Just like last Monday, when I woke up feeling really go, headache free, on top of the anxiety, only to cruise right back there by the end of the day, yesterday was another good day.  Out of the blue, just felt great.  Then woke up with that familiar headache, spiny head thing and feel lousy today.  Have any of you have these random breaks in the sugar withdrawal symptoms?  I am on day 11 and hanging in there.  Glad to have all your support.



Sorry about the typo.  One finger typing…ugh.  I woke up last Monday and felt good.

I was thinking of my note and for the sake of those who are following me now and those that will be on this journey later, here is what I have experienced so far.

The bad:
Really do feel flu like, without the major congestion.
Tired…oh so tired.  Just wanted to go to sleep at the end of the day.
This is fun, couldn’t sleep when I then tried, or would go a couple hours and wake up.
Moody…especially anxiety.  Should preface this by saying I can tend toward anxiety but cope well.  This is weirder, like it has me not able to cope as well.
Runny nose…could be winter, but doesn’t feel like a cold.
Headache…this one is hard.  Coming from my shoulders through my neck and bang…in my head.
Spiny head/swimmy head.  Can just get woozy a bit.
Stomach hurts from time to time.  Like an acid stomach pain.  Can be mild, can really hurt. 
Bloat….something newer today.
Weight gain initially.  A couple pounds.  With the drastic cut in eating that goes with this as so many calories come from sugar products I was eating, I expected to be losing!

The Good:
Less joint soreness.  My knees tend to ache especially after exercise.  I ave noticed improvement there.  Less inflammation just has to be good for me in general in was I don’t even feel so much.

Weight loss.  Finally stared showing up.

On those two up days, I felt great!  Don’t know what changed or why, but it was great.  I am hoping that there is more of this as time goes on.



Yes, I have had the random great days: I don’t think they are random really, just everything comes together on those days until there is more healing to do the next day.

In a way, I still have them: what I am going through at the moment ( triggered by deep healing taking place, ironically) is that I have great days and then from deep underneath (because I have been working this a long time, and it goes deep for me) some trauma comes up for healing - may be what we are calling a bad day, or a random bad day - and mostly I win, stay on the wagon, and lately I have lost and fallen off. However, I am back on now and my resolve is stronger than ever, and it is wheat addiction I am healing now, which has its own set of associations and is linked to sugar addiction. So, I think, ‘bad days’ are when healing is taking place.

I can relate so much to your list of symptoms, and I feel so sick now from recent wheat and sugar use. A few good ones I have are a sense of hope and confidence, an ‘edge’ that I am non- using and freeing myself, and a natural euphoria and energy and strength I never had on sugar.

I live on a different level, sugar free, and I absolutely crave it now, having lost it lately. Tomorrow is another ( sugar/ wheat free day).



Just checking into document my journey for those who might follow.  Things have mellowed out as far as symptoms.  Headaches are getting better.  Found that going to the chiropractor for a neck adjustment helped.  My headaches came from my neck into my head.  The extreme fatigue has gotten better, though I still get tired, just not as severe.  Spinning head comes and goes, but is also better.  So all good things so far.

Have noticed that my joints, especially my knees don’t hurt as much after exercise.  In fact, I wasn’t sweating normal there for a while, like very little which is not usual for me.  But literally the last two days, it’s been more normal for me.  I have good energy in the morning, although sleep isn’t as solid for me…been a while since I slept through the night. 

I suppose my biggest frustration, and question to others who have been through this, is surprisingly little change to my weight, although trying and in fact, find that it tends to go up rather than down.  Not much, but to be frank, I expected it to fall off like water!  When I’ve started “diets” in the past, I’d see big loss the first week or two.  Here, I weighed in exactly where I was one month ago.  Don’t understand but I see weight gain was a symptom of withdrawal.  Any other experiences with that?

Today I’ve started to follow my calories a little more in the hope of making sure I’m not overeating.  I feel like my eating has been better though (just giving up sugar is better) and not doing anything unusual outside that in the form of compensation.  But I really want to see results on that scale!



Some folks claim to lose a ton of weight right off the bat when they go off sweets. However, I found the opposite. When I went off sugar I was constantly hungry at first and always looking to satisfy my cravings. The result was that I ended up eating more of other stuff—mostly carbs. I experienced the same with my joints. When I eat sugar they are more stiff, click more and sometimes hurt.

Here’s a post about going off sugar to lose weight.



I’ve been off sugar for 7 days now and I’m struggling.  I quit cold turkey.  My doctor told me not to eat anything that tasted sweet,  so that includes artificial sweeteners, honey, agave and everything.  I am also a Type 2 diabetic so I ate a lot of artificial sweeteners and would let myself have up to 25 grams of sugar a day.  The bad thing is that I have no energy at all.  I feel like just lifting my legs is a huge effort.  My head isn’t hurting too badly but my joints, especially me knees, hurt. 

An interesting thing is that I already feel like I’m taking too much blood sugar medication and I’m going to talk to my doctor about cutting some of it out.  My blood sugar numbers are much lower.  I also am on blood pressure meds and my blood pressure is getting better too, so I may be able to cut back on that soon.  These are the things that are keeping me going.

Any tips for motivation would be appreciated.



Susan, As seems to be the mantra on this any other sites, is to “stick with it”.  It does get better.  The first two weeks were tough.  Headaches, aches, fatigue….terrible.  Week three it started to ease up.  I’m on day 27 without sweets, also having gone “cold turkey” and gave up sugar, honey, maple syrup, artificial sweetners…which means, no pop, pastries, candy, jams, jellies and desserts of any kind.  I do still eat fruit and although I try to steer away from white rice, white pasta and potatoes, at this point I haven’t given them up.  Definitely cut back though.  I shop for low sugar items from health food store (like ketchup, etc). 

Even today though, I still have some mild symptoms like woozy head, slight headache (not bad), tired (not bad), etc.  But the good side is that the benefits of not being on sugar are outweighing the side effects of having given it up.  For example, improvement in my joints not being sore (in my legs especially).  I feel more energy than I did.  My head is clearer in my thinking.  My complexion rocks!!  I have lost weight (down now about 11 pounds).  Knock on wood, I didn’t have diabetic issues (yet) and I haven’t checked my blood pressure since I gave up the sugar but I have to believe they have improved.

So the message here, hang in there and keep us apprised on your progress.  I found having this site so helpful in my journey!



In my experience,  the weight does not fall off like water: I too expected it would and felt disappointed when it didn’t.

I think that the first thing the body does in sugar-recovery is recover and heal itself: although some weight may come off, losing weight is not a priority for the body at this stage - it first needs to rid itself of the toxins and then heal the damage, and this takes time.

The health gained is wonderful - no matter that it can be a slow journey, it is well worth making.



Just quit sugar yesterday.  Omg. I have joked around forever about my sugar addiction. I work in retail where we have all kinds of sweets and goodies at the register and not far from that is the freezer where we have all the yummy ice cream. I have had some health issues and tried to quit before to help myself with that but I always go back. I am not overweight but I have had health issues.  Recovered last year from a stomach infection I struggled with for two years. Another story. I have had some immune system issues and have to cut sugar when the come back. And also that + stress+ a lovely women’s health issue that my sugar addiction is feeding… I had to stop.

So I have had the withdrawals before but thus time is worse. By today, it wasn’t just headache and out of it,  but hot and cold and dizzy.  Tonight I have been throwing up.  Thought maybe I was just run down or coming down with something.  But when I got to work I felt like I didn’t have my morning coffee.  A coworker gave me hers… yes sugar in it, and in short order started to feel normal and a leg to function.  But the added caffeine didn’t help. By the time I had my break I couldn’t help it anymore and had a mac and cheese,  and fruity yogurt. That helped some. But even so it was still a very drama tic cut in sugar.

I keep going back and forth if it is a cold or small flu, but it happened pretty suddenly within 24 hours of me quitting sugar. I felt so rotten after throwing up and having the shakes, after some of it passed, I tried to eat something.  I had half a piece of banana bread and a banana and yes I am feeling quite normal. Ugh!  :( sugar how I love thee! Why have you forsaken me? Sigh.

Also started this to starve off my infection that loves sugar. I had no idea I would feel this terrible!  During the last 24 hours I have been having foods and teas known to kill this thing, cut out sugar, taking supplements,  and medicine I though I am not going down without a fight!  But was learning about die off.  If you kill it too soon, it releases toxins that can make you sick. That plus my withdrawals are killing me. :( throwing up is the worst! Sigh… I hope it is just a short flu bug or something.  Otherwise cold turkey might be too much of a shock to my body. I might wean off over a period of time. I am not sure how to do that with such an addictive substance?

I did like stevia in my coffee this morning.  No 2 sugars,  plus molasses, or the spoon full of ice cream I started putting in it. .. why did Ben & Jerry’s decide to give out free ice cream on the day I quit? :’((



Hi Sheri, thanks for commenting (I fixed the duplicate comments). A little further up (comment 4 and 50) folks had similar sickness just after quitting sugar as you have.

You’ve got to wean off sugar because you’re gonna hit a wall really soon. One way to wean off is to pick one or two things that you’ll allow yourself to eat and only eat that as a sweet. Or cut out one thing at a time—so go a week without ice cream and then cut out another thing next week until you get into unknown territory where you have to seek out new foods. There are many ways to do it and you have to find what works for you, which might take several months of trial and error.

It seems daunting but it’s totally worth it!



Thank you so much! There are so many sweets in my house my family buys also which isn’t helping.  Hopefully I can find a solution.  I think you are right!  If having something sweet made my symptoms go away pretty quick,  I need to be honest with myself that sugar addiction is real and probably what I have. :( I am in denial.  I had no idea that this is what could be part of what has contributed to me feeling tired and groggy over the years.  If I quit sugar, maybe I wouldn’t need coffee? I have started walking a few weeks ago. It helps some.

Thank you for having this place!! People around me have me thinking I am being dramatic and it’s no big deal. Of c ouse they are the ones buying all the sweets! Haha. 😁

Does anyone have suggestions how to be able to do this when living with family who buys sweetc?  What has worked for you?  I have talked to them about it in the past. They are right that it is their home and I shouldn’t expect them to change their lives or environment for me. But I don’t know how to start this with everything around me. Has anyone else had thI’d delema?

Thank you do much! I feel like I am trying to do this alone and I don’t know how. Thanks!  smile



Thought I’d give a little update… My husband and I have been ‘off’ the sugar for about 2 months now. For the first few weeks I had terrible withdrawl symptoms (just goes to show me what a drug it is!), headaches, mood swings, terrible sleep, etc. and I thought the weight would just melt off, and at first it did… a little. The ‘feeling terrible’ finally went away, much to my relief, but I stopped loosing weight (so sad!). I stopped getting on the scale because it was just too depressing. However; apparently it’s been melting off little bit by little bit. In the past two months I’ve lost about 10 pounds (which, for me is pretty good). The withdrawl symptoms are gone and I don’t really miss it too much at all. I do have a ‘cheat’ now and then. If we’re out to dinner and I want a bite of dessert, I eat it. Or if the family goes out for frozen yogurt, I’ll indulge. But on an everyday basis, it’s off limits - yes, even in coffee. I’m sleeping better and can get up in the morning without wishing I could sleep 3 more hours! For those trying to ‘kick the habit’, I might suggest substitutes (at least at first). Instead of a candy bar, try dates (they’re delicious). And I’d also suggest that you read labels. You’ll find sugar in EVERYTHING (even bacon!). I think that if you cut sugar from those ‘hidden’ places it becomes easier to leave it alone at the obvious times (like when you want a snickers bar). grin



Hi all.  It’s been a while since I checked in.  I’m like 64 days off sugar and although I don’t SUPER scrutinize everything I eat to see if it happens to contain a gram of sugar, I stay away from obvious sugar.  I do eat fruit and three times I had “fake sugar” items (a small “sugar free” pie for example).  Early on, I counted every day I didn’t have sugar.  Now, it’s such a part of life, I had to go back and see how long it’s been.

Sheri, How do you live with people who eat sweets?  For me it’s understanding that I choose not to have sugar.  Being lactose intolerant, I had to learn to give up milk.  Doesn’t stop others from having it…I just decided I can’t have it and don’t want it.  It has worked for me with sugar too.  In fact, it’s empowering when you turn it down and are OK with it. 

On to sad news, my father is very ill with bone cancer.  The doctor made a comment to me in regards to a PET scan.  “Cancer feeds on sugar…it loves it.”  All the effort we make to avoid cancer causing agents….how about cutting the item that feeds it.  Let’s starve it.  Not sure it would make a difference for people, but I am coming to believe it does.



I gave up sugar 3 weeks ago.  On reading this site I realise that I have been eating hidden sugars in food without knowing.  However I have cut out all obvious sources.  I have experienced tiredness/fatigue, an achy back and knees, and have felt like my ears are blocked.  I do not have any bad sugar cravings thankfully, but that maybe because I have been eating some hidden sugars, which I will now cut out ie in bread.  I have noticed that my tummy is flatter so that is a major plus.



Hi Larz.  It’s ironic that you mention bone cancer. My mother has multiple myeloma. It is a bone marrow cancer. I don’t know if it’s linked to the sweets she eats. unfortunately if I mention it to her, she will not believe or want to hear it.

I kind of gave up the last month.  I got sick, plus I have been run down, finals, hours cut at work. Etc. Stress.. so decided to wait till I feel better to stress about the sugar. If I still feel sick and run down by tomorrow I will go to the doctor.  I have been run down and sick for a solid month. Thank you Larz for sharing, and I am very sorry to hear about your father.



As far as I see it, no one has to provide sugar for their household, or allow it in their household: its a poisonous toxin. If they want sugar, they can buy it themselves and consume if off the premises or in their rooms. I say this, in part because I could in no way have freed myself from sugr whilst still condoning it, having it in the house, treating it as food. It’s a drug, so I stopped buying it and let my son buy his own. Even now,and it has been over a year for me sugar free, I still insist that he remove any left over sugary food from the premises. Could one alcoholic stop using alcoholic in a house containing it? No. This is similar, if not the same. It is everyone’s right to have a toxic free household, in my opinion. Also, disregarding all that, I would have had no chance of recovery had I not removed sugar from our lives (house) and because I have a right to recovery, I am glad I did it. It was the only way for me.



Larz, sorry to hear about your father; and what a life-changing comment about cancer and sugar: I didn’t know that, and it is truly informative - thank you.
Did you say day 64, or something like that? Fantastic. I want to thank you because you opened up this forum at a time when I needed some help: I am way over sugar now, so passΓ©e, and doing well with wheat detox (another challenge, much along the same lines). Well done everyone, and thank you all. Keep at it.




Sorry for the delay.  My parents have been dealing with some health issues, my father actually passed away.  I’m proud to say that I have been off sugar for 99 days today.  I did this process through some of my hardest moments of my life as well and to be honest, I believe that it has helped me cope.

Yes, there are plenty of hidden sugars.  If you do an internet search for hidden sugar compared to Crispy Cream Doughnuts, you’ll be amazed that you’d give up a Crispy Cream, but certain health bars you might eat and they have equivalent sugar of 2 Crispy Creams. 

For me, I try hard to avoid the obvious sugars (pastries, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, pies, candy, pop, etc, etc.).  I try to avoid White Bread, enriched pasta and white rice.  I try for “sugar free” options as much as possible when it comes to ketchup, dressings, marinara sauce, etc.  Of course, with watching sugar, I have also been learning to avoid hidden sugars in name as well (anything that ends in “ose” which is likely a sugar.  I have also “tried” to stay away from artificial sugars and I say “tried” because there have just been times I want a treat and I don’t want to do the sugar.  I also eat my share of fruit and I don’t believe in no carbs…there are healthy carbs.

So the next step is to start eating totally clean like you mentioned, but make that first lifestyle change and then build on it.  Like exercise in many ways. 




I am on day 2 of no sugar and am feeling terrible.  I wondered if it was sugar withdrawl and googled it, found this blog and yep, I have the flu-like symptoms that others have listed.  But what’s so suprising to me is how quickly those icks have come upon me.  Just literally 36 hours without sugar and I am nausaus, headachy, super fatigued and completely unable to focus.  I take comfort in the thought that the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself from the moment I stop poisoning it, but dang, what a drag.



Hi, I’m on day 13 of clean eating. I went cold turkey on all junk food and everything processed. Diet now consists of fruit, veg, meat, brown rice, ‘proper’ herbal teas and water. I have and am still getting all the horrible symptoms but the worst is frequent urination, I even have to get up through the night at the moment. Is this part of my detox, will it pass?



Hi I’m onto week 4 and I’ve had morning stomach aches that feel like mild food poisoning for 4 days straight. I’m hoping its bad bacteria die off from removing there favourite food however they really are fighting me on this one.

I noticed that some people are still getting to flu like symptoms past 2 days, I found it best to eat lots of cleaner carbs, buy some organic rice puffs, potatos, rice and my favourite snack if you could handle dairy is full fat yogurt. Dairy is converted into glucose by lactose in the gut so if you can handle it, it should be ok but if not then avoid.

Dont feel bad about eating some home made chips at first as your body will be out of balance and extra glucose may help remind it that there isn’t such a big loss of brain fuel. It may also help tilt your matabolism over into eating less in the future like it has for me.

After week one my metabolism started to shift and I’d feel sick from over eating which has not happened to me since I was 8 years old. Although I’m guessing it could take 2 months to get close to what would be normal its nice to at least notice a change.

I just want to point out that most people should be avoiding sweet fruits as well especially if you have severe symptoms, I know someone said bananas and another person said dates. 1 peice of fruit or 1 hand full of dates isn’t an issue but it cant be a replacement food otherwise you will still get enough fructose in your system to delay a full recovery.

Since I’m an addict I’m allowing the occasional orange but I still tried to binge on them one day so be warned! Fructose is the bad part of the sugar and although it is harder to overeat fruits we all still have way too much sucrose and fructose so I’m only adding fruits back in once I’m 100% recovered.



Hi everyone, I discovered a glitch today. The system was not showing all of the comments but they are all showing now. Thanks for participating in the conversation.

@Mats, frequent urination is common and should level off in time.

@Chris, I ate and still eat fruit. Sometimes I eat more than others but it helped and helps me avoid other sweet stuff.



My other question is, how much fruit is ok to have when coming off ‘sugar’. Can I still have it because it’s natural and just to steer clear of all the processed sugar? Many thanks



Barring imminent health issues, it’s totally up to you. If eating fruit helps you avoid the candies and cookies kinds of sweets then have fruit. You might find yourself eating more of something as you transition—like parallel parking a car for the first time—a little too far this way, a little too far that way. See Spectrum of Sweetness.



I am so excited!! :D I have been torturing myself about this sugar thing.  Oh my goodness!  I would try to quit and within two days I was like screw this!  I like my ice cream fammit!  lol.  All kidding aside, About maybe 2 weeks ago, I saw a special on PBS - J. J. Virgin Sugar Impact.  I got so depressed and angry even THINKING about going without sugar, that I promptly went and got a piece of berry pie and slathered it with ice cream.  I watched the special half depressed feeling the call to action to quit.  And the other half like “screw you j.j. Virgin!” lol. smile  I am eating my PIE! and some other not pretty things lol.

So for about a week I watched some of her videos online.  I was going to come in here and mention her diet plan if it would help anyone.  As I learned more, I felt overwhelmed.  It was a little extreme for me and definitely not something I could sustain or even want to.

Fast forward last week… ironically I found a PBS special about healthful diet.  Nutrient dense, etc.  I was doubtful, I am a little tired of all the diet confusion out there… atkins, paleo, wheat belly, etc. etc… all of these extreme in one way or another.  So I was skeptical.  I am like… ok what is THIS doctor going to say?

Well I think I found my new healthy diet!!!!  Finally something that focusses on healthful eating, and not focusing on what I can’t have.  I was stressing myself so much about the sugar, it was all consuming and making me crazy. Going back and fourth about hating and loving my addiction. smile  Why would I WANT to give up my cravings?  I said to my boyfriend.  I LIKE my pie and ice cream!

Well I have been doing it for 3 or 4 days and I feel great!  So not working for or promoting any diet over another. You have to find what is right for you.  You can still have all the things you love, but in a whole and healthful way..

No salad dressing with oil (extracted from nuts) instead have whole nuts in your salad.  No sweets or fruit flavored this or that… but you can have things that you make with real fruit.  No processed breads, but you can eat the wheat bran or wheat berries, or whole unprocessed oats.  I am so so EXCITED!!

I did have some withdrawals yesterday, as that is part of this diet also, you are detoxing yourself from all the processed foods.  But I feel this is much simpler and healthier than demonizing any food, fat, protein or carb.  Just have the right ones.  I was hungry all day yesterday even though I was full.  Even when I was eating and stuffed.  But this is SO MUCH MORE TOLERABLE than going off the sugar cold turkey.  Something about flooding my body with all the phyto chemicals from all the vegetables I am now eating, that I don’t get the shakes, hunger, and crazy sugar cravings that I did. 

To start, you follow three steps: 1) eat a BIG salad for lunch.  have as much greens as you can fit in your body. lol. smile  Add cabbage and tomatoes.  and DO NOT have regular salad dressing.  The 200 calories + for two tablespoons ruins the salad.  I still have to learn how to make the dressings but it’s easy.  I have been using V-8 for now.  2) Have a bowl of vegetable bean soup, and 3) Have a serving of steamed green vegetables.
I lost 5 lbs, but feel great. smile  Not trying to lose weight. 

The main point is I don’t feel crazy cranky, shaky, and craving my sugary treats.  Within a day or so, I wasn’t craving them, which is weird.  But I make a berry smoothie each day, with plain yogurt or unsweetened soymilk.  And I have been pairing down from using sugar in my tea or coffee.  Any time I crave sugar I add cinnamon and vanilla.  During my salad for lunch, (which I put a ton of veggies and seeds and nuts) I have 1/2 slice of bread, and I have oatmeal for breakfast with some raisins.

So I am still getting some sugar, but it’s not even close to how much I was consuming before and it’s actually helping me to be able to eat healthy, and not feel like a raging beyach ready to bite someone’s head off if I don’t get my pasta, ice cream, sugary yogurt etc…. 

When my symptoms are totally gone I will let you know!!! smile  But it’s more of annoyance.  I have NO WHERE NEAR the flu like torture symptoms of going cold turkey.  Just seriously increase veggies in your diet, and beans, seeds, nuts and fruit. 

I am releaved that there is no food off limits, just what it’s made out of and it’s pretty simple.  I started with adding just the salad for lunch, and ate what I wanted for my other meals.  Than I slowly started adding in some other stuff.  I mixed a can of beans and mild salsa, and I put that stuff on EVERYTHING. smile  Easy does it though,... the fiber will get ya!! you get used to it though.  You can put it on top of scrambled eggs, a rice cake or slice of bread, 1/2 slice if you want, add it on top of any food and there is no sugar added to the salsa but for some reason it tastes sweet to me.  It satisfies my cravings.  Also I make a couple of cans of tunafish salad.  I just have a bite or two with my meals so I am not cutting anything out and making myself starving. 

I am so excited that I finally found something that is healthy, balanced, and gives me energy and helps me to cut back on my sugar intake!  Something about the phytochemicals in the green salad, I can’t explain it, it detoxes you so you don’t get the terrible symptoms.

I am going to add a link here so you guys can check it out. (when I find it). smile  I also found a blog with a ton of recipes.

I hope this helps someone else too!  :D Yay!!!!

Sheri :)


I want you guys to check this out!!  This special is about a hour long.  Watch it when you have the time.  I was going to do the J.J. Virgin Sugar Impact diet, but I was so overwhelmed!

I feel like that one was focusing ONLY on the sugar and it made me feel more guilty, and depressed.  It was focusing on everything I couldn’t have.

I started this one for health reasons, and a nice side effect is that my sugar withdrawls are almost not existant at this point.  I have been on this diet for about 4 days? 

This focusses on healthful eating, to live a long and healthy life.  And processed sugary treats happen to be on the list of things to quit eating, but the focus is on all these healthy delicious foods you CAN eat that are so good for you.  I still have fruit and whole grains so I am getting some carbs.  I am not getting the flu-like symptoms I had when trying to quit sugar!  Anyone having those problems might want to start phasing into a diet like this.  I think the added green vegetables, the detoxing phytonutrients are what is getting rid of my detox symptoms from quitting processed sugar.

I am SO RELEAVED! Thank you God. :D So happy.  This is just what is working for me.  But I am so happy about it that I have to share.  Still having some hunger detox symptoms, but not even a FRACTION as bad as what I was experiencing before.  I don’t have the headaches and shakes and terrible moods… this is starting to phase out for me. 

I was impressed how quickly this is working for me!  I thought I would post the link to the show I watched to see if anyone else is doing this diet?  And if it helped you to quit the processed sugar?  Sigh… such a relief!  Yay! smile  We will see if I feel the same next week. lol.  Thanks for letting me share!!  I hope I can post the link in here? h?v=nQUs_y8MpXg

Sheri :)


Sorry I had a post before this one.  Sorry I didn’t realize that the start of the last one looks a little bossy! (unintentional smile 

I kept trying to quit sugar, and quit that in a day or so that I gave up.  Everything that I tried just made me depressed. And I loved my sweets so much that I didn’t want to quit or lose my cravings.  I just wanted to eat whatever I wanted.  But now I can still have fruit, just don’t add sugar.  smile  This ended up being a really good option for me.  It’s a diet for overall health so sugars are naturally cut back from this.  I think I found it more affirming to me, verses ONLY demonizing sugar and then not knowing what to have in it’s place. 

My detox symptoms are NOT EVEN CLOSE to what I was feeling before.  It is not torture, or miserable.  And I don’t feel like I am mood swinging like I am bipolar or some chemical imbalance an hour or two from having sugar, and needing more.  This has been very helpful to me.  I can make “ice cream”; but it’s not real ice cream.  I put in half a banana, some frozen berries and unsweetened soy milk or plain yogurt.  Yes it still has sugar, but I feel good when I eat this, not terrible.  And I don’t have it 24 - 7.  I feel set free, I only hope that this is something I can sustain over a long period of time!  I want to get his cookbook for ideas: “Eat To Live Cookbook” - Joel Fuhrman.  Tell me what you think everyone?  Has anyone done a nutrient dense diet like this for health?  Nutritarian he is calling it.  It isn’t extreme like Vegan.  You just change the proportions.  Turn the food pyramid around so that veggies are on the bottom, eat the most of them, then fruits seeds and nuts, then you can have a little meat and dairy.  And avoid processed foods and sweets.  But you can have lots of fruits.  I have been putting vanilla or cinnamon on things to make them sweet when I am craving adding sugar.  Things tasted really bland at first, but now my tastebuds taste sweet and other things better now that I am not eating all the processed sugar.

You can start with just switching out what you eat for lunch for a large salad, with some nuts on the top for fat and protein.  You can eat a few bites of a sandwich if you still want some meat.  But make the salad the main course.  What do you all thing? smile 

Has anyone ever done this diet?  It is really like the “anti-diet”.  It is just eating healthy.  Go figure.  It’s how we all should be eating anyway but don’t. lol. smile  Yay!  Sorry I am excited.  I had to share that I found SOMETHING That actually WORKED.  Yay! :D

Sheri :)


Sorry these are so repetitive everyone!  I didn’t mean to do that.  I got an error message in the first posting and it didn’t show up right away so I posted again.  Sorry I keep repeating myself. I didn’t mean to.  smile

Thank you! smile

Sheri :)


I am not sure if this is the video I have seen in the past, it is a continuation of a previous one.  I think I originally got the link from this site?

I watched this presentation/ lecture on fructose and what it does to the body, and to populations of people.  How it changes our brain chemistry so we don’t see that we have energy, it doesn’t get the signal and it makes us think we are hungry all the time; and we eat more and more.

This is a little long, but AWESOME!!!  Please!  Anyone here addicted to sugar: Please Watch this!!!!  It is very illuminating.  It will make you rethink EVERYTHING that you buy at the grocery store and want to change your diet. h?v=ceFyF9px20Y

Sheri :)

116 /p/about-me.html

Here is a blog I was inspired by.  This lady, Helyn went on this diet and she got very healthy.  I can’t afford to buy a membership on Dr. Fuhrman’s website.  But she has lots of Nutritarian recipes on this site.  Just scroll through and determine which ones have more carbs than you might be trying to have.  I hope this helps everyone!  It is nice to have some healthy alternatives to the junk food and sugar we love and crave. smile 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! - Sheri smile /p/recipe-index.html



I am severely addicted to sugar. I tried to go cold turkey but just ended up in the process of eliminating slowly over a couple of weeks. today I have gone 18hours without it which is how long I went before I slipped up yesterday. Throughout the last week and a half I have had insane headaches, probably around the middle to front of my head, had naps during the day, woken up in the middle of the night repeatedly. at the moment I have a horrible stomach ache which I think is relative to “unanticipated rituals”. I have also noticed an increase in reliance of caffeine, though im consuming it excessively I probably have twice as much as I normally would in the form of coffee, tea and caffeine pills. I also get extremely bad stomach acid even after using the lollies that decrease it.

I’m also bulimic if that makes a difference therefore every time I stop eating sugar my weight seems to increase slightly I think is relative to the body holding on to energy as it thinks its not going to get it?

it is really frustrating that some people say avoid carbs and fruit and other say these are fine in moderation so I have cut it to oats, blueberries, bananas and some of the lower carb grains.
good to hear am not the only one suffering stomach aches though.



HI Khloe. smile I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this. I’ve had these same problems. I can not go cold turkey. It’s too much of a shock to the system. 

I started doing this nutritarian diet that is for nutrition and health that might help you. I had a bad day this week where I was freaking out and then ate a bunch of sweets. But as I am trying to get on this healthy lifestyle it helped me. I bounced back.

Don’t do the extreme version. This would be very dangerous for you with your bulimia!  Do the moderate healthy one. Look up the book:

“The End of Dieting: How to live for life.” By Joel Fuhrman. This one focuses on all the fad diets and shows you how they are bad for you, and what foods heal your body.

I think that might help you. If you struggle with bulimia,  what ever nutrients you can get into your body to heal it might be very important for you. If you are not able to get much in and digested,  it probably is very important it is healing foods. Your body is al ready under enough stress.

I eat low- carb “if pigs could fly” bread, and I have fruit every day. Your body is used to using sugar so it’s probably too drastic to cut out all carbs. I made a nutrita “ice crean” yesterday from a nutritarian recipe I found online. These satisfy my sweets cravings and I know it’s also good for my body. Slower digesting carbs is better than processed sugar nightmare.

Berry “Ice Cream”

So I took 1 & a half bananas, cut them into pieces and put them in the freezer until almost frozen.

In a blender, put in the bananas and I think it was a half cup or 1 cup of frozen berries, 1/3 cup soy or almond milk unsweetened,  a little vanilla extract.

THAT’S IT! smile blend them up, if your blender strains, add more unsweetened soy milk until it will blend without hurting your blender. Creamy consistency. Serves two.

So yes there is sugar in these. But I aways feel good after having things like this. It’s delicious. Great and easy to digest if your tummy is hurting. You get carbs but the sugars don’t go into your blood stream immediately and make you sick like junk food. The fiber fills you up. They are also filled with antioxidants and nutrients you don’t get from sweets.  So if you just start with things that are healthy for you and nature like whole fresh fruit it will make you start to feel better. And whole wheat bread that has whole wheat flower and not white flower. No sugar added, and you are good. smile switch to whole grain pasta and just have less. Just stay away from all liquid sugars like honey, syrup, juices, they will react very similar in your body like processed sugar. Sugar high, sugar crash, hunger and cravings.

Think natural and whole foods and don’t worry natural sugar content of fruit. Just don’t make yourself sick eating too much and you are good. You can worry about quitting carbs later. I think it would hurt your health with what you are struggling with now. Big hug! I’m not a doctor or anything, this is just what has been helping me. And I though it might help you too.

I told my boyfriend today before I saw this that I am glad I found a healthy way to eat. Avoiding all sugar because I was obsessing about it was hurting me and making me not want to eat. I started eating only salads and tried to go longer without eating. It scared me. I can’t say I have been where you are, but I understand the need to control food because I am scared of it.  And I have to stop before it becomes something bad. Big hug! πŸ’– I hope this helps!!




I have been finding that now I am eating more fruits, veggies, beans and nuts, my withdrawal symptoms are GREATLY reduced. I hope this helps everyone! smile



Short version of my story

I tried to cut out surgar 100% it just does not work with me, but i did find that i dont need to binge and over do it. I went from 150-200 g of carbs all the way down to 10g and that made me sick, yes i did lose some weight but it was not worth the feeling. So i up my carbs to 50-100 and found my happy spot. for me i found It does not matter what kind of carbs. 90% of my symptoms went away after i added some carbs back in.

To all those who are having these severe sugar withdraw symptoms, you have to remember

1) Never go cold turkey it not worth it, you will be miserable.
2) Humans need glucose to survive. Everything you eat turns into sugar. The things that kill us are OVERDOING it on simple sugars (processed foods). But sometimes you just a little of that. I am a active male who works out at the gym 2-3 hours a day including power walking 5 miles.(I hate running). Over the course of the past year i have tried lots of different “diets” from paleo, to atkins to southbeach and found that a combination of all three works great.

For me only a very small amount of my daily eating is from all simple carbs (such as white breads, sugar ect… Due to working out a lot i have a much higher protein intake and since my carbs are a little lower than average i up my good fats. then I just experimented with different ratios. I found that 50-80 grams of carbs, 100 g of fat and 100 g of protein daily is the right mix for me.

Everyone is different though so you have to sort of play with it but you dont need a lot of sugar to make your symptoms go away.  Take a fun size candy bar (the small ones) break it into 3 pieces and have some almond or peanut butter. every 5 hours or so grab one of those pieces and shove a blob of peanut\almond butter on it and enjoy. This help you out alot with out overdoing it.

Yes i do eat a fun size candy bar before i work out as the 10 grams of carbs and sugar stops my nausea and makes a better workout and i will make sure i burn that off while working out/walking.



Oh also i found in the beginning of a sugar cutback of course choose Fruits that are high is sugar such as grapes ect…  This will help you ween off of the simple ones while not shocking your system as much. Yes it counts to your carbs but you will be teaching your body to slowly adapt to less simple carbs. Its a slow process but it will work. Every week change out the fruit to a less sugary one and see how you feel then adjust to your need.



i will be happy to advise to your situation based on my own personal experience and what worked for me and what didnt. Chances are I have been there done that…...



and no you don’t need to go to a gym i work next door to one so its easy for me. You just move move move, 10000 steps a day and you are good and will burn about 500 calories…. this will make your body burn the bad stuff and make you feel good.  its pretty easy to get in 10000 steps if you think differently such as moving while you are brushing your teeth, in the shower,  park farther away from the store ect… after a while it will be come second nature to you. there are many apps for the phone that will track your steps for you as well, alert you ect..

doing more exercising will make you eat less sugar due to the way your body responds to it.



Also drink lots of water,

water makes you feel full and makes you go to the bathroom and that means more walking and less eating:)



I guess you have to do what is right for you. Thank you for sharing. smile now that I quit junk I couldn’t eat a candy bar. If you are male, this makes more sense if you are doing that before working out.  You are using up more energy.

Khloe was talking about her food issues that are perhaps not the same. I am not sure if that would be good for her.  I can’t speak for her so I will let her respond. But if she is taking in not many nutrients,  candy might not help her body to heal from what she’s going through. Or working out. Am I close, Khloe?  I hope it’s not out of line to say? Or wrong? Let me know. Hug.πŸ’–



I’m sorry MD if I misunderstood and you are talking to everyone and telling your story,  versus responding to someone’s comment? I didn’t mean to be rude if it came across that way.



I glad you found what works for you! smile it’s amazing how different we all are.  There is no right and wrong.

My boyfriend can walk faster and farther than I can. I did over 3 miles which is a lot for me. Usually I do 2.  And pedometers are awesome.  smile it’s good to wear them to work. I try to listen to my body and do more as I adjust. If I do too much too soon, I will make myself sick, and give up. Lol. Baby steps. Also it’s harder when it’s more humid out. Have to be careful.



Oh yeah, what you said is correct.  Cutting out all carbs is bad for you. Our cells are designed to use glucose for our source of fuel. I don’t remember all the chemical reactions in glycolyisis and Krebs cycle,  but using glucose (part of table sugar molecule by not fructose part), such as starches not sweet, is the most efficient way for our body to make ATP, which is the human fuel source.

If we cut back all carbs, we don’t have the glucose to feed into the Krebs cycle.  The Krebs cycle is an energy machine. Pumps out ATP left and right.

You can burn fat as energy, but what happens is your cells can only do part of the cycle. Krebs cycle stops.  And the cell has to use less efficient chemical reaction to use fat as energy source. That’s ok sometimes,  but not all the time. Ketosis occurs and your cells build up lactic acid in our body as a biproduct.  Basically, thus process can only produce a few ATP energy for our cells. Versus lots from the Krebs cycle. smile (sorry I LOVED A&P 1&2, and Microbiology. smile awesome!)

Bottom line: smile our bodies need glucose. It’s the fructose and simple processed sugars you have to worry about.  Our bodies can’t use them the same way.  Fruit is ok, because the fiber helps digest sugars slowly.  Blood sugar spike is where we run into problems.  You can cut carbs if you want, but our bodies weren’t designed that way and it’s dangerous to cut them out completely. 

Hope this helps anyone here. smile



yes i was talking to everyone in general not one person.



hey sheri, yeah you have some really good idas, im not sure about what the reference to candy was about but I can assure anyone that wont help as I will just eat a kilo of it and try to grt rid of it again. ironically my non sugar diet is obsessively healthy nothing but fish salads and omelettes and proteien and raw vegies so on .
I work in a physically demanding job twice a week where I am unfortunately subject to free sugary and occasionally alcoholic drinks. and walk probably 3 hours or so and do bikram yoga so fitness isn’t the issue either.

I kind of relapsed pretty badly after a major cut down via the horror of a food diary, lets just say 5kg of chocolate nad 32 donuts in a week is bad whether your holding it down or not.

I found lots of tea helps, quickeze antacids are awesome- the ones in the powdery form and ive been having vegie juices. boredemn then stress or frustration at situations are probsbly my main issues along with insane cravings, I can go 24 hours without to much trouble if I make the effort but beyond that no good.



Should I be dizzy the first week giving up sugar cold turkey ?  And what can I do to stop it?



Eat replacement foods and drink lots of water. Don’t do crazy activities like running, lifting, or biking for miles and miles. Rest, do yoga or stretching, and stick it out.



So, it’s been a while since I last updated here.  Been a struggling couple months for me.  Major stress with the death of my father.  At 99 days off sugar, I was at a dinner with my boss who INSISTED on desert.  Like the kind of insisting where they won’t take no for an answer.  I frankly wasn’t prepared for this.  Was hoping to find something, like fruit, on the desert menu.  Nope…so I ordered sorbet.

Well, like I hear from people recovering from alcohol addition, one leads to a binge.  And for a week I ate more sugar than I’d like to admit.  Then went back on.  After only one week, I thought the withdraw would be so much easier.  I mean years and years of sugar and quitting versus a week, it has to be easier, right?  Nope, it was three weeks of headaches, dizziness, tiredness. 

Then comes the fourth of July and once again, it was a weekend sugar fest.  I’m on day 6 of withdraw and of course, headaches, dizziness and tiredness are rampant. 

On top of it, I’m dealing with some stomach issue now, when I eat, it hurts and I feel miserable.  So not sure if I have something or it’s the withdrawal or what.  Never no with sugar.  So high points and low points, but I do know this, I like how I feel better when off sugar than on it.  I also know it takes about 3 weeks to get away from the heavy sugar withdrawal.




Brain, yes those are normal and mild symptoms. Others may be flu like symptoms. Generally quitting cold turkey is not good for your mental state or your body. You are putting your body through shock and that is the “withdraw symptoms” most people cannot handle it longer than a few weeks at most but if you can great but if you cannot,  I would recommend that you slowly take it down, but remember your body needs glucose. It just needs the proper type like from fruit. As with everything there is no reason to cut it out 100% just eat in moderation. For example i used to eat 1/2 tub of ice cream a week now I am down to a lowfat bowl a week.

Larz, Sounds like your body is adjusting to the sugar and its not likening it at all. Sugar is a beast.

One thing that has helped me alot is increasing my protein alot. I am a 170 lb male 67” and i currently get 120-140 grams of protien. I have found that doing this really cuts my craving for sugar. 60-80 grams of that is from protien drinks. The protein drinks both give me the sweentess that my body craves and it makes me feel fuller and that helps with the weight loss, in addtion i walk alot like 70+ miles a week. so that helps alot too When you move you forget about the sugar. I find when i am board I crave junk food more. So i just dont try and stay stationary for to long. It may work for you all as well.

Take care all..



Well, Larz, you may be pleased to know, there is nothing that I find untoward in your story; it is a slog at times, involves falling off, getting back on, feeling low, feeling good, until it evens out into no interest in sugar nor problem with it whatsoever.

So, you are dong really well, and are clearly developing a completely different relationship with sugar. I tried anything that I thought would work, and found success in ‘sweet’ food such as fruit, dates, sultanas, ‘filling’ foods such as brown rice, potatoes, oats, and ‘taste’ - found in spices, herbs, garlic, olive oil and lemon. I took ribose and inositol for muscle recovery and to alleviate fatigue, and I took ‘up’ powders, such as tryptophan, dopamine and others (all natural and healthy): at one point I joked that my kitchen was a dopamine factory - all foods that release dopamine - chicken, oranges, almonds, avocados and so on.

So, upwards and onwards, and it is thrilling to hear about your wonderful development away from sugar and into health.



Thanks for all the advice and support . Things seem to better getting better going into week 2



Day 4 for me and my lady off of sugar. Jesus i think quitting heroin would be easier!  We are going to stick with it,  but it’s not easy. I am also quitting Marijuana and cigarettes too. Why? Because im nuts and figure why not stop it all!



I would drink 6-7 pops a day, eat mac n cheese and fries slot, then drink alcohol . Then id get home, get stoned and eat a bunch of chips and a pint of ben and jerrys on the reg. I was getting to the point where my body was going numb in places and my arms and legs were in so much pain. The pain has gone down but i am losing my damb mind over here.



Hi everyone! Here are two suggested blog posts for you:






My husband has just gone from binge eating mostly cakes and sweets cold turkey to no refined (or natural) sweeteners.  On day 3 he has been nauseated, diarrhea, vomiting several times an hour.  He has tried drinking a lot and filling up on whole fruits.  However, I am very concerned for him.  Any suggestions for him or me as a supportive wife?



Thrilling to hear these new beginnings being created. Use the term ’ freeing myself from sugar’ instead of ’ quitting’; you certainly aren’t quitting, you are beginning a new journey of health.
It is so worth it, this journey: and yes, I was very ill too, at times. Do everything you can. I figure, you can eat as much as you want of ‘healthy’ food: if its healthy ( whole, natural, grown non- processed) pretty much, before you can fine tune things for you, you can eat it. So, eat plenty, research and use the info you find, use natural remedies, drink water and herbal tea, and just (whilst taking care of yourself and accepting responsibility) understand that some sickness or illness is part of it, for now.
Godd luck to everyone, its fantastic to be free of sugar, it really is, and it starts with just going for it, in whatever way, as you have done and are doing.



Kirby, go sugar-free with him! smile Also, don’t police him but do cheer him on. Keep lots of healthy food in the house. Know that this extreme reaction should only be temporary. As Meg said, eat good foods!




Don’t go cold turkey it doesn’t really work like that. It’s a process and not a instant one.

Go slowly and let the body adjust to it. Otherwise it may very well fail.

You are putting the body through to much shock and that is why he is so sick.

It’s up to you but more times than none doing it this way will result in failer

Good luck



Curious how Kyle and Kirby’s husband are fairing?  I know that withdrawal can be brutal.  They call it the sugar or carb flu and it feels that way too, doesn’t it?  The first weeks is brutal and week 2-3 better but not great. 

As for me, when on vacation and gave into sugar.  First it was just one thing, then another, and another, one day then the next.  To be honest, was any of it “that” great??....No. 

What I notice is that I become more fatigued with the sugar…hold on to inflammation in my muscles and joints.  Get increased cold symptoms.  So I’m back on day 2 of withdrawal, knowing that days 2-5 ramp up in symptoms.  I’m trying to be prepared, but it sucks.  I wish I thought about that when I’m loading in sugar. 

I respectfully agree and disagree with DM.  You CAN go cold turkey off of sugar if we are talking sugar products such as pop, doughnuts, table sugar, cake…might as well include honey, maple syrup and sugar substitutes.  But you shouldn’t cut carbs.  Need to go to healthy carbs such as fruits and veggies, whole grains.  However, if the withdrawal is just too much to bear (and it can be), then a slower weaning process might be necessary.  At the end of the day we all know our individual bodies and can explain our reactions and effects, but this is in now way medical advice or direction nor should it replace working with an MD.

This is my third time “starting” again.  I am going to experience it fully and go for my 100 days that I missed the first time.  I’m going to keep a journal an revel in every successful day.



Wow Lars! That’s amazing. I do wonder though, how much of the “sugar flu” is withdrawals or just I don’t know,  shock to the system?  I know that alcoholics have to be very careful.  Even when in the hospital,  they sometimes can’t go cold turkey because they can die. I am not saying that it’s the same for sugar.  But it has to be a similar mechanism. They use the same reward pathways,  and bodies have changed how they function to adjust to working with/ needing the substances. I am just curious. Besides being beyond unpleasant,  could going straight up cold turkey be harmful?  I seems like that kind of reaction.

On a side note, I gave up for a while.  Hurt my back twice in the last.month. :( a month ago on my back for a week. Hurt it again on Friday and been in bed with pinched nerve. All I want is sugar.

I do have to say, I think eating healthy for a while has helped me though. If I eat completely like I used to, I want to throw up from too much sugar.  Finding that interesting? I can’t eat the frosted mini what’s with a sugar yogurt and my sweetened soy.

Accidentally got sweetened soy milk the other day, so been not using as much. Some in cereal and half water. When my back is better can go to the store and get better stuff.

That first day hurting my back though; so excruciating.  All I wanted was chocolate to distract from pain. That’s what I asked for when I couldn’t move.

It’s like u know sugar isn’t helping my inflammation.  But I almost don’t care right now.  Sigh. One thing at a time. I will get back on track in a few weeks. Set back is frustrating.  But at least I can’t eat sugar to the extent I used to without getting sick! smile that has to mean something?  I’l take the small improvement. smile have to be vigilant though.. mindful of the backslide.  πŸ’– I might go back completely.



Oh yeah, just mentioned alcoholism because I learned somewhere that sugar addiction is very similar physiologically. Both get metaboiled as sugar. We might not get drunk from it so not give the sick withdrawal symptoms a second thought.

Everyone has to do what is right for them. I am just wondering if there are any harm/ stress to the body going cold turkey, beyond making us feel like crap?

I can definitely understand not wanting to wean off.  It’s almost impossible to quit when you allow yourself to still indulge.



I started the South Beach lifestyle 5 days ago. I am currently in the first and strictest phase, which lasts 2 weeks and calls for an extremely low carb/sugar diet (no fruits, sweets, bread, oatmeal, alcohol of any kind).

Although I’ve had very low energy these past 5 days, I’ve thought I’ve been handling it ok- until today. I woke up shaking, extremely nauseous, and barely able to get out of bed. Once I did get out of bed, I threw up 4x and almost felt too weak to stand. I had NO appetite and felt like I had the flu.

After I’ve read some of your stories I realize these symptoms are normal for some people. I had NO IDEA sugar withdrawal did this to you!! Sugar truly is a powerful drug! I never expected my body to react like this.

I decided to eat normally today - oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich and soup for lunch- and I feel 90% better. I’m starting back on the low/no carb thing for the rest of my 9 days until phase 2, when carbs such as fruit can be reintroduced.  Although I decided to eat sugar today (there was sugar in the prepackaged oatmeal / white bread on my turkey sandwich), I’m not giving up! I just pray I can make it through my job if the extreme weakness/vomiting return.



Day 5 for me now, i also quit nicotine and caffeine. I am so thirsty all The time and i also pee A LOT. Im not tired but in The first days i had some mild headaches. I quit all cola, candy etc but i still eat small amounts of pasta and potatoes because i work out 50 min each Day. I get The same symptoms when i have The flu (thirst and urination). Is it because The body is getting rid of toxins and stuff?



I am 65 and I gave up sugar 2 years ago.  It was the only successful attempt after many failures over the years.  Like my father I have a fast metabolism and am always on the go, mentally and Physically.  Giving up sugar seemed an impossible task.  I am a big tea drinker and this was the source of most of my sugar intake.  Although I had cut down to about 1.5 teaspoons per cup i could never make the leap to complete cold turkey (sound familiar?)  Then 2 years ago I bought a tub of set honey on a whim from Costco and I have not had sugar in my tea since.  The taste is somewhat different BUT it is very pleasant and, if anything, even more refreshing than with sugar.  It worked for me, hope it can help some of you too.



How I gave up sugar at 65!



Week 3 no sugar , no fast carbs ... day 3 and 4 were terrible, by day 8 I was flying .  I now feel normal except that I seem to have become super sensitive to the little fruit that I am eating ...( gas) which I didn’t have before ... Wondering if that might be a fructose intolerance which has been balanced by glucose in the past somehow ....



I’m on day 13 of no sugar. I found the first week easy with just a niggly headache but the last few days have been horrendous; no energy whatsoever, aching back, diarrhoea and just generally feeling terrible. All the comments here have really helped. I’m going to persevere but it’s feeling really tough at the moment .



I am on day 10 of quitting sugar. I eat no fruit, no sweeteners, no fructose and no added glucose. The first week I allowed stevia into my smoothies four times, but as of this week I use not even stevia. The first 6 days I had constant headaches and an upset bowel, but now they seem to be gone. The headaches have been replaced however, by an added 2 lb to my weight, extreme thirst and horrible bloating. I am swelling up and it makes me extremely depressed. I am not eating more than before, if anything I eat less, but I’m still horribly bloated! Please, please tell me this will eventually go away! I feel so awful, but I do not want to go back to eating sugar now!



Heidi please don’t cut out all carbs. You can cut back simple sugars and still have some fruit.  You might be going to extreme.  Please make an appointment to see your primary care doctor for suggestions or referral to see a nutritionist. I know this sounds like a pain but its important. And you will feel better. You don’t want to go to the other extreme.  Learned about the cells’ metabolism in a&p and nursing school. Forcing your cells to try to use only fat or protein is bad for you. There is a reason people feel horrible when they do this. Yes you get withdrawals from quitting processed food and sweets. But please try to have whole grains and healthy carbs like fruit and veggies too. Nutrients is super confusing. Especially when so many diet plans out there contradict each other. Go back to the basics. If you work with your doctor or a nutritionist you will learn a healthy way to cut out sugars and processed food, but still give your body the complex carbs and healthy whole foods that it really needs. You might be hurting yourself doing this this way. And nother know it. There are some so called healthy diets that actually are not at all. This way you can do it safely and naturally and not put this shock on your body. Also your doctor will know any health issues and medications you take and what is healthy for you individually.



I’m 4 weeks in now and feeling so much better! I battled through the horrible withdrawal symptoms and have come out the other side. The main benefit for me has been that I haven’t binge eaten once in 4 weeks!! I had such a big problem with this and I felt trapped in a vicious cycle. I now feel like I’m in control of food instead of it controlling me. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds in weight but I feel so much better. To those still in the withdrawal phase, hang on in there xx



Sheri, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I have not cut out carbs, I eat veggies and whole grains. I have only cut the fructose, and yes that includes fruit for the time being. I plan on reintroducing them in four weeks, but I want to find my clean slate first. I should get everything I need trough my diet as it is now, just not the fructose which I don’t need anyway. I even eat the sweeter vegetables (just had a baked sweet potato for lunch and it was delish!) Pressuring the body into a ketonic state is absolutely not my wish! It is receiving glucose through the starches I eat, it should be ok. I hope water retention and bloating is only withdrawal. What do you think Sheri?



I think that sounds great! smile I go through phases where I try to be healthy. I start what seems to be level headed, and in my attempt go too far the other way. I’ve fallen back into bad habits right now, once I’m in this program maybe a week or two into it, maybe I can refocus trying to eat healthy again. At least I’m not binging on sweets. I’m having some. But just started the nursing program this week. I’m stressed enough.  Lol.

Im sorry if I made the wrong assumptions. smile

Yes. Fructose isn’t so great.  It’s better in fruit with all the fiber so it digests more slowly. And the body doesn’t know what to do with it.

Another reason you might be bloating is when you change your diet, it takes a while for your body to adjust. There is also the flora factor. We all have flora that live in our gut. When you change the food source,  you are feeding what different flora like. It’s actually good. Because the good flora feed on healthy foods. But when the is more than there used to be the get excited and feed a lot and can produce gas and bloating. Like if you start eating Beano you get gassy because good bacteria are feeding on the soluble fiber. It’s actually really good for you when your body adjusts to it. But you might have ease into it. Even the healthiest foods can do a number on us when we change it too fast.



I don’t know why auto correct said ” beano”. I meant beans. Could be any fiber rich food. It’s all stuff we are supposed to eat; the whole grains fruits and veggies.

Also too! Did you know that the flora can actually effect your brain chemicals and make you crave what they like? It’s nuts. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t take microbiology.  Yeah those sugar loving bugs sure can make us unhappy when we go without and influence dopamine or serotonin and “reward” us when we do eat it. It’s a brilliant survival mechanism for a bug! And we wonder why we get addicted to the sugar and feel miserable without it.

Oh… FYI if you think of doing a cleanse to rebalance your flora be careful. The herximer (forget spelling) reaction. Actually isn’t good for you. So stick with fiber and gradually change diet and they will get Rebalanced. Die back is when you starve out or kill bad bacteria too quickly.  There are endo toxins in some of them, so you don’t want to flood your body with it all at once. It’s a lot to put on your liver to filter out quickly. Fiber flushes them. It’s the enzymes in some if the class you have to worry about. Sorry this is way too much info! smile just eat in balance if you can and gradually increase fiber rich foods and your body will Rebalance itself. Hey if you are getting your protein and some healthy fats too, then you are doing it safely.

I would say if your body doesn’t readjust and lose the bloating in a week or a few, it doesn’t hurt to set up an appointment to see your doctor and get your blood work done to check for vitamins and your thyroid. Or maybe discuss what else could be causing this like a food sensitivity?



Sorry I forgot!  Did you know they actually have to test the bacteria Makinh you sick before they give you antibiotics? If you are in the hospital. I can’t remember if it’s gram negative or gram positive.  The endo toxins are released from their cell walls when they die. It’s what the cell walls are made out of. It’s ok if some die. But if you have an infection and a lot of them, and kill them all at once, it can be unsafe to do the body can go into shock. Don’t worry.  But just mentioning the cleanse products with the enzymes. The enzymes brake apart and kill the bugs. But if you have too many of the bad ones. It can just be a lot to put your body through all of that. Just be careful with some of those products. smile ok I talked way too much today! smile sorry.



Sheri, you are a gem! Sorry for not writing before, I was away for work over the weekend. The bloating thankfully disappeared about three days ago, along with the insane thirst. The 2 lb’s disappeared over night! I am such a happy girl now! I get full much quicker than before and that is a bit difficult to handle, because I don’t trust it yet and tend to eat more than I actually need and then I feel stuffed from the same amount of food that would leave me starving after two hours. Now I can go five hours from lunch until dinner and that is ah-ma-zing! I still have cravings tho, but try to distract myself and stick to the plan. It has worked this far. Oh yes, and the penny finally dropped on the full fat-thing and I switched to full fat milk and lo and behold, my breakfast serves me all the way to lunch! I am now on three meals a day and I seriously cannot remember when that happened last. Thanks for the support Sheri, and everyone who ever contributed to this forum!



Yup—full fat milk is way better for you!  We have been lied to all our lives.  Eating less sugar. bread and pasta and increasing consumption of fat and protein makes people healthier.  I still drink one can of cola a day.  But before I drank two 2 liters of cola per day.  I lost 35 lbs from just making that adjustment alone.  After I reduced my intake of bread and pasta and switched to eating more rice based dishes I dropped another 10 lbs.  I found out that I can actually run instead of just walking.  I feel great these days.



I need to get back into good habits, teddy.  Since starting a program at school that is hectic and my sleep schedule is messed up, I haven’t been eating right.  Put on some weight and I am tired a lot.  Didn’t occur to me that maybe some of it is the sugar and carbs I am eating.  It almost feels like trying to quit something like smoking in the middle or a stressful time in your life.  I wonder when I will get into a better schedule for homework and sleep, so I can start focus on taking care of myself again. 

Has anyone gone to nursing school?  Any suggestions how to survive it? smile  Thanks!! 

You are most welcome Heidi! smile



Today is day 3 of no added sugars, simple carbs, artificial sugars or refined sugars for me and my husband.  We are having only naturally occurring sugars.  I feel like I am eating enough calories yet I feel like I still need to eat, and NOTHING is satisfying.  Also, I have a raging headache and nauseated.  This is awful.  Is this sugar withdrawal or something else?  How long do the intense withdrawal symptoms last?  I’m not sure how long I can keep this up.




Yes, that is typical as folks here will attest. In two weeks it will be easier. Food not being satisfying will last a while, thus the need for replacement foods. Hang in there!!



I have been trying to cut out sugar for a week. I still have allowed a treat. I am getting these body aches like twinges almost in my arms and legs along with lots of gas. So strange wonder if anyone e else has had these strange feelings. Almost like electicity.



I’m really glad I happened upon this place. I’m sugar free for almost 4 days and experiencing a lot of the same stomach issues. I have noticed that fresh fruits help with the cravibgs. I went sugar free for 2 1/2 years a while back and fell off the wagon with my first pregnancy. I know it’s worth it but I forgot how hard it was on your body!



So much pain… Constant sore muscles in my neck and shoulders. I couldn’t figure out why I’m in so much pain until I ate some fruit and there was a bit of relief! Sugar, what a terrible thing I was hooked on! It’s been about one and a half weeks. It’s been a process of unloading a lot of mental baggage. Meditation helps and lots of rest and dreaming through it. The beginning days were ok. I had lots of energy and felt creative. Now I just feel badly injured. My neck feels inflamed. It’s throbbing. It’s especially bad in the evening so I rub lavender oil all over and msm cream on my neck and take magnesiuM. It’s all temporary though… This will pass.

jessica rose


hi, I am Jessica Rose. i have been feeling the following symptoms for a few months now. The doc wont do anything but just lower my insulin.

- low energy
- crankiness
- depression
- loss of sleep
- lack of motivation
- strange dreams
- boredom
- overspending on stuff (when you would have purchased snacks)
- gas
- bloating
-  weight gain
- constipation or diarrhea
- strong hunger
- not feeling satisfied even after eating a lot
- the need for naps
- heavy deep naps that can last up to four hours if you lay down mid-day
- overeating
- transference of compulsive behavior to other areas of you life ~ higher sex drive

i dont know what to do. this has been going on for a very, very long time now ( almost a year )



I started eating no sugary foods 2 days ago, I feel discomfort. Headaches, shakiness and I’m am peeing lots (especially at night)and sort of depressed. I am hoping this is normal! (My pee Is clear and oderless, is this normal?) or am I just peeing out water.



The longer you stay off the sweets the easier it is to stay off the sweets. Everyone’s body reacts differently and the things you’re all describing are pretty normal.



My wife and I are gluten free and have been for two years. We started on Monday going sugar and dairy free…
I’ve had headaches, dizziness, anger,
and it’s just gotten worse! How long could this last for?



Hi Will: You should notice your body evening out after approximately two weeks to one month.



This site is so helpful. I started my new Life the first week of January its not a diet but a new way of life for me.  I have been so tired and have low energy since I have stopped sugar , all gluten and caffeine.  I do drink decaf green tea but only two or three times a week . I still crave sugar and caffeine but have noticed that the foods I eat taste better and fruit is sweet to me. the first week was terrible all the symptoms listed here on this site ,my back and joints hurt so bad I thought I may have hurt myself at work. But then the pain got a little better so I think it may just be my body going through detox. This week my mental mood has been all over the place I will be happy then down , I get angry and annoyed for the silliest things which is totally not like me at all.  I am 55 and been a very unhealthy eater all my life but I have been blessed because I do like healthy food too. I eat lots of veggies and poultry{ don’t eat beef } yogurt and drink water ,  I am going to stick with this for life but I notice lately I have had pain in my stomach and gas , also at times very loose stools this along with the mood swings is bringing me down . I wonder if I will ever get feeling good again and have energy . I hope this will ease up in a few months I am doing this because I want to be around for my family we lost or son a couple of years ago and they are afraid of losing me, I want to do all I can to ease their minds. the upside right now is I have lost 8 lbs. still need to lose 75 more but that’s ok.



My wife and I have been sugar and dairy free for 5 weeks now.
Although it is much easier, we are still not losing weight. At least not as much as we thought we should be.
We were both highly addicted to sugar and we’re having all of the symptoms listed here and others too.
Rashes bumps and breakouts and I haven’t found any literature on that.
This site has been great thanks for the insight !



I have had the break outs on my face which is strange because I haven’t had a pimple in 25 years lol , but it does make me think about just what kind of effect sugar has on you. Will have your symptoms improved any since you began? I use honey every once in a while in my tea and eat yogurt that have artificial sweeteners, I use to drink coffee with a pack of swiss miss hot chocolate in it. but have switched to dinking one cup of decaf coffee on the weekend and tried the low sugar swiss miss ,but after reading label I seen it has artificial sweeteners too. I am not sure about the artificial sweeteners if they are good for you or not.  Any one know the answer to that?



Hi Tammy, I recommend you avoid artificial sweeteners. Experiment with them if you’d like, but you’ll see…



I have long known I had an addiction to sugar and simple carbs.  The cravings and constant use on a daily basis made it difficult to lose weight,
Succeed in any form of weight reduction program, etc.  Recently, my A1C began spiking higher and was at a borderline 6.0 range, with my father a Type II diabetic.  I took action with the new and improved Weight Watchers Program which penalizes us with high points for all foods with added sugars.  It was a no brainer, and I have gone cold turkey on any sweets or snacking for the past four weeks.  I am now experiencing shaky hands and overall sense of headaches and shaky body, even though I feel so much better and clearer headed.  Should withdrawal symptoms really last after four weeks?  That is the only thing I can attribute this to, as my daily food intake is not only much more nutritious, but also healthy and satisfying and full of fiber.  Thank you.



Hi Lynne.

First of all, well done. Secondly, yes, withdrawal symptoms can last for some time. Personally, and I was a heavy sugar user for over 30 years, mine lasted over a year, lessening in intensity as time went on, until now they are a thing of the past. I took them as signs, encouraging me to see the damage sugar did and to keep on keeping on freeing myself from it and moving towards health.

Nurture yourself with healthy food, supplements if you like, herbal teas, good oils (hemp, avocado, olive) - find the things that help you on your journey, foodwise, and ingest them. Be generous with yourself and let it be a new lifestyle and whole new world.

Deb mccann


I started my journey to quitting sugar 4 weeks ago after watching the Australian movie"That sugar film” i have been trying to lose weight for a few year I’ll be 50 in 7 weeks ..i go to the gym about 3 days a week..i was consuming around 60 grams of sugar and now around 5-10 so i still have a small portion of added sugar some days less..until a few days ago I was 200 grams off a 4 kilo loss and now it appears im +500 grams :-( i am not following and specific quit sugar diet i eat either fruit for breaky or organic weetbix with unsweetened almond milk and a banana lunch is salad with chicken or salmon…dinner meat and veggies usually snacks are nuts but not large amounts or fruit or a couple of organic rice cakes or coconut yoghurt sone days i have 1 decaf coffee with one sugar with my almond milk…i am also bloated and have some mild constipation i have no idea what im doing wrong if anything…i was feeling so good about the weight just falling off now i feel very discouraged :-( also i was having some bread occasionally but i haven’t had bread for a week…i don’t get it!!!:-(



It sounds to me like you are doing nothing wrong, in fact it sounds like you are doing great. I didn’t lose much weight when detoxing from sugar, though I did lose some, very slowly over a long period of time.

For you and everyone else here, I am having good weight loss results from working the Dr Pagano diet for psoriasis and from having removed the nightshade family of foods (potatoes, tomatoes, and others) from my diet. I don’t necessarily recommend that though, on detox from sugar, as potatoes played a large part in my ability to detox from sugar. You have to play it by ear. For me, freedom from sugar was paramount and everything I did, I did to achieve a sugar free life, which I now have done, so I am free to play around a bit more. I just mention it in case there are supplements or info mentioned that can clean the body out more quickly.

All in all, you are doing great. In reality, it is a short time you have been on these good eating habits, so clearly, (this goes for many people who have posted here), you need to give yourself and your body much longer to adjust and achieve full health. As I have said before, it’s good to be in it for the long haul and look at it as a new lifestyle. Also, baby steps, and use as much research or info, as many ideas, as you can, to move you along. In my experience,  once the sugar started to leave my life, I really didn’t look back. (I had slip ups though, and just got back on that wagon.)

Last thing I want to share is I have had good results with listening to subliminal videos for weight loss, on Youtube. You don’t have to do anything, you can just put them on in the background on a low volume in the room you are in. I also find that I am slimmer now than when I went to the gym, and it is better (not just muscle weighing more than fat, etc), and I rest now and go easy on myself, where I used to rush and push to get ‘that body’. It comes from within and is created internally first, if you ask me. Not that I am the Venus de Milo or anything - just that I like my body now from a healthy point of view, more than I did even when I was pretty well toned. It seems to be really all about self-love.

Upwards and onwards, everybody.

Deb mccann


Hi Meg
Thanks for replying I agree with what you fact afterposting this i thought to myself i feel that im doing the best thing for my body how can that be wrong…and i need to give my body time so i must have already got the answer from within as you seem to have confirmed that. .thanks heaps
grin grin



You are welcome!



Hello Meg,

Thank you for your helpful reply.  Actually, after a lifestyle of eating at least a regular sized candy bar (or larger) daily, along with some bag of salty snacks, and realizing along the way that I could not stop once started, it was a no brainer in realizing that MY BODY responded very differently to sugar and starches than my friends who could take in an occasional piece of candy or cookie and not crave more instantly.
Realizing this was also my mother’s nemesis, and also realizing that alcolholism and substance abuse was part of my family, I actually feel fortunate that elimination of sugar has been a much easier withdrawal.  To date, in my fifth week, I can honestly say there are no longer cravings, and for the first time in a very long time, I don’t dread all the holiday candy at the stores I used to wade through until “home free” after Easter for a break until Halloween!  I now walk in and out without desire.  However, my body feels shaky, my shaky fingers are worse, my body seems on some sort of propulsion to MOVE all the time, sleep is difficult, and I’ve had a low grade headache, behind the eye sockets going on 3 weeks.  I attribute all of these symptoms to withdrawal and believe they will ease in time.  The lighter feel of my body overall, the added focus of my mind, and the inches falling off with Weight Watchers and their new focus on eliminating extra sugars in foods has all made this so worth it.  I am a cancer survivor, and we know the connection between sugar and breast tumor growth (or any tumors).  At almost 68 years old, this is all about life change that will reduce A1C prior to Type II Diabetes, stabilize irratic blood pressure, AND reduce overall weight.  I realized this week alone that I no longer ache in my joints after exercise.  The inflammation has reduced and just another added benefit.  I encourage everyone out there doing this to keep forging onward!



Wow, Lynne; you have made and are making fantastic progress.

It is only ever going to be beneficial to work towards health, slow though it may be at times, and painful at others.

Yes, keep forging onward - I like that phrase!



Lynne you inspire me . I have been sugar, caffeine and flour free for about 5 weeks now the cravings are almost gone . I drink a bottle of lipton green tea citrus two times a week but am switching to Bigelow decaf green tea and adding honey in small amounts . I quit flour but earlier this week I had a sandwich on a bun, Big mistake for me I had joint pain ,stomach ache and a sluggish tired feeling. didn’t like the feeling. My moods are not as bad now, This is also a life change for me . I would like to start working out but am nervous because I don’t know where to start and don’t want to hurt myself . I do like the way I am starting to feel.



Wow, all I did was greatly reduce my sugar intake…. I cut out fast food and soda. I still have the occasional cookie or high fiber tortilla.  I am 2 weeks in and I feel like death. I have extreme fatigue, some mental cloudiness, and constant dizziness. On the bright side, I have dropped 4-5 pounds and my blood sugar dropped from 109 to 93…  But I feel miserable.  I’m not craving sugar any longer… I just crave a hammer to my head to end this misery.



I was a heavy drinker and quit alcohol about 3 years ago, after quiting I developed a real sweet tooth and would snack on cookies, cakes, and sweets through out each day. At the beginning of Jan after gaining 20 lbs I decided to stop the sugar cold turkey. The first few weeks I dont think I had any symptoms, however, for about the last week and a half I have had anxiety, depression, restless sleep/insomnia, and night sweats. I can not seem to see anything that has changed in my life to make me feel this way. After reading about sugar with drawl I wonder if this is what is going on. Can you have symptoms 3 weeks after cutting sugar out?



Hi Brad,

I am now in my fifth week abstaining from all sugar other than a bit naturally occurring in my greek yogurt, my milk and a bit in salad dressing. I was consuming at least the equivalent of a giant candy bar or bag of candy, honey in tea, etc. daily.  I went cold turkey January 9th at Weight Watchers. My headachs and retsless sleeping began the first week, but the really shaky finger grips and then tremors were prevalent last week in the fourth week.  I have now cut back to only half cup coffee first thing in morning.  I was only a caffeine user prior to 10:00 am before, and I think the sugar all day long provided its own RAMP in my system. The morning coffee seemed to kick start my system, no doubt on “flat mode” after a night without sugar.  NOW, after the withdrawal headaches and restless hand shaking have subsided, I think my body does not need or want that caffeine coffee jolt every morning.  It sort of feels like too much and makes me jittery.  That is really a great thing!  With all the sugar out of my system, now reduction in caffeine, my body is responding happily to all the good nutritious food instead to those stimuli I don’t want.  Hang in there…. Those withdrawal symptoms will eventually subside.  I have increased healthy proteins, fruits and veggies and whole sprouted grains…. That now tastes so good and all of that has diminished all cravings and also kept my own blood sugar levels steady.  Lynne



Hi Meg. smile I just read your earlier post where you were having some bloating symptoms after quitting sugar.  I notice I have similar symptoms sometimes when either falling off the wagon or trying to quit.

My suggestion is that it might be your digestive flora. When we eat sugar, the sugar loving bugs take over.. like the tendency toward yeast infections. And when we change our diet and suddenly starve those guys, and start feeding other bacteria that like the healthy food, you can have similar reaction. They get all happy and multiply. Eventually it does level out. But drastic diet changes can mess with the flora and cause digestive problems.

If it doesn’t go away, try a cleanse or gradually increase your fiber.  Increased fiber can do that too so be careful to do that gradually so new flora adjust.  During thus time take some good probiotics.  To repopulate your gut with the good guys. The bad bacteria can wreck havoc on digestive tract. Specially the sugar loving ones.

I’ve been stuggling and fallen off the sugar wagon. Once I clean up my diet again, I’m gonna do that too. I hope this helps!



Since I’ve been in school, I’ve been back in bad habits. I’m overwhelmed with things going on and trying to stay on track.  I haven’t been able to eat like I was. (Healthy).  I had not a great morning and bought a bunch of crap on my way home. :( and I work at a shop that people are buying candy cookies and ice cream all night. :’(

I am getting to the point that I am thinking of getting sugar free candy so I can still buy it. Achk.. oh. .. why can’t I stop? Sigh…

I bought some sugar free candy to try. I know better. I don’t know which is worse? Sugar or Malitol syrup… or other fake sugar.

It tastes funny. And I still had the same cravings after eating them. :p

Is there a happy compromise? Hmm. .. wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a medicine to kill the cravings while weaning off??? Please someone invent this!  smile



Hi Sheri, thank you for your post. Yes, digestive challenges definitely a factor in sugar use. I am healing that now with the Dr Pagano diet I mentioned, I am actually drinking vegetable smoothies every day - that is a goal I have had for years, and I actually enjoy them.
I couldn’t have drank them though, when working to be sugar free, which seems ironic, but is just to do with what my body could handle at that time after and with so much sickness. Can’t go to veg smoothies straight from 6 chocolate bars a day.
When you say you wish there could be some medicine to kill cravings off, I used potatoes and fruit. I am aware some sugar-freers don’t use fruit, so it perhaps isn’t suitable for all. For me though, a heavy sugar user in the past, it gave me a form of ‘sugar’ that was healthy to me, a sweetness I could still get a sort of ‘buzz’ from; it was supportive to my body when I had let go of the crutch of sugar. It is also cleansing, so it helped in that way.
Now, on the Pagano diet, fruit is good in moderation. I must admit, fruit doesn’t give me the supportive feeling it used to now that I am on veg smoothies. The thing is, it is one step at a time. For over a year, possibly more, fruit helped me, potatoes helped me; now I no longer eat potatoes and I only eat moderate amounts of fruit.
I wonder if you can find foods that are like medicine to you. Food is the key - old Chinese saying ‘Food is medicine’. And supplements. Dr Pagano said to approach the psoriasis healing diet I follow, with positivity, have positivity about the diet/resource and its ability to heal you and your ability to follow it, and he says not to even aim to follow it 100% - he cites a 70/30, 80/20 sort of rule, 70% on the plan, and some time off in the 30%. I would suggest the same to folks coming off sugar - trust, trust in the path and the journey, have positivity, go gently with yourself, expect to use old ways now and then and keep seeking out the info and support, and practising the good dietary habits and solutions.
I just want to clarify, I am not recommending the Pagano diet for sugar-recovery - it is for healing psoriasis which is my task now that I am sugar-free (do you see how it goes step by step, one thing at a time?) Why I mention it is because it is a healing plan, and that is what you are using in sugar-detox, a healing plan that you may have concocted yourself through research, trial and error and sheer determination. Trust me, that approach is very effective!
Its nice to be on this side of sugar now, however, it took years and on the wagon, off the wagon, but I really did find that term useful - getting back on the wagon, and now that has been replaced by doing the best I can on the plan I am following. So if I can come off sugar, it is possible for anyone willing to keep on at it to also be sugar free.
For those poor folk you see when working, still buying cookies and candy poison, perhaps you can see them as being in pain. Amethyst crystal is good for overcoming addiction - perhaps you could wear one or carry one in your pocket. Someone I knew had a bracelet that was to remind her that she was in recovery from sugar use. There are so many little things we can do to help us along - I really value little things like that because they tip the balance towards us having many resources and much on our side.
Good luck to all, and I love hearing people’s posts about recovering or beginning to recover - its so great to know people are making the journey. it is well worth it.



Hi, I’m dealing with very strong cravings for sugars and my breath and tongue have this sweet smell and taste. I also have a hypersensitivity to smells and odors. AND shortness of breath with anxiety and stress. The only thing that calms my nerves is sugar, especially ice cream, cakes,  cookies and breads.  But when I refrain from eating sugars, I go through withdrawals with tingling sensations, bad or weird dreams, I’m a MESS. Is this a sign of Candida Overgrowth? If it is,  what can I do to cure it and get my life back? I FEEL LIKE A PRISONER IN MY OWN BODY AND APARTMENT. For these symptoms keep me from doing and going alot of places but to and from work.



Oh… if you have a sweet smell to your breath it’s important to get checked for diabetes!  If you do its important you manage your sugar intake with your health care provider.  Because if you stage up quit it could be bad. Sweet scent to someone’s breath is a symptom of diabetes.  My nursing instructor joked that her husband had that and she wasn’t paying attention. (He wasn’t one of her patients).  Doris if you can, please get that checked. smile intense sweets cravings and or thirst is also a symptom and light headedness.  It couldn’t hurt!.  If you start messing with your sugar intake and you are diabetic it can be bad news bears. Please think about it. smile Hug!



Stage up quit = supposed to be “staight up quit”. Lol.😜 Doris you might have to check that out.



Candida overgrowth can definitely make you tired and have less energy as well as big sugar cravings. But headaches, dizziness or light headedness,  being thirsty and especially the sweet breath are diabetic types of symptoms.

The reason people have sweet tasting or smelling breath is the insulin not working.  (Type 1 diabetes is when your body doesn’t make the insulin; type 2 is when your body becomes resistant to it and it doesn’t work as well).

So the way it works is if your insulin is not enough or not working right, the liver won’t know to take the excess sugar out of your blood and you will have too much. If your body isn’t filtering out sugar like it should, you will have more in your fluids making your breath sweet smelling.


I can’t remember all the candida overgrowth symptoms.

Why don’t you go down to your doctor and get a blood test? You can get tested for both. What ever tests they need to do. I think the diabetes test takes a bit longer. But you will get peace of mind knowing what it actually is or isn’t.  And you can get the right treatment and know the right diet for what you actually have.

Also depression can cause all those symptoms too. All of these things run in my family. But again it’s the sweet breath that makes me think it might be diabetes, hyper or hypoglycemia. 

Depression causes sugar cravings because I want to say sugar increases feel good neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. It makes sense if your brain isn’t making enough to crave sweets and carbs. That’s why people crave “comfort food” in the winter. 

I hope this helps you! smile yeah why put yourself through the worry when your pcp can do that detective work for you! And then you can get some real relief. πŸ’–



Meg! smile thank you for that post! You gave me a lot of information to think about. You are right about positivity. Ivery been stressed out in school which has had me craving sugar like a drug to sooth it. I need to think of food as medicine.

I also lovery gemstones.  smile I used to meditate and be more spiritual.  Now that I am in nursing school they are pretty strict and it’s hard to keep up and live up to what is expected of you. I just want to cry and give up sometimes. ( this is normal in nursing school believe it or not).

I used to wire-wrap gemstones for pendants and bead necklaces. I think I should make something with amethyst. Maybe even fluorite too.  For clarity. I find it calming.

Meg thank you for your feedback.  πŸ’– it is a good reminder for me to carve time to take care of myself too. And it was very thoughtful of you. Thank you! smile Hug.



Agh - lost it to (I won’t write names here, let’s just say sugar). Easter, my birthday, Mother’s day - a really bad time for me, sugar-craving wise. Fought off intense sugar cravings for four days, only to lose it today. Serves me right for being smug.
It’s frustrating that such hard work can be undone so quickly. I have been losing weight and I fear putting it back on in three days when it has taken who knows how long to lose.
Never underestimate the usefulness of forums, either!
I guess I am/we are breaking a cycle and interrupting it with healthiness at any stage is good. so, upwards and onwards.
Just seen your post Sheri - glad it helped; I am buying amethyst as we speak!!



Hi Meg.  Sorry you are having a hard time right now.

Here are my half witted (rationalizing) ideas ideas I’ve been trying this week. I’ve been off the sugar wagon since in school so trying anything to resist at work (people putting sweets on the counter for me to ring up for them all day. Lol) ... sigh…

So thought maybe I’ll try “Sugar free” candies. Thought ok it’s still junk but maybe it will be the lesser of two evils?

Lesson learned: sugar alcohols tummy bloat aND discomfort. Ok today had two pieces of sugar free chocolate and it still did that.  Starting to not want that so much… ouch. Lol :p

Something that DID work! Last two days at work got one of those “Lara bars” there AR five ingredients I think dates, raisins, walnuts? No sugar added. Even though I’m sure it has a lot of sugar, nibbling on one of those each night made my cravings for candy go away. It’s a start.

Of course that’s when someone brought a bunch of chocolate and peanut butter cup cakes.  Ahhhh!  :p ... foiled. Shrug/ sigh.

At least with the bel vita bars and Lara bars (apple one) I’m not getting the sugar high and crash, tummy ache, mood swings and headaches I get from my usual sugar “drug” garbage. ...I’ll get there.

I was buying gummy bears every days and making myself sick but I couldn’t stop. That and chocolate.  The sugar free messing up my digestion. Then i let myself buy a big bag of gummy bears and got little snack bags to divide it into actual servings so I’m not just inhaling them. Ate one yesterday.  And didn’t even want any today. smile so t g at has to be something yes?

So far no sweets today and I’m good besides the fruit yogurt I ate and that bel vita bar. Am I kidding myself? I know the yogurt has too much sugar. Even though they reduced the amount they put in there.

Still it’s better than chowing on chocolate or gummy bears till I get a sick right? Sigh… I’ll get there. smile



Oh what I meant to say is I set a limit for myself of one of those snack bags a day, that I measured out. That way instead of eating from the bag they came in and eating the whole thing, (2-4 servings), I am eating a small snack size zip lock bag. I did not fill it! I just put in 12 gummies. That’s what the package calls a “serving”.

I had only one yesterday and it worked. smile I didn’t want more because of some unconscious need to eat everything in the bag. .. so I just gave myself a smaller bag. smile

You know what I noticed? Yesterday,  even after eating only the twelve gummy bears, (god I feel like some kind of lunatic measuring out candy!. What a weirdo.  Lol)

I still got a stomach ache and headache within 10 - 20 minutes and got mood swings. That was an eye opener! That’s a normal smaller amount of candy and it still had that effect on me. I was shocked.

I was wondering if that is the sugar’s effects on me? Or the other crap they put in there like artificial colors and whatever else they put in?

I was thinking maybe I should start listening to my body and see how it feels after I eat different things. Listen to that voice instead of this little kid in me who has to eat candy till I get sick.

I’m too old for needing candy! What is wrong with me… sigh… sugar is evil. It makes me feel bad when I eat it but I can’t stop wanting it..  it’s like an abusive or disfunctionAL relationship I think.  Yes?



Yes, very much so Sheri (dysfunctional relationship). Yesterday, for all the good I had achieved, the sugar-buying could just as well have been my parents saying, “We don’t care how well you have done, we are taking you in here (sugar shop) and making you feel bad, because you are not perfect.”
I think what you are doing with the gummy bears is great. I think any ‘healthy’ type bars etc are good to use; there is a brand called ‘nakd’ that I have enjoyed.  I have bought some carob powder and intend to make some sort of cookie to use as a placebo/substitute.
I think also, it shows to be careful when adopting new diets etc. my reduced fruit consumption may have played a part. and, and this is a big alert, I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten for 6 hours because I had been out having coffee and it spilled over into lunchtime and I had no food on me and nothing in the shop was healthy.
I feel better today and am back on the wagon. nuts and dates help me, and bananas and oats. I am buying some salmon today and making said cookies and drinking a lot of water. it is surprising how strong and toxic sugar is - I felt so sick after my consumption, dizzy, head spinning, ill, had to lie down. I looked at some sugar when I was in the shop later and I saw it as poison and I thought it should be labelled as poison and bad for health, because it is.
I found a rainbow fluorite I own, so I have that round my neck. man, it really is a deep issue and needs all the resources it can find. good luck today Sheri, and all - one day at a time, one less gummy bear at a time.



Meg I think you are right. I want to start eating fruit. Maybe if I do that I won’t crave candy. It’s so bad for me. It’s hard when it’s in every thing you buy. Even “healthy” foods. I think I want to throw out the gummy bears. ... sigh.

People at work don’t understand because they think I’m trying to lose weight. But for health reasons I should quit. And it makes me feel so sick.

Also I have heard sugar feeds cancer cells.  And it could be what contributes to alzheimers (sp? )  there is a lot of both in my family. So you would think I would have quit a long time ago.

I had to cut back coffee because of health but I can only get down to half calf. I have been starting to switch to stevia for my coffee.  But it feels like a losing battle. It’s in my cereal, bread, soy milk, bread etc…

I started having a salad every other day. That takes up some of the space that sugar would have filled.

(Mixed greens withe kale, color bell peppers,  I want to start having more protein.  I put some canned salmon or other fish on the salad and put a little olive oil sprinkle salt and I break up a piece of whole grain bread to put in it.)

Meg I have to look for my beads and crystals to start wearing some. smile

Is there any ideas that anyone has that helped to satisfy or lower your cravings?



God the mood swings too… c rankings and wanting to just snap at people.  It might make you feel good to eat sugar at the moment.  But the headaches and moods…

Is there a diet that helps with moods instead of causing problems?



I wonder if there is something missing in our diet that makes us crave sugar? Besides the addictive part. Protein? Healthy fats? Fruits and veggies?



Is there such a thing as a supplement or vitamins that help? I know that must sound stupid. . I am not looking for an easy fix… but is there anything holistic and supportive I can do for myself to make myself healthier instead of obsessing about what feels like my losing battle with sugar. How can we shift our focus,  approach or attitude? Something more positive or nurturing?  Am I doing wishful thinking? It’s like a feedback loop. The more I think I shouldn’t have or want it, makes me want some. There’s got to be a better way?

Hey… just realized I haven’t been eating the pastries my family buys anymore or ice cream.  Why can’t I do the moderation thing? Addictive personality?  Poor coping skill using sweets for stress? Physical addiction?  Or could it be some kind of nutrition or sleep I need that makes us crave sugar.  Ok sorry everyone I’ve been posting a lot and too long.

Has anyone identified what makes them go to sugar and addressed it in some ways that helped? I’m sure everyone is different.  Looking for ideas. Thanks!



Oh Meg,  I forgot. .. rose quartz, rainbow moonstone,  or some kind of apophylite,  and maybe something deep Kelly green would be good for the emotions/ heart/ and dysfunctional family history stuff that messes us up. What am I thinking?  ... chrysocola.  smile if I was rich I would by that one dioptase? Gorgeous.  Heart healing stones might help you. πŸ’– sometimes you have to take care of you. You are worthy and precious.  Even if you or your family don’t recognize that. What makes you any less than anyone else? Its a lie/ illusion.  Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a big hug! smile you deserve care too. Yeah those are good and pink tourmaline.  smile  or if you bead, you can order those beads online and string yourself a super love/ heart chakra necklace. πŸ’– smile



You can wear that or a loving energy color for clothes. A pin or something with a nurturing, loving or protective meaning to you. It would be a reminder.  Every time you see it, it could be a reminder to interrupt the disfunctionAL false thoughts.  And replace it with something loving or supportive. We all have them. They are a lie. Ask yourself does this nurture or empower me? I have been trying to do that. That might help with what you were mentioning about the thoughts put into you by the family. I hope this helps! smile ok I’m really leaving now. :p sorry everyone!



Hey guys. I feel so much better after reading all of this! I gave up sugar three days ago and feel SO anxious. Like bordering on a panic attack all the time, feel like crying…. So restless however exhausted as well. Its just the anxiety it so bad! I honestly had no idea that people felt like this when they went off sugar - I was googling today thinking I was a crazy person.



Courts, when I quit last summer,  I felt find the first day, but the next day I felt like I had the flu or something.  Shakes, weak, tired, headache, I think I threw up too. I had no idea it was from quitting sugar. And on a whim,  I got curious and found out from reading online and from some people on here that it can happen. It’s like when you try to quit coffee but worse. My suggestion,  would be is if it is too much of a shock on your body you can wean yourself off more slowly to give your body time to adjust. It’s gotten used to using the simple sugars for energy.  So you take that away and it’s a bit of a shock on the body. If it makes you sick maybe wean off instead of cold turkey. smile



Thank you, Sheri for your input.
I think the addiction is based on emotionally connecting the meeting of fundamental needs with sugar. it definitely can’t be cured using will power, since it was set-up from a deep emotional place. determination is useful though, in overcoming it.
foods that help me are kiwi, apples, peaches, and dates, oats, almonds, walnuts, tahini, seeds, green veg and carrots. anything else seems to trigger cravings - yoghurt, cheese, bread, eggs, meat. however,  I eat a lot and did when I first got off sugar - I ate salmon and tuna, jacket potatoes, broccoli, oats, bananas, eggs, big salads, anchovies, chicken, roast potatoes and veg - anything healthy, and lots of it. if I may be so bold, you sound as if you are possibly not eating quite enough food day-to-day. we are mal-nourished when we have used sugar a lot, so nourishment is a solution.
there are loads of supplements - you can research online. any of the ‘feel good’ chemicals, such as dopamine, serotonin, in the form of 5HTP or in powder form such as L-Theanine (I think they call them amino acids). anything that cleanses or supports the body,  flax oil, lecithin, psyllium husk, bentonite clay liquid, slippery elm, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, any homeopathy that balances the body, and evening primrose oil is good for settling my moods.  and I would say, anything you are drawn to - there really are so many. also, a good multi vitamin can help, and chlorella and spyrulina are full of cell boosting nutrients - can be pricey though, and it definitely doesn’t have to be pricey (just find the ones you can afford and go with those.)
well done Courts - it can only get better. Nourishment is the key at this stage, and knowledge, which you are already arming yourself with, and support, which you have here and can give to yourself. sugar is literally a poison. when we come off it, it starts slowly to leave the body and gets into the blood stream and system so that we feel its effects strongly - something like that anyway, I am no scientist. I just know we feel pretty ill when we stop using it at first - as you can see from the posts here. it’s good to add supplements and to use nourishing food as a form of nutritional and emotional support. and crystals! gonna look up those crystals Sheri has mentioned. anything you can think of or find to help is great!



Just thought I had better add - just be careful with supplements, as they can have a strong effect and you don’t want to be making yourself feel too much worse. Take a little bit at a time, follow guidelines etc.



Thank you Meg!  I’m going to research those nutrients.  smile  you are right with supplements. You have to be careful.  I’ve put on some weight since being in school. My boyfriend loves to cook for me. smile

But I think definitely we can be not nourished even if we eat enough, when we eat the wrong things. I like your suggestions for healthy foods. I chuckled a little when I saw the trigger foods you cut out. Because that’s all I eat. smile then it’s no wonder.  Lol. Mac n cheese yogurt bread etc… pasta.



Lol. Made me chuckle, Sheri!



I started juicing in the morning, eating complex carbs (wild rice) and salads, maybe eggs for dinner for a few weeks to cleansing and stop craving sugar. I also stop eating meat for this time. I am on my fifth day.  For the last two days I have been feeling very thirsty (dry mouth and throat).  I just drank two 20 oz battles of water in like 20 minutes.  I am still EXTREMELY thirsty. Is this normal? I even checked my sugar and it reads normal.



I’m on day 8 , still very thirsty also but at least the stomach pains and cramps have gone (day 3 & 5) they were horrific . Not actually craving suger too much ( not as much as I thought I would ) I have gone cold turkey inc no fruit at mo. I did find constipation a real problem so increased amount of veg and meals and loads of water and tea with milk . Hardest thing is getting out of the habit of buying low fat . Have eaten lots of porridge soaked over night with full fat milk or water mix , eaten with Cininimum . Miss my fruit , and hard knowing what to snack on as I don’t like raw carrot cue etc. I have made some popcorn for the first time . Any other ideas, I also am not a cheese fan .
Found this blog and it’s brilliant , as I was wondering also if stomach problems were normal and am glad they are in a lot of cases. I’ve been making loads of soups .
I do exercise regularly and found I had cramps in calf first time ever , could this be the suger effect of just a coincidence ??



You are doing very well. I admire your determined, organised and resourceful approach.

Its just a case of onwards and upwards, and use the forum for support, and have as much food about you as you can that you know is healthy.

For snacking - nuts, rice cakes, a mix of seeds, home-made houmous.

And I would suggest the calf pain is sugar/toxin related - although it may also be exercise related, so just a case of going carefully, there.



I feel like I’m having an epiphany.  Ahhhh (Que heaven music) :D Yay!

Ok I started changing my diet this week for school. I gave up obsessing over sugar. But on a side note, I am not craving it like I was!

So I’ve got adhd and depression runs in my family. I know that is part of the reason I CRAVE sugar so much. Like how people crave “comfort” food in the winter.

So I’ve been having headaches and mood swings. And can’t think straight right? Of course the sugar is making it worse. Now it’s impacting my ability to think and focus in school. And the moods have to stop.

So I remember that some foods help and some things make it worse.  So I looked up the diet I should be having.  I’ve increased my fish and fruits and veggies. πŸ’– and I’m eating fruit now instead of processed sugar. I’m still satisfying my sweet tooth but I think this is really helping me a lot!

I forgot about this diet. Sugar isn’t so great for it. But you want to up your protein.

So instead of a big bowl of sugary raisin bran, sugary yogurt, and sugary coffee, this is what I have been having:

On a plate divide it in half. Doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. 1 half fill with fruit or vegetables for every meal. Other half divide in half. So 1 quarter of the plate is protein, and 1 quarter I’d a complex carb. Not white bread or rice.

I really did not want to give up my sweet breakfast! Sigh… but I tried it 1 slice whole grain bread. (It’s whole wheat flower not white. It has some sugar but I think it’s 3 or 5 grams per slice. So thats my complex carb.  You can put eggs on the little quarter of the plate and fill the rest with fruit.

What I’ve been doing is have fish for my protein,  1 slice of bread, and steamed veggies, or an apple w/peanut butter.

So in an around about way I am cutting out sugar anyway. I still have some but they digest slowly and they don’t make me feel sIck or give me a huge headache.

I’m not starving and having a hard time thinking shortly after eating like I was. I was hungry all the time. It’s so weird! Right?  And I think the healthy fats and protein in the fish are satisfying me for hours longer.

I will continue this and post back in a week.
To see if I stick to it.

For sweets cravings, I have a small cup of low fat cottage cheese, cinnamon and Splenda or stevia.  Fruit smoothies are berries and water, milk, soy, or plain yogurt with a stevia. What other ideas do I have for you? ... an apple or half sliced with peanut butter.

Another weird thing. I’ve been doing this for several days now, and my tastes are getting more sensitive.  Not dulled down from all the sugar. πŸ’– it was so strange when the apple tasted too sweet. What?!  That’s crazy. smile

Now I’m focusing on nutrition as a whole verses obsessing how much I want sugar and can’t have it… I’m not even thinking about it as much.  So weird. smile try it!

I saved a container that was from a premade meal. It has dividers. I will use it as my plate as a guide. The half that is one large section; fruit and veggies. The other half has a small section for you protein.  Could be eggs, meat, fish or cottage cheese, and the other small section is for a complex carb.

For lunch heated steamed veggies in the microwave,  a microwave meal.  Steamed veggies in large section, some olive oil and lightly salt. A small portion of mac and cheese (carb)), and I had fish in the other portion. I saved the rest of the steamed veggies and microwave meal- mac and cheese in the fridge.

What does this have to do with sugar?

I would usually just have the microwave meal of mac and cheese,  and then a yogurt or cookies or some sweet.

Now I’ve filled up. I still let myself have the mac and cheese so I’m happy. (Pasta basically = sugar or white bread) it’s in a much smaller portion about half. And I’m not hungry. I wanted something sweet and made some black tea with stevia.

Sorry I can never talk briefly! But I wanted to post if it might help someone else.

I’ve just been eating fruit and tea with stevia. When my cravings hit. Which is maybe why I crave them? Maybe I need the fruit? Does this idea help anyone?

I’m not doing anything drastic.  But I’m a ranging my food in portions that include produce and a protein. Before it was all carbs carbs carbs.

Anyone else want to try this with me? smile I cheated using mac and cheese instead of whole grain.  But I’m not stressed. I’m getting more protein fruits and veggies. It’s taking the place of some of those carbs.
And I’m not ad hungry. I like this idea. :D

Let me know what you guys think! smile does anyone else have adhd or the blues and find carbs effect your moods and how you think?

I heard that the protein helps your body make more dopamine or other neurotransmitters.  Then when we don have it we stress more and crave more sugar perhaps.

Let me know what you all think and what has helped you?  Thanks! smile



I’m sorry my posts are so long!



Oh yes I forgot! I got   whole grain bread without the high fructose corn syrup. I think the microwave meals and ceramic bars I was having before had a lot in them. This might be helping. I hear that the high fructose corn syrup gives you more sugar cravings than the other ones. I don’t remember why.



Ceramic bars =cereal bars. Sorry. Also ps= the veggies that are starchy. Like potatoes will go in the carb portion. And… what else? Beans may fall into carb category.  Rice is carb.

Salads, green veggies,  or stir fry veggies is fruit and veggie section/ portion.



Sheri, that is just inspiring! Fantastic. It sounds like the best plan and will just improve and develop as you go along. Fab.

I need fruit, I have realised that today, so I am sticking with it. sometimes I like to eat fruit for breakfast and lunch and then what I call ‘hard food’ for tea - rice, veg, eggs, etc. From tomorrow, I am aiming for fruit for two meals and then veg drinks and then hard food as a craving satisfier. the carbs, protein etc does help ‘fill me up’ and calm me down if I need it.

the food you are eating is sugar-free and satisfying so that you crave less sugar all in all and your body feels nourished and settled. have you considered whole wheat pasta for your mac and cheese? I think that you are doing what is essentially the solution to sugar-addiction and you have quoted a brilliant plan. upwards and onwards. any form of sugar will produce sugar cravings, even honey in my case, and definitely high fructose corn syrup - its just sugar, which turns to insulin in the body, same as white rice, white pasta; it has no fibre and then your body gets high and feels empty. so whole nutritional food is the answer. As I think you know…



Thank you Meg! smile I just looked up adhd diet (for my symptoms) which is unrelated, but ends up being 100% related in the sense that cutting out processed sugar is part of that.

I’m wondering if I am getting the same amount of sugar though with the fruit I am eating?  Using that container with the dividers is Genius!  :D

I stumbled upon something that mentioned that a diet that doctor Hallowell recommends is that each time you make a meal or plate of food; one half of the plate should be fruits and/or vegetables, 1/4 of it protein, and 1/4 of it complex carbs.

So I remembered that; hey I have a plate with dividers that section it off like that!  Perfect! smile I don’t have dirty dishes any more either. I just use it and wash it.

It’s getting harder to figure how to fill it, but with that simple rule I’m no longer having a big bowl of cereal. 

Today I didn’t feel like having meat or fish for my protein for breakfast. So I put lowfat cottage cheese in that part and had a protein shake (1/2 of a scoop) so I got around 22 grams of protein? And a piece of bread.

Then i didn’t know what to do with the big half.. I just started filling it with what ever I could find.  As long as it was fruits or veggies. I really didn’t want to do it this morning.  Lol. πŸ˜› but if I had the plate with the compartments it forced me.

I only have one apple left. So I cut up half of it and put it in there. Still a lot of room… remembered I had some frozen berries. Put a small amount in a cup and nuked it for 15 seconds in the microwave.  Maybe less than a quarter cup. Now not much else I could use? I thought; do I really want salad in the morning??  Yuck! :p So I found some steamed veggies in the fridge. I put a couple pieces of broccoli.  I thought it would be gross. I didn’t mix them with the fruit. But I had to put something in there!

Anyway, it worked! I put some of the berries on the cottage cheese.  smile dipped the bread in the berry juice. smile sweet. And ate the apples. The broccoli didn’t taste like anything so it didn’t clash.

So I guess this works with whatever you have in the fridge.  smile

It forces you to have protein and produce with every meal so it’s automatically balanced. πŸ’– :D

Make sure to include some protein and a little healthy fat like a handful of nuts. Your energy will crash if you don’t have enough of those. Hope this helps! smile



Ok… on a side note I’m feeling pretty hungry almost right away after that one. I think the protein shake is what is doing it? I don’t think it has much sugar. But it does taste sweet and I’m getting a headache.  Maybe the shake and the fruit is too much sweet?  And there was no fat in that meal. I guess I should have had a piece of fish after all. Lol.

Just work with it if you try it and pay attention to when you are hungry after and what you ate.

I didn’t add any sugar to the berries or apples? What’s up with that?.. hold on. Do I have to start counting grams of sugar? :( I hope not.  Let me check something for you…. Achk! (Pout)

Ok protein shake says one scoop has total carbs is 8grams and sugar is 2 grams.

What? Ok the “sugar” in it is sucra lose.

Ok if there isn’t that much sugar why am I feeling like I just had some?  Hmm?

Does anyone get sugar cravings from the protein shakes? I think I read that the other forms of sugar may be like no sugar in there but they increase your cravings?

Side note; I may have to not have sweet protein shakes?

Ok I’m going to go have a piece of fish or something before I raid the pantry of all the sweets. Achk!  I’m trying to be healthy. What happened?  Was it the cottage cheese?

I’m do confused now… :p



I mean.. I’m so confused now. Lol. Help! smile  what did I do wrong? Any who. ..



Oh I cheeted last night. I was studying and then had a couple cookies then… a bunch of gummy bears.  Sigh… could one slip yesterday make me feel like this today? Fammit! ! :( I forgot. Sigh…

I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted when I was younger. Now I feel like a crazy person obsessing over a little sugar. I don’t know why it has this kind of effect on me now? Do I have a sensitivity to it from just eating so much for so many years? Sugar… yeah… got the sugar headache craving moody thing. Wow… so weird. Maybe just from what I ate last night? Why can’t I feel like a normal person? Lol. Am I crazy?

Sigh. .. we’ll figure it out. Maybe we can together. We each know a little about something. Maybe we can put our heads together and fill in the gaps and learn from each other? 

I feel it takes so much energy to stress about food.  Yes?



It takes me three days to normalise after sugar intake, so could be the same with you. I generally have been unable to get over sugar use in one day and used it again one or two days after, and have had bread and cheese or silly amounts of eggs or chicken, that I don’t normally eat. However, what is important is to remove sugar from the diet and system, and a way to do that is with proper nutrition, so you are getting there. just think when the gummy bears were part of your life, and now they are a confusing mistake.
also, withdrawal in general will produce symptoms, so maybe you should welcome them as signs that you are withdrawing.  I wonder what is in the protein shakes and if there is a sugar form in them, like maltodextrin or suchlike. also, great that you had the piece of fish, and I would say if you feel hungry again after your plateful, just eat again in a similar way.



Hello, this is so interesting to me as I began no refined sugar, breads, pastas in January. I am so weak still and it is mid-March. Dizziness is getting worse. My body was inflamed due to the sugar intake. All blood work normal.I’m eating plenty of protein, vegetables, fruits. No dairy. Anyways, does it take months sometimes to get stronger? I just struggle every day to even walk because of strength issues, and just recently dizziness is setting in. Anyways, any advice?



the short answer is, yes, it takes time to become stronger. I would suggest the ‘weakness’ is due to toxic presences in the body, of which inflammation is one. I wouldn’t think you have become weaker in any way, just that the body is dealing with poisons and toxic damage and manifests feeling weak as a result, possibly to encourage you to rest and go easy while it does all its work.

Camomile tea will help you to relax and rest, a sleepy tea at night can be invaluable. oats are restful foods, as are bananas, chick peas, beans and potatoes, and green veg is especially useful to give you nutrition, which is your best ally at this time. you have come to the right place. upwards and onwards, my friend.



Linda may I suggest you make an appointment with your primary care provider?  This may seem silly, overreacting,  or obvious.  But if you are feeling this way for an extended period of time; either you are cutting too much out of your diet, or it could be something else going on. You should have started feeling better by now. ? Did you go very low carb? You can cut back some and switch to whole grains.  But don’t cut it out completely.  Do you have low blood pressure?  Or diabetic/ or hypoglycemic?



The only other thing I could think of is maybe medications?  Is there anything else that has changed besides the sugar removed from your diet? Or sometimes people develop sensitivities to food. Like food alergies.  I am curious and I hope you can feel better soon!



I am concerned that if dizziness is setting in now that something is wrong and I would see your doctor. It’s good for them to be aware of what is going on and you will need their help to figure out what is causing these symptoms.  You shouldn’t be getting worse months after quitting sugar. You should start to be feeling better. Hug. I hope you can get to the bottom of it and feel better soon.



Hopefully it is something small you can fix. smile



@Linda, I agree. If the symptoms are getting worse it is something you and your doctor should take seriously. It may not be a major health issue but knowing what is causing the symptoms is always helpful and will give you peace of mind.



Yes please do. Knowing what it is; means you can address it and nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Even if it’s something small like diet changes - something you can change, if you do nothing and let it go, it could become something more serious. And likewise if it something else,  addressing the real cause can make you feel a lot better and give you a much better chance to be well and in control of your health.

I agree,  thank you David, it will defiantly give you peace of mind to address and fix the real problem.

I am glad you mentioned your blood work was normal. Does this mean you have already taken steps towards this by discussing it with your doctor? Unless it’s too personal, I don’t want to pry or overstep my bounds. I am curious what your doctor thinks is maybe causing these symptoms? What things did he/ she ask you or check out for you? And what do they think it might be?



I don’t want to violate your privacy or dignity.  So if it’s too personal that’s ok. Just say it is. smile I hope you feel better, Linda!  Hug.πŸ’–



I’ve been cutting sugar out because I’ve been having severe anxiety on and off for years. I’ve always been out of shape and have such a poor diet. I’m also and addict to sugar. Been going a little cold turkey but the symptoms are even worse anxiety, headaches, nausea, extreme fatigue, and depression. I’m not craving sugar much because I’m taking vitamins and some contain the stuff that helps reduce cravings for sugar. I just hope this changes my life for the better.



Today is my 4th day of no sugar no carbs. ( although I did have beans and nuts last night which has some carbs). It wasn’t too bad the first couple days. I actually felt pretty good. I did have some sweating and lightheadedness. This morning I have a headache and my stomach hurts. I’ve been eating lots of protein and veges. Staying away from milk and fruit for now as they contain sugar .... And yogurt. I have been an emotional eater for years. I see sugar and carbs as my enemy now and needed a drastic change. So tired of struggling over it. Food has taken over my life. Used to b fit and healthy now 210 lbs. I’m ready to do this. Hope it works. Looking forward to loosing weight .  I chose to quit cold turkey because if I have one bite I want more. Eating good though and will try to keep ” walking”. Will have to deal with my emotions too ...



Seriously having an issue with diarrhea after quitting the refined sugar. What the heck am I doing wrong?!?
I went through a sugar detox March 7th and since then my output has been crazy. I have cut out all refined sugar and I just need to have an idea of what I am doing wrong….yes I know.. TMI…



No not TMI Lisa. Think about this. Our flora (bacteria in our gut) thrive on what we eat. Eat carbs/ sugars… the bugs that love sugar thrive.  Now you suddenlyrics took away their food source.  It’s no wonder that our digestion can go into a tail spin when we change our diet like that. ..

Now add to that what you may be replacing that with to be healthy? Fruit,  veggies,  whole grains,  nuts, and legumes. Those thing mess with our digestion also until our body can adjust to it. Different bacteria feed on them. Good ones… but they were pushed to the side by the sugar loving ones. Now they suddenly have a food source they kind of go crazy and can cause bloating gas or cramping. And the fiber if you are not used to it can give you basically what you have going on now.

Did you change your diet like this?  Don’t panic. I’m just a nursing student. Not a doctor. But besides looking at your diet, and ruling out that, they would probably put you on a good probiotic. Something with lactic illus etc. There are some good ones.

If changing the diet slowly,  and probiotics don’t stabilize it, defiantly go to the doctor.  If it’s been more than a few days also go to the doctor.  They can look at if you are sick with something or if there is a sensitivity to certain foods.

I’m now the one sorry if this is too much information!  How long have you had this? Also make sure to have Gatorade,  some salt or bananas if you are going too much, if you lose fluids you will lose electrolytes too.

Hope this helps you!!! smile



Oh since March 7th? Definitely want to check in with your primary care physician.  Just in case. If you have been losing fluids that long it’s not good. They would want to know. Maybe get some blood work to rule out things like if you’ve been sick or have an infection or imbalance in your gut.  Like bad bacteria etc., check your electrolytes.  They can also check for siliac (if I’m spelling that right). Have them check for food sensitivities.  That’s about it. I would go. Don’t panic.  If you added fruits and veggies in your diet that can do it also. Will you let me know what you find out? This helps me to learn also.  I will be helping patients one day so this actually helps me to learn. I hope you feel better soon! smile



I will get with my doctor. I imagine that she won’t tell me it’s from the detox but ya never know. I will try the probiotics smile thanks for your suggestions.



You’re welcome. smile I hope it works out and you find out what’s causing it. Ironically,  we were covering this in class yesterday.  Long term fluid / electrolyte imbalance can be dangerous if you let it go. I’m glad you are going to the doctor! smile it can’t hurt to try. Good luck! G I problems are no fun. I hope you feel better soon. Hug.πŸ’–



Fluid and electrolyte imbalance can be dangerous regardless.  Don’t want to scare you. Get some pedialyte or Gatorade to have on hand.  Or have some salty snacks or bananas, in the meantime. Don’t go crazy just good to have if you are losing fluids.  It will help you. A good daily multivitamin,  or even taking an “emergen-c” might help you too. Hope this helps. And eat balanced so you aren’t missing anything. Healthy carbs, healthy fats, and protein.  This should help you feel better some. But won’t help the GI issue. Hope this helps!  smile



I know you are trying to cut back on sugar so you won’t want to use Gatorade.  But have some carbs.  Your body needs it. It could very well be from the detox, believe it or not. You have to be careful if you are doing it wrong. Are you cutting out all carbs?



No not doing away with all carbs. I eat plenty of organic fruits, veggies etc. Lots of water. I think it’s just a huge adjustment for my body. 47 yrs of eating junk… Well truthfully growing up we didn’t have all of those processed foods up until like the 80s…



Well 2 days using the align probiotics and already notice a good improvement!



How much sugar is in dark chocolate morsels?

Thank you




Hi Sage, It depends on how many you eat and what brand you get. Check the nutrition label for sugar content (it says SUGAR and a number in grams) and look to see the serving size. Multiply the number of grams times the amount you eat.

For instance, one tablespoon may contain 10 g of sugar but you ate 5 tablespoons worth, so that’s 50 grams of sugar consumed.



I am on day 4 and I am miserable! I have had severe muscle aches and a temp around 100-101. Anyone else have flu symptoms like this? I know it will pass, but it feels like forever already. I have also have headaches everyday. πŸ€’



It was awful when I tried it. I think I threw up. I did feel like I had the flu. For days. Not fun! But that was because I went cold turkey. Even cut bread etc. So I had to learn the hard way that my body was in shock. Nursing classes helped me to understand too. The physiology of what was happening.

When your body is used to using that as its fuel, and you suddenly take it away it’s a lot. Maybe try weaning yourself off more slowly.

I started by switching to Splenda or using less sugar in my coffee. Then when I would usually get a candy bar in the afternoon, I bought an apple Lara bar.  There was still sugar but fiber because it’s dried not sugar rush and sugar crash.

You might have to try a few things that work for you. There are some desert hacks you can do too so you have fruit instead of sugary sweets.

That’s maybe healthier to allow your body to adjust that way as you change your diet. Everyone is different what works f or them. smile



Start with substituting some things.  But some “healthy” things can have a lot of sugar too or sugar added. Look at the label. Fresh fruit and whole grain bread are a great switch to start. Another thing you can do is cottage cheese with fruit. Or ricotta cheese with cinnamon and a little Splenda.  Which ever low calorie sweeter you can do for now. You can gradually cut back later.

Oh yeah… for the bread check to make sure whole wheat or whole grain flower is first ingredient and check to see no or low sugar added. If you can weed out the high fructose corn syrup they put in some bread that helps. Oh yeah… you can also do open faced sandwiches.  One slice of bread. Just don’t cut out all carbs all together. It’s not good for you.  Unless there is a medical reason or doctor has you on specific diet. Hope this helps! smile I hope you feel better soon. Hug.πŸ’–



Yes I got terrible headaches too. Sugar is like a drug. Not only withdrawals,  but your brain and muscles; your body got used to using simple sugars as its fuel source. But ketogenic diet isn’t good either (burning only protein or fat as fuel) there are some diets out there that suggest this. But it’s not how your cells are designed to use energy.  = lactic acid build up, you won’t feel very good and weak. There are some medical reasons / diseases that some people have to go no carb. But that isn’t common.  And it’s not good for you.

At some point I might want to learn about nutrition for healing but I have a long way to go before I can start that.  Not trying to sound like a know it all! Sorry! Just hope this helps.

When in doubt, Mediterranean is good. But it’s also a big change.  Maybe baby steps? Good Luck! smile



Big hug! πŸ’–



Thank you, Sheri! I have not cut all carbs, just added sugarZ i have been gluten free for a while now. I have been doing one thing at a time. I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity so regular bread is not an option. I gave been eating my gluten free bread though. I was consuming so much sugar before though. I agree about it being a shock to your body. Yesterday was very difficult, but after a night of chills and sweats, I feel much better today. I almost gave in, but I didn’t have anything in the house thankfully. I still have the headache though. I can do this! πŸ€“



Thank you so much Vanadia and David;  yes I got “hooked” on Nestles Dark chocolate morsels….  no cookies for me, just give me the morsels…lol

but I was just consuming too many… ( approx. 3 T per day ) and at 73, I am very healthy, in the gym every day, eat clean, except for these darn morsels…. so decided to break the habit and went cold turkey ... 

it has been 9 days “clean”, lol and still want my dark chocolate… the usual aches and pains you all describe, but still trying to get through the worst…will I ever quit craving them ?  good question ...

I appreciate your replies, thank you… this forum is great, good to know there are others that are going through the same thing…

have a great weekend…

Sage ...



Trish, have you tried/do you eat sourdough bread?

Sage, perhaps try unsweetened carob chips as a chocolate alternative/replacement.

Sheri, always appreciate your knowledge!



Thank you! smile I get excited about sharing what I’ve learned if it helps others. I don’t mean to sound rude or go on and on like I do. smile sorry! :D



Hi Vanadia,

Thank you for your response, but to my understanding, carob chips contain hydrogenated palm oil…  ( trans fats )



I’m one of many that have been struggling in my program and have gotten bumped out this past semester. I’m going to reapply for next year.  Besides that, my family moving, and my father passed away before father’s day, I’ve been a mess and back to eating ice cream. Sigh… :(

I wonder if there is an easier way or sone compromise that might make it easier to stick to and be healthier. We have to put the house on the market in a few weeks now. I’m just stressed. I need to find a substitute for sugar being my drug when I feel crummy.

Sage,  they say the cravings go away when you eat healthy. And I’ve done that, it did. But it’s hard to keep up a healthy diet when out and about and ice cream adds and fast food adds. It might not go away. Maybe it’s like when someone quits drinking or cigarettes?  Generally I think the cravings are always there?

Maybe someone who has been successful long term can let us know? I haven’t been able to stick to anything more than a month or two. School and life situations have eclipsed everything else.

I’m down for some encouragement if anyone’s been successful long term? Or just in general. smile



Hi Sheri, so nice to hear from you ... your words are kind. Thank you.

All of my life I have lived and ate clean…  I am wheat free, never eat red meat, not much chicken, then only white meat, do love salmon, small fish, very aware of mercury toxins, never smoked, never drugs, once in a while a glass of red wine, eat lots of raw, but not into juicing, eat certain nuts, LOVE avocados, in its natural state, have one every day, prefer whole fruits,  no juice, live by the glycemic index, lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables,  never never fast foods, ugh, never soda, yuck, take but a few vitamins,  and yes love dark chocolate, and have partaken for many years…  the higher cocao content, the more caffeine, so I watch that, drink no coffee,  just don’t like the taste… drink decaf green tea though sometime ( and yes, there is caffeine even there ) never eat processed foods, love garlic,  ( must eat it raw for best benefits ) And I read labels, so important.  And my drink of choice, is water, period.  Drink it all day, everyday.   

I am in the gym most mornings, know my limitations, ( just turned 73 ) so I take much care in my body and overall health.  Cardio is over-rated, too much accelerates aging, there is a balance between cardio and weight training…  weight-bearing exercises are imperative.

I am retired nuclear physicist,  but I stay busy modeling designer fashions for an international travel magazine, so I prove you are never too old to be young. 

My lipid numbers and panels are amazing for someone my age, my doctor ( whom I visit just once a year ) calls me an anomaly… 

so this journey to see if I can forego dark chocolate, has been a bit of a challenge, just to prove that I can do it ...  this is day 10, and I feel more confident that all the yesterdays. 

Sorry for rambling on, but just wanted to give you an idea that being healthy is not just for the young… all of our lives we are given chances and opportunities to be the best we can be. 



to your good health…... Sage



Sheri, sorry to hear about your father. *Hug* So, you ate ice cream? Whatever! You’re going through a stressful time! You’re still on the path.

Sage, thank you for pointing out that carob chips have trans fats!



Thank you very much vanadia.  It’s David right? Yeah healthy eating will have to wait until mom and I move. Between grieving and going through stuff I haven’t sorted through since childhood (lol) it’s a lot. Sometimes I forget to eat. Yes… the ice cream .. lol. I’m giving myself a pass right now. Can only do so much at one time. What can you do. Thank you I’m missing him a lot.

Sage! You are my new role model!!!! I have no words for how Awesome your diet and lifestyle are. And you work out everyday. Amazing. You are right about doing too much. I’m s peach less.

Retired nuclear physicist to boot? You rock! Talk about an inspiration.  And I’m talking about struggling with nursing classes. Lol.

At my father’s service I shared his love of science and physics. You would have liked him, sage! I don’t have his memory for details. But he got so excited about science and physics. smile



It was contagious.  smile we watch a lot of the science channel. I don’t know too much about nuclear physics beyond basic earth science and chemistry classes. That’s got to be interesting.

Sage. Another thing I wanted to mention. My father was 71 and his health wasn’t as good as it should have been and a cancer survivor,  and my mom is 72 and currently has multiple myeloma. So many people in my family have had cancer or serious health problems and don’t live long. 60’s - 70’s and I think our collective sugar addictions and lifestyle might have something to do with it. My dad was doing too much with getting the house ready to sell and he did too much.  He was getting thin.

So the proof is in the pudding.  I my brother passed in his 20’s so there is no guarantee in life. But look at your positive health feedback from your doctor!! That is amazing. You might inspure me to live the right way as I get older.  Thank you for sharing about what you do for healthy eating and lifestyle. This is very helpful. I don’t have any examples like that in my life. Thank you. πŸ’–



Hi Sheri,  so nice to hear from you.  Your words are so kind, thank you.  I like to think we all inspire each other in various ways.  And no, there is no guarantee in life, death does not care, only God knows.  Just live each day the best we can.

You sound like a very positive person, given all the adversity you have faced. I lost my husband after 40 years of marriage.  I know it has made me stronger. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother and father,  and that your mother is not well.  I also took care of my mother, before she passed away, too. So I am very familiar with loss.  Believe me, it makes you stronger. I pray a lot.  lol

And good luck with your nursing classes, something tells me you will do well. Kudos to you. 

Have a great day, in your good health…

Amy Eleniewski


I’m on day 3 of no sugar/processed food. First day and half was sluggish and tired but felt good last night. I’ve been having diarrhea. I’m eating eggs n sausage green salads chicken and veggies and drinking plenty of water. I feel a little shaky right now. I want to continue as I’m utterly shocked at how much sugar/carbs I was ingesting through what I thought was a somewhat healthy lifestyle! Normal? Should I add something to diet? Is this just my body naturally cleansing itself and also maybe quick turn around on food digestion?



Hi Amy, judging by the comments above, you’re very normal. Next you have to rebalance your system. Trying new foods while eliminating others is a fun process that will take a year or more. You’re on track, keep going!



I am new to this website although I’ve read some of your articles and comments and was really inspired by all your enthusiasm. I wanted to ask you a question as I am puzzled with my current situation and my doctor has left for a month long holiday and cannot be reached. Maybe somebody will have an idea.
About 2 months ago I noticed I started gaining a bit of fat around my belly (I have quite a sedentary lifestyle..) so I decided to live more healthy, and, although I do not eat much sugar (had tried to cut it before and then reintroduced just a few things, such as random pieces of dark chocolate, or a slice of cheesecake, a bit of organic almost-no-sugar jam here and there, but no soda, junk food or sugary sauces etc,) , so this time I decided to cut it completely. I still continued to eat basmati rice, quinoa or boiled potatoes, and some fresh berries. My usual meal is protein+carb+fat, 3 times day (breakfast not too big), occasionally fruits 1hr before dinner. I almost never eat gluten and I do not drink coffee.

So I cut only refined sugar and reduced amount of fruit = nothing really drastic.  I still got a typical withdrawal symptoms (hunger, fatigue, a bit of headache, all the low blood sugar / withdrawal symptoms you mention here in the blog..) but they were not too severe and began to slowly subside.

About a week later my doctor gave me some herbal supplement (I was going through a temporary stress situation), that I took for about 2 weeks but had to stop, because it helped with the stress but gradually yet severely diminished my blood sugar levels (I later googled and found that most of the herbs could diminish blood sugar levels). I probably should/ would have stopped it earlier but I thought these were still my sugar withdrawal symptoms and its ok.  Even when I ate, I had a feeling I was still hungry, and my low blood sugar symptoms increased after 1-2 hours, I was nearly fainting , shaking, sweating, and I had to eat again which only increased the rollercoaster. Strangely, when I measured my blood sugar, it was normal (fasting was 80-90 and some time between meals around 100 or so).

Since I stopped that supplement, my blood sugar began to stabilise, I could go 5 or more hours without eating, and I introduced a bit of sugar back to my diet (half a brownie or a piece of dark chocolate per day), and it actually made me feel better. But then I had my period and I took some herbs for cramps, and again my blood sugar crashed. I only then realised that it was due to herb (basil and some other) and immediately stopped it. It slowly began to stabilise. About one week later,  I felt almost normal. I was still taking a small piece of chocolate or half a brownie a day. 

Then I had a meal at an indian restaurant, and a masala tea after the meal. The next day I started experiencing again all the low blood sugar symptoms, it crashed badly. I thought it must have been due to some spices, cinnamon etc that they used in the dishes or tea.  It has been one week and it still feels very bad. I feel cold hands and feet all the time, and when I start eating, I immediately get a migraine headache (the headaches started only last 4 or 5 days) and feel very hungry, as if my blood sugars are low, cold hands and feet etc. I measured sugar levels 1 hr after the meal and it was 120. This morning my fasting glucose level was 85 but I felt slight hypoglycemic symptoms. It feels that the insulin level is high and when I start eating it sends the blood sugar down and I get all the symptoms. 

About three weeks ago I did a blood test and my fasting insulin was 10mU/L (reference 2.6-25), c-peptide 2 (ref 1.4-4.4) and fasting glucose 84.  I did not have the test to check insulin after meal as my doctor thought there was no need. After this he left for holiday so I am kind of stuck with this situation.

I wonder if you have any idea what is going on and how to rebalance. I had a quantum biofeedback scan done and it showed “hyperinsulinemia” but without any other explanation. The whole roller coaster started with diminishing blood sugar levels when I quit sugar and then took that darn supplement that diminished it even lower,  so now I really do not know how to reverse this situation. Worse is that I need to travel and it adds extra stress. Can this be dangerous?

I have no diabetic family members. I had adrenal burnout 7 or 8 years ago and since then I sometimes have hypoglycemic symptoms if I skip meals for too long, but nothing serious. At some time I had completely stopped sugar and after a week of slight symptoms I felt ok. Also if I take for too long some herbs that can diminish sugar levels, after some time I would feel low blood sugar, but it would go away once I stop the herb (for example, allicin / garlic or cinnamon).

So I wonder what to do and if anybody had or heard about such a situation. Thanks in advance! Kristine



Hi Kristine, sorry this is stressing you out. Can you just drop the herbs and eat several smaller sugar-free meals throughout the day? Are you sure that the foods you are eating do not have added sweeteners?



Thank you David. I had stopped all the herbs and was stressed because the situation still persisted after more than 2 weeks. No artificial sweeteners as I was cooking all my meals from scratch. I figured out that eating more protein+low gi carbs+fat and no added sugar (and only very little low gi fruit for example, apple is ok, banana no-no) helps to stabilise the situation. No snacking in between. Now I am travelling so it is more difficult to control my food but I’m trying my best. But I am getting less severe reactions when starting to eat and can have longer times between meals (today 5 hrs since lunch), althoug I still have headache and feel hungry.  I guess my 2 cents from this whole situation is - when you cut all sugar, make sure you do not ingest anything that can drastically lower blood sugar levels (such as cinnamon etc) as the body is already trying hard to rebalance since one has cut the sugar. I’ll let you know how it goes and if I learn something new!



You have an eating disorder?

Rhonda Snyder


I’m so glad to have found this site!!!  I’m on day 6 of my sugar detox and my moods!!  Lordy!  I’m weepy, and somewhat depressed, with a dash of anxiety thrown in for good measure!  I’m so “glad” to see I’m not alone.  I’ve successfully managed depression and anxiety for years with the help of medication, and occasional counseling.  Having these old feeling crop up now is a bummer, but I know it will pass, so onward I go!  Plus, I’m getting ready to take my kiddo back to college, so that probably has something to do with it, too.  Anyway, just stopping in to say hello, and give a big THANKS for this site!



Hi Rhonda, thanks for visiting. Good luck with your detox!



Can someone please tell me if they experienced really bad bloating giving up sugar?? I havent had the headaches but my stomach looks 6 months pregnant and has done since I started on no sugar. It doesnt hurt it just looks awful? I expected this to be the opposite way round and be less bloated from no sugar??
Thanks in advance,



Hi Meriel, it’s very common.

Ivett RΓ‘cz


I’m off sugar for 5 weeks now. I avoid it as much as I can. This week is the hardest ! I have anxiety and I’m shaking time to time !
I had all kind of symptoms during this 5 weeks : creavings,headackes,stomack pains, dihareia and all kind of body pain.
My lower back it’s hurting so much that I have to rest.
I’m tired and I feel I need neps during the day. But no cravings anymore at all , Im very happy about this!😊✌️
Now I need to push myself through the emotional part . I just feel if i would eat sugar again i wouldn’t have any of this.
I cant wait when my body balanced out and all this go away.
I never thought this will be so hard.
Im very happy to read the comments here ! Its helps lot !



Hi I was doing so good but over the summer did the yoyo thing , back and forth quit eating sugar then would binge for a weekend .I broke my big toe and was off work from July till September and I ate a lot of sugar flour and caffeine . I have worked my whole life and was working two jobs when I injured my self. Hated being home felt helpless so I ate. started cutting out all sugar , flour and caffeine cold turkey again.this is my third week . staying away from caffeine is easy but I noticed that if I have just a bottle of rootbeer and a sandwich bun . it is like going back to day one of withdrawal . the depression, mood swings really is annoying this last about 3 days but the sore stomach last much longer. I cant believe how bad just a little bit of the sweet stuff makes me feel. I am graving something sweet so bad . this weekend I made cocoa with honey milk and cocoa and a bit of vanilla. it was good but I wonder if it is bad for you? I also switched to plain lowfat yogurt it taste like soar cream to me but I put blueberries in it and it helps . I have no energy and it takes me forever to get to sleep and I am restless till I fall asleep. I have lost weight 8 pounds in two weeks but I urinate constantly. I truly wish I had never gone back to eating sugar cause this is miserable



Im eating banana for snackas. Can this make it harder ? Today I feel shakey and dizzy . Is that normal ?



Day 4 without sugar. I cut soda completely, even though I don’t have it very often.  I’m a huge water drinker, not much for coffee or tea.  My big cuts are no candy, cookies, cake, or ice cream.  Still having a little honey on my yogurt which is plain, non fat with no fruit or sugar in it as that seems to have a lot of sugar.  I’m doing this to see if cutting sugar helps my IBS.  I am also cutting bread.  Having rice or potatoes instead, for now.  Pasta not more than 1x a week.  And having my daily banana.  Trying to eat more protein and veggies.  Will slowly cut more foods.

I had terrible headache the 1st day and again last night.  Mild headache now.  I’ve had terrible cramping in my lower back and stomach off and on the last couple of days also.  Legs were restless last night.  Stomach was terrible today.  Bloated and the runs and some uncomfortable cramping now.  VERY thirsty and tired.  But my head, despite the headaches, feel less foggy.  Some chills and a runny nose too.

How long do these withdrawals last?  What do you all suggest to help?



Whatever works Tammy.  It’s up to you. If it works, good. If not try something else. You can eat like that for several weeks and then reassess your diet and make adjustments. It’s an ongoing process.

Ivett, bananas work for some folks. I still eat them. The dizziness and shakes sound like blood sugar reactions. Make sure you eat replacement foods.

Margie, it can be 6-8 weeks before you start to feel even. Keep going.



So glad I found this website - it’s been a huge encouragement reading about everyone’s withdrawal experiences… who knew it would be this tough!? I had done my fair share of reading about sugar withdrawal yet had no idea they would last so long - some information is quite misleading! I’m 25 days sugar free (including all fruit, honey etc.) YES! I’ve had some pretty gnarly withdrawals! Wanting to pick the brains of people who have completed withdrawal…. how long did your symtoms last? Also is the ‘other side’ really that great? I mean how do you know you’ve finished withdrawing? Lastly when did you start seeing weight loss, is it after withdrawal was complete? It’s been slow going for me…3.8 kgs so far (yet a big part of that was in the first week…guessing mostly water weight). Thank you in advance



Hi, My name is Emily. I decided that after my Thanksgiving sugar binge I was going to completely cut out sugar for good! Its been only a few days and I am very bloated, my face is breaking out, and I’ve been vomiting like crazy. Any advise? And how long will this hell last?



Wow! So glad I happened upon this site. I’ve always been overweight but after my second child I’m at my heaviest and experiencing some upsetting symptoms like shortness of breath, blurry vision, rashes on my feet, hands and face, and depression and mood swings.  My husband and I cut out red meat and poultry last year but think we went overboard on simple carbs and sweets. I’m ready to free myself from sugar and processed foods. On day 2 and I feel like crap….nausea, exhausted, and flu like aches. Why did I start this during the holidays!



Hello everyone.  This post has been very helpful to me…thank you so much.

Well it has been a week and a half and feeling so fatigued and all I want to do is sleep.  I was wanting to know if constipation is a symptom of this as well because ever since I quit sugar and changed my diet for the better I seem to be more constipated and when I do go the bowel movements do not look normal.  I am guessing from detoxing that my body is getting rid of things and I am hoping my bowel habits will return to normal.  Any ideas are helpful.

Here are some of the things that I have learned over the years:  If you absolutely have to have sugar and/or you are weaning yourself off slowly then try complex sugars as they break down in your body slower such as brown rice syrup which is similar to honey, plus it is less sweet.  Stevia is good in moderation and does not feed the Candida bug and stay away from fake sugars as they are worse on your health then regular sugar and there has been a lot of scientific research on all these diet products containing these imitation sugars and the effects it has on weight gain.

Eat balanced foods with veggies, some fruit (berries are best as they are lower in sugar), complex carbs such as oatmeal, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown or wild rice and healthy fats from avocados, nuts, seeds etc.  Do not remove all carbs.  I believe if we eat a low glycerin diet with high fibre it will help and it helps the body to break down those carbs much slower.

I heard from reading a book of mine is to aim for a minimal of 3 grams of fibre in foods, higher is better but don’t over do as it can cause constipation if you are getting too much fibre.  Anything less than three grams of fibre will break down faster in the body. 
Always aim for complex carbs as I mentioned they break down in the body slower and will not spike your blood sugars.

Good luck everyone!



Sorry I meant a low glycemic diet which are foods lower in natural sugars and higher in fibre.



Never dieted before , was always in Decent shape .. turned 30, gained about 15-20 bad pounds over last 9 months .. cut out all sweets sugar bread cold turkey on December 19th.. I literally have every symptom of the flu except for nasal problems.. chills at night , sweating , body aches , horrible headaches that still haven’t gone away.. can this be because of the diet? I can’t think of anything else



All you people experiencing cravings this is normal but the best way to combat this is to ensure your new diet consists of high fat and protein. Many people who cut sugar do not understand lean protein and vegetables alone is hardly sustainable.

Also you must ensure you are actually cutting sugar - this means no bread,  no croutons, no fruit and no to many sugary vegetables.

If you want to cut sugar to lose weight you cannot make exceptions.



Hi folks. Stopped sugar on January 1st (had my last chocolate 4 minutes before midnight). So I’m through my first 48 hours now. Strangely enough so far no symptoms. I feel perfectly normal. Is this normal? Will hell and agony still arrive in due time and whar can I expect?



So I’m 7 days in on an elimination diet. I’m male and 41. I’m having no sugar, no bread and gluten type stuff, no dairy and no alcohol. I’m still including fruit. It’s the 2nd time I’ve done such a diet. I’m doing this diet to try and curb some sinus and stomach issues. I was cruising round the net last night and saw this forum and I’ve found it very interesting reading all of your comments and sugar withdrawal symptoms. Here are my symptoms…

The bad;
Super bloated, I look preggo at times.
I’ve been getting some crazy pimples on my back and shoulders.
Sinus pressure is still sticking around with the odd normal headache.
Slight brain fog, feel pretty spaced out a lot and a bit forgetful.
Get pretty moody. I get frustrated easily if things annoy me.
Getting some anxiety.
Lower general mood, don’t feel as happy as I generally do.
Cravings haven’t been too bad, been day dreaming about mars bars though. Was in a shop and saw yummy looking bread rolls and wanted to stuff them in my face.

The good;
I’ve lost 2 kg’s already.
I’ve been sleeping well.
I’ve been having interesting dreams (not in a bad way)
I’ve reduced my toilet paper usage, thank you leafy greens wink

Looking forward to feeling better and best of luck with it all people.



Sam - no, you are not in for agony. The lack of side effects is because you are doing things properly.

I have done this diet numerous times before going on vacation or just wanting to cut a few pounds. When I have cheated,  aka eaten fruit or any other types of sugar, I’ve experienced terrible side effects and cravings. Ultimately, I’ve been forced to stop and ended up further behind than when I started.

However when done properly, as you are, there is no bloating, lack of energy, etc.

Best of luck and stick to it. You will be amazed by the results!



Guys,  I just saw this chat randomly and thought I would share what I’ve been going though. I’m on day five of my sugar free detox. No sugar, bread, fruit. Just veggies and water.

Before I got into this detox, I took it lightly, thinking detoxing from sugar wouldn’t have such a negative effect on my body. Boy I was wrong. I didn’t realize sugar had the same effect as heroin on the brain. Going though some serious withdraw symptoms.

So far, I have had pretty bad bloating, gas and diarrhea, a mild headache, and jitteriness and cold hands and feet. The worst part of all was the anxiety!!!! I had a full out attack out of nowhere, which was my first. I went to the dr and they just tried to prescribe some short term meds, not discussing the detox symptoms at all. I threw out the prescription and spoke to my wife who is a chiro told me to take a B100 complex which has made me feel great, and with the worst behind me, I’m actually glad I’m doing this detox.

Moving forward, I’m going I try eliminate sugar all together.



I was just surfing the web looking for some information about my stomach issue and came across this site. I’ve spent the last several hours just reading all of your sugar detox stories. I know this is something I need to do, but, work a busy job and don’t really have the time to spend feeling ill. Is it possible to detox from sugar at a very slow rate and not experience these withdrawals in such dramatic form?? I have cut caffeine from my diet this last year and didn’t notice any unpleasant side affects. I know that I am a sugar addict and my stomach issues today are from an overload earlier in the day. Is just seems to be such a daunting task to do it cold turkey 😩



I know just how you all feel! But I have no anxiety at all. Is it possible that since I’ve really cut off sugar and sweets, it’s cause me to have loose stool? Help!



Laura, it’s absolutely possible and it happens. I’ve been spared of that symptom but a friend of mine has taken up the challenge too, and he claims the toilet looks like a crime scene when he’s done lol.



Dry Mouth should definitely be added to the list of symptoms.  I also feel my nasal passages to be dry as well.  I feel super thirsty and am drinking constantly to get rid of the dry mouth feel.  My intestines are definitely not happy with me either.



I was literally FORCED into sugar withdrawal on Dec 30, 2016 when I was admitted to the hospital. I had scratched my side and in two days it blew up into cellulitis with burning skin and blisters. I found out that I am type 2 diabetic with glucose reading of almost 300. They had to give me insulin shots to get it down quickly so I could fight the infection. I am now recovering, thank God. But this experience was like getting hit with a ton of bricks and I was left to deal with my sugar addiction once I got home. The nurses and doctor educated me thoroughly in what diabetes would do to me if I didn’t get control of my eating. Here’s what I have been experiencing being off sugar: depression, crying, missing old routines, dry mouth, cranky, sweating, chills,
(No fever), restlessness,nightmares, increased hunger, anger, mild palpitations and general flu like feelings. Not all on the same but this has been off and on for many days. I am adamant in changing everything now, because I don’t want to get sick like I was again, and I was warned. There are good things coming out of this and this is why I’m holding on: bloating in legs and abdomen gone, glowing skin, eyes look brighter, lost 6 lbs, clothes are looser, thoughts seem clearer and I’m starting to feel a different inner strength I haven’t felt in years…like a feeling that I’m going to be okay. Everything was thrown at me at once, blood sugar testing, learning how to take care of myself and accept reality. I believe once January passes, it’s going to get better from here. Just hope the flu like stuff goes soon.



Found this through a google search and I’m on day 9 of quitting added sugar. This list pretty much fits me to a tee. Still on edge and it feels like PMS, although I’ve never had it this bad! I pretty much slept all weekend. I do have milk and fruit, so I think that’s taking some of the edge off, but still not pleasant!

Tabby - Thank you for sharing your story. Type 2 runs in my family and my eating habits were likely to get me there real quick and it’s a wonder I haven’t developed it sooner. Hang in there and take good care of yourself! grin



Just want to thank you all for your helpful posts from a very supportive forum. I’m 2 weeks into my new life without sugar and I’m thankful I learnt from people on here that so many foods contain sugar, mackrel, cottage cheese, so I am still finding my way through this checking labels etc, I have been caught out. Like others I had severe splitting headaches for a few days and my biggest sympton is zero energy, flu symptoms, just walking was a massive effort, things are easing off but still finding it hard to concentrate and even speak without getting all jumbled up!  Quite shocking really as I wasn’t a massive sweet food eater, just shows what all the ‘hidden’ sugars do to you.



I’ve been off most sugars for 2 months now, only time I have it really is 1 tspoon in my morning coffee eachday.
Also cut out a lot of processed foods.
Wasn’t easy!!
My question is, is it normal to have severe stomach cramping and diarrhea after ‘indulging’ on sugar.
I feel so disgusting, sweating doesnt help either.

Caroline Ashby


Hi, I have now been sugar free since 1st January 2017.  Initially I had really bad headaches and migraines (something I struggled with anyway).  I am now really doing well on the sugar free regime.  I lost 15lbs in January, but no weight in February?  My other observation is constipation!  Please help.  I really do not want to go back to consuming sugar.



When I wake IF I don’t have sugar and water I can’t get out of bed because I am too dizzy and also confused and weak.



Hi Jeanette, have you talked with a doctor about that?



I am trying to cut my main source of sugar out of my diet which is Pepsi. I would drink almost 24 cans in 3-4 days :( I went cold turkey the first week with bloating as my only side effect. Today I am dizzy, nauseas, exhausted, weak and my anxiety is off the charts. I have had the dull headache here and there but nothing too serious. I have been cooking healthy home cooked meals in the evening with a meat, a veg and a carb but am still super hungry Try to appease the “hunger” by drinking water. What else can I do for the weakness and anxiety :(



Wow Jaymie, sounds like you are doing a brilliantly giving up pepsi. Well done! When I first stopped sugar, I was really hungry too. I tried to eat more protein and ate a lot more than I usually do albeit sugar free. I have found the hunger naturally appeases when your body settles with the new adjustment.

I have always had very low energy and fatigue along with low mood and the main reason for me giving up was to get a handle on the anxiety. Since giving up sugar (around 10 weeks) I have much more energy, mentally alert and can think much clearer and the anxiety has reduced dramatically.



My main reason for the sugar cutback is that I want to quit smoking with out having other bad things to fill that void and I want to avoid as much weight gain as possible so I decided if I kick pop (where 99%of my excess sugar comes from) I will have way better chances.

Does cutting sugar really help with your anxiety that much? I have anxiety and panic disorder and if this is a sure fire method to help get it under control then I gotta work through this.



For me I have found a notiful difference with the anxiety. I guess everyone is different though. I also find that I am noticing times where I would have previously become stressed or anxious and have handled things in a much calmer, clearer fashion.  It’s like I’m in a position to observe the potential anxiety rather than be in it.



I’m back to tell you, I made it through to the other side. I stopped feeling sugar withdrawal around the 2nd week of February. So it took me from December 30,2016 to February 2017. Approximately 6 weeks. The shakes, sweating, emotional stuff and nightmares went away. I feel more energy and lighter. I’ve lost 20lbs total as of today. I did have some weird skin rashes and acne for a few days on my face. But that cleared too. I’m not cranky either. I’m not going to lie and say I never think about Orr want some of the foods I ate, but I’m able to leave it alone because I don’t want to get sick again. It’s been totally worth the battle. I understand why they say diabetes is a silent disease and killer…because you may not know you have it until something happens. So get your glucose tested every six months and your A1c.



Wow guys! I caved and had a Pepsi at work because I felt like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest. I wanted to fall over. I know this is my anxiety talking. I felt better afterwords. I will have to do this in moderation. Today would have marked 1 week no pop. I’m not gonna have and have a ton but I may need to wean instead of keep up cold turkeying it :(

marky mark


Holy hell I have been wondering why all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom every hour to hour and a half once I go to bed.
I have started to really watch my over sugar eating which may explain it.
How long does it take for these frequent wake ups to stop?



I have been just as bad marky mark. It’s insane. I find I am sleeping better and I am into my 4th week of weaning. I went from 6 pop a day to 1. I am sleeping a bit better. These things take time though. Think of how long you have been consuming excessive sugar. Also everyone will adjust accordingly. Maybe talk with your doctor (I did). They could give you a better idea for duration.



I am new to the giving up of sugar thing. I have been at it for a little less then a month. I have been so hungry during this time. I haven’t given in, I just see the hungry feel as a long lost companion. I have been wondering if I was normal. Maybe I am. For the first time….maybe I am actually normal in something?!

Elysia Seiter


I’m on day 3 with no soda. I am ashamed at just how much of it I have been drinking…my usual day would be all about getting that super-sized sugary drink from the drive thru window, and doing on it all day long.

Decided that I had to stop, because my mom and sister both have severe back problems, both related to weight, and I don’t want that to happen to me. I have three small children that I can’t keep up with, and no energy to play with them. I’ve gained so much weight because of my problem that I went from a size 10 to a size 16.

Want to get healthy, not just skinny. But the withdrawal is awful…diarrhea and stomach cramps are the worst. No real issues with cravings or fatigue…just really bad stomach flu symptoms. Trying to drink water, but that just makes me go potty a lot. Ugh will this ever end?



Oh Elysia, that sounds horrible! You are stron enough to keep this up though. You got this! I cut out soda and fast food a couple of years ago. It was rough because I live near fast food heaven, every fast food you could imaging just down the street. But I feel better for it. Pancakes from cracker barrel are currently my big weakness. Thankfully I have also been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity so I have to avoid it them for the sake of my gut and to avoid an incredibly itchy face!  I guess blessing come in all forms, including ibs and gluten allergies.  Who knew!

Angela Elliott


Periodically I give up eating sugar because 1. my teeth are falling out because of sugar and 2. it upsets my digestion.

This time round I feel as sick as a dog. My digestion is great but I am permanently hungry, no matter what I eat. I feel like I have flu (I don’t). I feel constantly nauseous.

I am used to the feelings of low blood sugar. This is something else altogether. I’ve been checked out by my doctor. Apart from low Vitamin D, for which I am taking supplements, I am ‘normal’.

I want off this sugar hell.



I’m about 6 or 7 weeks into *almost* no sugar and absolutely no soda. I have been getting stomach pains still, however, they’re most subsided…But I have been experiencing frequent urination which it lists on the symptoms. Never would’ve known. Hopefully it goes away! Good luck to you all



Hi all - I’m very similar to Lucy who posted a couple years ago.  I was diagnosed with Celiacs back in March and have been gluten-free since.  I also cut out caffeine and most dairy around that time as well since coffee and artificial sugars in diet sodas/energy drinks had started making me feel sick and I had also become extremely lactose intolerant.  I was continuing to have GI issues however (low appetite, constant gas) so I went to an eastern medicine doctor and she recommended a diet for me that included cutting out sugar completely, with the exception of honey. 

I’ve been following that “diet” for 2 full weeks now and I’ve had constant headaches (with a brief 3ish days of relief in the middle) and while I’ve always been a little high-strung, my anxiety has slowly amplified a hundred-fold and I’ve developed depression and PMS-level mood swings.  I’m almost 100% positive it’s from the sugar withdrawal, everything else in the diet is similar to what I’d normally eat.  Like Lucy, I hope I still have friends (and a boyfriend) when all this is over, I don’t know if I can keep this up for much longer.  I just can’t take the crying/constant sadness/anxiety (for no reason or for EXTREMELY stupid reasons) for much longer and I’m worried it will damage my relationships, it’s something I’m having a hard time controlling.  Reading this blog thread both encourages and scares me, hopefully it doesn’t take longer than a month, if it does I’m going back to eating sugar because I don’t think I’m strong enough for this.  Maybe I should be weaning myself off slowly instead of going cold turkey?



Hi Audrey. Weaning off sweets will always make it a more pleasant process. Going cold turkey is rough. Try choosing just one low-sugar snack that you can turn to. After a few weeks, try switching it to something with even less (or no) sugar. Also, check out my latest blog post, which talks about anxiety.

Frankly, it sounds like you don’t want to quit sugar or perhaps that you’re just not ready. Trying to go all or nothing is a set up for failure. That said, you’ve been at it for two weeks, which shows that you have the ability to choose what you eat. All you have to do is choose if you really want to go sugar-free.



I’m on day 2 without sugar. I’ve quit sugar before, but the first time I did it, it wasn’t so bad cause I didn’t take it much sugar anyway.
This time is another story. I woke up nauseous and as soon as I stood up, I had the shakes and started pouring sweat. I haven’t vomited. I ate an apple and some eggs and am feeling a little better. Incredibly dizzy and lightheaded, almost confused.



I was so excited to scroll down through all the comments from 2014 and see that this forum is still active.  That this support is still alive and viable.
This is the first day for me.  I have been struggling with coming to terms that sugar really is an addiction.  My withdraws: runny nose, itchy ears,
the biggest one for me:  is I eat to stay emotionally disconnected/numb.  And every time I put down sugar, my drug of choice, then I start to feel me in my own skin.  And I have to deal with the girth that I have inquired and how uncomfortable I am in all the girth.  difficulty getting up and down, living in pajamas.  There’s so much reality to live with there..having to face the me I have become.
But after reading this blog..i realize that it starts with knowing that I am addicted to sugar and that I am powerless and my life has become unmanageable.  First things first, face this substance, that reeks havoc in me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  And practice the art of living with out it.  thank you I feel as though you all have equipped me with the experiential knowledge that I need to wage war against this Trojan horse that i have welcomed and befriended.  In reality, this Trojan horse has deceived. manipulated, and enslaved me.  But tomorrow is a new day.



well, the first day of summer vacation…i live alone…got up and walked..but did not do well with being alone with this me that I created through over eating.  So I numb out with my drug of choice…sugar.  I forgive me and will pray to meet myself with compassion in the morning.



Hey hey.
This forum is great.  I can’t believe the torture of sugar addiction.
I am probably on week 3 of no sugar, but no sugar as in no obvious sugar. I used to eat literally bags of sweets a day. Haribo and boiled sweets. Not good! I decided to have a overhaul and just eliminate. Strangely I am not really craving them. What I am finding strange is that in this time ( I have had probably 3 biscuits in this time, but good quality oat biscuits - haha) is that I haven’t lost any weight, I am bloated, my ears are blocked and are ringing.. and I don’t really feel that good. Today I even considered buying a big bag of sweets to see if that kick starts it back.
I am not overweight as such, but I could do with 5lb off for my holiday in 2 months.  My question is, I must of consumed at least 500 cals in sweets each day. So I would of thought I would of lost at least 3lb…? Nothing.  I am a healthy eater. Don’t eat fried food. Big on veggies and fish. Not a carb fiend, don’t eat white bread, only rye bread occasionally… drinks at least 4 litres of water a day. So, my question is, when will I see results?? When will I feel amazing? Do i need a pro biotic ? My toilet routine has always been erratic, it’s all or nothing for me. I had a good clear out last Saturday and a decent turn out yesterday after my run ( Sorry. Haha )  I don’t know when the next will be.
I am finding myself being really sleepy in the evening and I am sleeping better without all the sugar running through my system but that’s the only positive so far.
Thanks everyone!  X



I am on day of no sugar, caffeine, sleeping pills unisom and Excedrin pm.  Still very fatigued, body aches and extreme nausea. No fever but on again off again chills and cramping diarrhea. Not getting any better.  Nausea so bad it is hard to want to eat. Moving is out of the question cause it causes the nausea to get worse. What can I do to get relief and how can I help my boyfriend understand that this is real I am sick and can’t just push through. He is getting upset with me, thinks I should be better by now and should get up and do things. Please help



Opps what a dork, I meant I am on day 5 of my sugar, caffeine sleeping pill Excedrin pm withdrawal, cold turkey too. Thank you soso much for your help.
Sincerely, Shell



Hey Shell, it’s gonna take some time. Sounds like you are putting your body through some big changes. Have you/can you visit with a doctor or nutritionist? They’ll be able to tell you and your boyfriend exactly what to expect and what to do in order to curb the nausea and recover more easily.



I’m on day 3 of no sugar, caffeine or any junk food.  I seem to have the same issues as other people; no energy, lightheaded, etc.  I’m also having what seems like an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath.  This occurs maybe 3 or 4 times a day, usually near the end of my work day.  Is this normal?



I used to eat a lot of sugar. but for past 2 months my sugar intake have reduced. i did not intend to go sugar free, it just sort of happened. Last week I started having troubling sleep. it was hard to fall asleep. after few days i started have anxiety or panic attacks. i went to doctor to get my blood test done. my fasting sugar was as high as 104 mg/dL. so i figured maybe my body is craving for sugar and these are my withdrawal symptoms. so i started eating healthy. its my day 4 without sugar. my anxiety has reduced somewhat but it is still there. i went to my favorite class yesterday, thinking exercising will make me feel good, but i wasn’t in a mood to do it. i didn’t enjoy it as much i used to but still did it for the sake of it. maybe its because i was tired and these mood swings are crazy. i hope to get well soon. but any idea how long will symptoms will be there. because i am seriously getting sick of it.



Harry, it’s totally normal.

Divangana, check out Why Does Anxiety Increase After Stopping Sugar?



how long does this sugar withdrawal symptoms goes on. especially these psychological symptoms? should i just completely stop eating sugar or can have some now and then?



Psychological symptoms have less to do with sugar and more to do with how you cope with stress.  The anxiety will dissipate by learning new ways to cope (other than eating sweets as an escape). Some folks can have sweets now and then. Other cannot. Most people go back to their old habits if they have just a little. It’s really up to you and what you can handle.



After having sugar withdrawal symptoms in the form of anxiety out of the blue i thought of cutting back sugar from my diet. so from monday i started drinking one glass of milk with one teaspoon of sugar in it and stopped eating refined sugar at all. i just used to have fruits in the evening. my lunch and breakfast used to consist of normal pulses, vegetables, crud, rice and chappati. it took me 2-3 days to get those anxiety feeling and depressed feeling under control. by thursday or friday i started to like myself again and was having good days. then on saturday sunday and monday i ate something from outside vendors and stated to have Gastritis, nothing chronic though. i also ate a small peice of cake, thinking one small peice wont hurt. so after being diagnosed with Gastritis, i switched milk with buttermilk in morning and nothing else changed in my diet. but yesterday i again started having anxiety attack. i felt like crying and also talking about it made me cry even more. i somehow managed to calm myself down but i wasnt just fully fine. i ate just a bite of cake and then suddenly i started to feel fine. n then i realised my buttermil does not have any sugar in it so this week i have reduced my sugar intake even more. today morning i was feeling fine. no gas problem i was up my game and everything. i also put one teaspoon of sugar in my buttermilk. but suddnly after having my lunch. i again started to feel low and tired, i wont call it being depressed but i wasnt feeling good. i was cranky and so light headed. i just wanted to come back home and sleep. and when i did that i just could sleep for 45 mins and still didnt feel any better. so just to check if it is because of sugar. i ate half a tea spoon of sugar and then suddenly felt fine. so is this feeling anxious and low sugar withdrawal symptom or should i go see a psychologist about it?



After having sugar withdrawal symptoms in the form of anxiety out of the blue i thought of cutting back sugar from my diet. so from monday i started drinking one glass of milk with one teaspoon of sugar in it and stopped eating refined sugar at all. i just used to have fruits in the evening. my lunch and breakfast used to consist of normal pulses, vegetables, crud, rice and chappati. it took me 2-3 days to get those anxiety feeling and depressed feeling under control. by thursday or friday i started to like myself again and was having good days. then on Saturday sunday and monday i ate something from outside vendors and stated to have Gastritis, nothing chronic though. i also ate a small piece of cake, thinking one small piece wont hurt. so after being diagnosed with Gastritis, i switched milk with buttermilk in morning and nothing else changed in my diet. but yesterday i again started having anxiety attack. i felt like crying and also talking about it made me cry even more. i somehow managed to calm myself down but i wasnt just fully fine. i ate just a bite of cake and then suddenly i started to feel fine. n then i realised my buttermil does not have any sugar in it so this week i have reduced my sugar intake even more. today morning i was feeling fine. no gas problem i was up my game and everything. i also put one teaspoon of sugar in my buttermilk. but suddenly after having my lunch. i again started to feel low and tired, i wont call it being depressed but i wasnt feeling good. i was cranky and so light headed. i just wanted to come back home and sleep. and when i did that i just could sleep for 45 mins and still didnt feel any better. so just to check if it is because of sugar. i ate half a tea spoon of sugar and then suddenly felt fine. so is this feeling anxious and low sugar withdrawal symptom or should i go see a psychologist about it? oh also yesterday i felt like my heart is pounding. my bp and pulse rate were fine though. but when i was doing yoga i againg started feeling anxious. so it normal during sugar withdrawal symtoms?



Hi Divangana. Anxiety and chronic sugar consumption can be related. Changing your habits doesn’t usually happen quickly or easily. Seeing a psychiatrist could help you to talk through the things you are feeling and experiencing. That said, the sluggishness and tired feelings can be the result of eating, or going without, sugar. All of this is normal. You’re in an adjustment period.



hey this is week 3 of reduced sugar. all anxiety attacks are under control. still gets light headed and weak here are there. the new things thats happening now is that i can hear my heartbeat. but heart beat is now playing tricks on me. if i know sugar will do this sort of devilish thing i wouldnt have started consuming so much in the first place. i am just hanging in there to stop feeling my heart beat when i rest. i hope everything works out in the end.

Denise Z


I wish I had found this site before I went off sugar AND Splenda cold turkey last week! LOL! But I’m 9 days into it and determined to keep going. Fortunately, I haven’t had any cravings…otherwise, I may have caved. THANK YOU to whomever recommended ginger tea for headaches—that’s helped! I felt like death yesterday, but today was actually a good day. I’m looking forward to more!



I have been detoxing day 6 now and no beer-which I use to have a few and noticed my skin was starting to break out also worried about my liver-at 44
also decided to go gluten free and no sugar
My anxiety is aweful, my eyes hurt, and feel no energy at all just very lightheaded and hoping this passes- I do not have any appetite-but did force a protein drink down,eat some chicken, and made vegetables in olive oil-
I want to be healthy again -I never use to feel this way- also yes depression and joints hurt- IM trying to get my life back on track and hopefully its not to late



It’s never too late to make positive changes.



I have been tapering off for several weeks and I am currently sugar free.  Today after a final at school, I began crying uncontrollably for no reason and couldn’t stop.  I couldn’t think what could be the matter with me, and I felt like I had lost my mind completely.  After I came to my senses I realized that I was experiencing the psychological effects of drug withdrawal.  I never would have believed that sugar could be this strong of a drug!  I am so glad I quit and I am never going back!



On the upside: I have not felt this good in a very long time.  I have been hiking in the forest and walking by the lake every day and I feel constantly compelled to attempt feats of athletic prowess- which is completely unlike me, by the way!  When I was living on sugar I felt too shaky to attempt much and often felt bored skulking around the house doing nothing, but now I can’t wait to get outside.  I can’t believe I ever let my sugar use get the better of me like that and I am never going back!



Some of you describe feeling anxious, shaky, nauseous, and vomiting (at night). I felt like that on and off for 3 years, plus faint at times, and thirsty all the time, and couldn’t understand why. Only once, one of my blood tests showed I was low in magnesium. I read somewhere that magnesium deficiency can cause thirst and a host of symptoms like those described.  Although the doctor didn’t advise it, I began to take magnesium supplements and still do. Also, I read elsewhere that low potassium can cause similar problems. By taking supplements and eating foods rich in magnesium and potassium, the symptoms went away and have not returned. CAVEAT: I was not trying to quit sugar at the time, and I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but being mindful about magnesium (and potassium) made such a difference for me I thought I should share my story in case it helps someone else.

Cinnamon Zone


Yes sugar withdrawal is the worst. Feeling the need to vomit is a common problem. Not sure going cold turkey works for some people. Primarily because the brain needs sugar to function and it comes either from sugar or carbs. If you suddenly stop the sugar without having trained the body to get the sugar from other healthy sources you might damage your brain (hence brain fog etc) and create other dangerous side effects like falls and inattention while driving. 

To train myself I switched to coffee with heavy whipping cream and Ceylon Cinnamon tea (to get rid of the Candida yeast that crave sugar and scrub the little sugar I do have) and it seems to be working. Now I can go without sugar for two weeks at a time. When I do eat a bit of sugar I chase it with some Ceylon Cinnamon which scrubs the excess sugar, so it becomes sugar neutral so to speak. Go step by step by step to lower and lower levels until the body is well trained to function well without direct sugar.




Does anyone else experience needing to urinate more often since reducing sugar intake? Is this normal, and when does it start to ease up?



Hello, Harriet. I have the same thing. I also have a slight head ache, but that’s not a problem. Urination is killing me. I don’t go to bathroom more often but the amount of urine is enormous and it is almost clear. I feel like peeing myself out. I’m on day 4th now. I had the same last time when I was trying to quit and for 2 weeks. But then I fell of the train so I don’t know how long it lasts. Someone above mentionen that he(or she) has been experiencing it fo 6 weeks.
And the worst thing is that I had’t found any explanation of this confirmed by research. Only guesses. Also I don’t remember if anyone wrote that he had been throuhg it and it eased up after N weeks, only in real time like “I have this problem”.  All this kinda scares me.



Hello!  I have found it is helpful to have a “one day at a time” approach.  I usually don’t think of sweets till 10am, so then I only have 12 hours to go.  If I really want something sweet, I just think “Maybe I can have it tommorrow”.  For me,it just takes the edge off!

Charlie M


Hello, I am glad I found this site. Reading the testimony from others has been very encouraging. I have been addicted to sweets my entire life. I have been off sugar, alcohol and bad carbs for 7 days and I feel like crap. Ruuny nose, insomnia, lethargic, muscle pain, headaches, and more. Before I quit I was binging hard, eating a ton of chocolate daily. Everything from M&Ms; to frozen yogurt covered in hot fudge, to chocolate chip cookies. Sweets are my biggest weakness. I haven’t eaten red meat in years, go weeks without drinking alcohol, and workout regularly. Im trying to turn a new page health wise and realize that sugar is my biggest obstacle.



Stopped eating refined sugary snacks on Saturday. Night before I had a BK as I worked late. Have had loose stools / diarrhoea since Sunday. I have anxiety normally but it’s gone through the roof since. Started urinating a lot today (six days in?).
Wanted to stop sugar as I have start of fatty liver. Cut down drinking a year ago (1 x bottle every couple of weeks. )

Tempted to go to doctor as I’m worried that my diarrhea / now frequent urination shouldn’t have lasted this long. Also have hunger pangs, fatigue.

Anxiety is so medically related that I started convincing myself it’s Big C related. Does any of this sound normal???



Yes, it sounds normal in so far as it potentially being anxiety related. Seeing a doctor might be the best way to ease your anxiety as they will be able to examine you and let you know what’s going on.



Hey guys, I really appreciate this blog and all the comments! smile I’ve been off sugar for a week! I’m trying to blog about my experience and the research I’m reading as I go.

One withdrawal symptom I’m experiencing is puzzling me. Does anyone know *why* going off sugar causes constipation for some people? I’ve had some mild constipation - didn’t poop or even feel like pooping on days 1, 2, 6, and 7. And my poops are dry. I woke up with severely cracked lips on day 2 and have been drinking as much as possible to combat the dryness. I’m not sure if it’s just drier here in Atlanta or if my withdrawal is causing dehydration… Thoughts?



Off sugar for about 4 weeks…I eat fruit, not a lot and really healthy combinations. But, I have excessive hunger still! I can eat two fried eggs with a little white cheese and a small apple and 10 minutes later I’m ravenous! If I don’t eat I get shaky so I keep eating like every two hours or every 1/2 hour with like almonds and a piece of string cheese..I use to drink like 2 sodas a day for like 15 years so maybe my body is use to filling up on sugar and junk food?




I’m a sugar addict. I stopped consuming sugar about a year ago (with some exceptions). I found that the worst symptoms were gone after the third week. I felt constantly dehydrated and hungry when my old self would usually eat a bag of skittles and forget an my actual meals. 

Once the three weeks were done, I would have severe cravings lasting about 3 months. I would seek out chips and bread at first, but later found that nuts and natural fats combined with fruit helped curb the cravings. I stayed away from dried fruits because I found they were too much sugar and I could eat a lot of them at once.

At about 6 months I noticed severe bloating in my intestines. I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure it was the bad gut bacteria during off because I was no longer feeding them large amounts of sugar.  I took probiotic pills for a month and the bloating started to disappate. By 8 months I was finally not so sugar dependent.

By 8 months I could consume small treats without feeling the that addict urge to consume more and more until I got sick. I still have a tendency to try and lie to myself and say β€œanother little treat won’t hurt you” which will definitely result in a relapse. I try and stick to my high fat high veggie diet which doesn’t give me room for sugar cravings.

I hope my experience helps someone out there.



Hi Nicki,

I was looking through this site to see if there were others who experienced constipation as well.  My husband and I decided to go completely refined sugar free after doing lots of research and realizing how bad sugar really is for you. We have always had a healthy diet and tried very hard to make sure we were consuming good food. However, when you really break it down, it is amazing how much sugar we are eating daily without even realizing it.  We are 7 days sugar free. In the first week I experienced flu like symptoms while my husband felt good except for being fairly tired. I also experienced diarrhea, where my husband is experience constipation which is never an issue for him EVER! I guess these are just things we are going to have to deal with to get our bodies over the addiction. It is a bit disheartening to see that some on here are still somewhat miserable after several months. I hope to be feeling more energetic and normal sooner than later!
Thanks for all of the input on here and good luck to all as I really do believe we are all on the right track to health and wellness!!

Chad Carignan


Is loss of appetite one of the symptoms of sugar withdrawal? I recently had been diagnosed with an infection in either my prostate or urinary tract, and my doctor told me to give up the sweets after I consumed many sweet desserts, candy, and soda during and shortly after Easter. A few days later I urinated at least 10X in less than six hours. The doctor told me to get off the sweets, which I had been eating for a long time admittedly. After the urinating episode, my appetite really suffered. I have a real hard time eating in the morning, but can eat a little better as the day goes on. I’m also experiencing nausea, anxiety, lack of sleep, restlessness- sometimes it feels like I’m on an adrenaline drip 24 hours a day. I actually don’t have cravings for sugar at this point which I find odd because I always did before. Anyone else experience this and get through it?

Sarah Percival


So I have been stopping sugars and watching my sugar intake for a week now. I feel so physically exhausted!! Like I just want to sleep all the time. It’s hard to focus and stay motivated. Is this normal?

Jason Halliburton


I quit Sugar a few days ago, first couple days I had headaches nothing can cure and yesterday I slept 12 hours. That is not normal for me im use to 6 hours a night rather I like it or not. But the good side effects ive had..
Feeling less bloating, I’ve had a bigger sex drive and better blood circulation downstairs if you know what I mean wink my mind feels more clear along with my heart feeling more calm. all ive been eating is bacon and eggs in the morning. if I munch on anything it’s cashews or pistachios, coconut milk, detox tea with sunflower root. nitric oxide with beet root. asparagus and beef for lunch and or dinner. BIG change for me, I was eating chips, candy, sugary drinks, (I stopped pop years ago though) Besides my headaches my body feels much better. my headaches are very minor now. Oh, I started buying my meat from a local slaughter house that doesn’t use growth hormones and chemicals. Buying local meat is the ONLY way to avoid buying meat that has been blasted with radiation. Even organic meat is blasted with radiation.



I first quit sugar in july 2017…  It was tough, but it worked, I lost weight and I felt better than ever !  But 6 months ago I quit smoking and I couldn’t manage both, so I started to eat (way too much) sugar.  I gain more weight than I lost when I first stopped, and it was a nightmare because I started to have some weird feelings.  Turns out it was pre-diabetes.  It was a wake up call !  A week ago I started to eat healty again (watermelon helped a lot in my case, it tastes sweet but it’s mainly water !), I already lost 3 kilos and my glycemia is already better.  But it’s hard, the symptoms of the withdrawal are numerous (tiredness, nausea in the morning, weakness from time to time, blurred vision, some digestive trouble too, especially in the morning, and of course some cravings)...  I’ll try to keep the good work though, with my eyes on the prize (not getting to the point where I’ll fully develop diabetes !) it should be easier !

Corrine Madison


I need to figure out how to cut back on my sugar and coffee… I once ate 5lbs of sugar in one day and passed out…. now… it like 3tbsp sugar per one cup of coffee 1 pot of coffee a day most days… I’ve always drank a lot of sugar.. I want to stop but my hands and body get shaky and twitchy, I get short and violent, I’m bipolar and I’m epileptic but I highly doubt sugar withdrawal will send me into a seizure… it does cause me to lose my temper really bad tho, over nothing at all… I wish there was help… and not the i ate 3 cookies and now I’m hungover help, real help. When I was a child we didn’t have cool-aid we had vanilla sugar water to drink and peanut butter and syrup sandwiches… the freaking jail gives peanut butter and syrup sandwiches to pregnant women who are locked up… I was just reading that rats addicted to cocaine still chose sugar water over cocaine when given the choice. I’m addicted to sugar and it sucks… theres no hope for people like me I don’t think, plus I’m not even overweight or anything like that which probably makes it worse

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