Stop Being Sweet

Should You Keep Sweets At Home?

Stop Being Sweet

You made it through the day without candy. You didn’t have soda at lunch. You said no to sharing a chocolate bar with your friend. You get home from work and you’re tired from a long day.

Even though you’re not hungry, you still open the kitchen cupboard. There, on the shelf is a box of sweets. You don’t need them and you don’t want them but you know they’ll make a great end-of-the-day relaxation device.

“I made it through the whole day, I can have one thing at the end of the night,” you tell yourself.

Two hours later the whole box is gone, you’re about to go to bed and you feel awful.

The answer? Don’t keep sweets at home. The reason is because sweets are available to you all day every day. Everywhere you go sugar is there. Waiting. It’s there when you’re strong and it’s there when you’re weak. Not everyone is born strong. Some of us have to work at it.

Your willpower is like a muscle. You need to flex it. You start small and increase over time. Doing so makes you stronger.

With sugar, you have to remove the hardest stuff from your diet. So let’s say you remove all of the candy from your house. When you’re hungry you either have to go out to get candy or figure out something else to eat or do.

Next you go to work, or to wherever, and there’s candy. They have it in a bowl at the office. You can purchase it next to the cash register at nearly any large retail chain. Everywhere you go you are tempted to want to buy and eat candy. With each successfully refused temptation your are basically doing a repetition, just like curling a barbell. The more successful repetitions you do the stronger your willpower gets. But you must be careful!

You can overdo it when lifting weights. Go to any gym or read any fitness book and they’ll tell you to workout and then give your muscles a rest. That’s just what you’re doing when you take all of the junk food out of your house. You’re giving your willpower a rest. You’re allowing yourself to reflect on a day of no sweets. You’re not tempting yourself in your own home. And, most of all, you’re giving yourself a break form the relentlessly constant workout that is saying no to sweets.

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Dear David, I find that If I start the day with healthy breakfast , which of course contains hidden sugar, This might ruin my day by binging, I have no Idea what to replace my first meal of the day? I always wanted to ask but I’m going to the grocery and do you have any idea what to purchase as a starter? -Thanks



Protien. Eggs. Fruit. Veggies. Oat meal. Stuff that doesn’t have a trademarked name (such as breakfast bars or frozen breakfast burritos). Natural and unsweetened yogurt. Cut up your favorite fruit and put yogurt on it. Make a veggie omelet. Heat some oatmeal and place some fruit bits in it. Experiment to find what you like and what feels satisfying. smile



When I was a little child I hated sugarie stuff, but now I don’t know how or why but I started eating it. Sometimes .. actually very often I don’t eat anything sweet for a week or longer and I like myself when I don’t eat it. I feel better confident and satisfied BUT the hard times begin when I’m bored.
  The actual problem is that my parents really don’t want to quit the junk food and buy a lot of it, so there are always large amounts of candy in our house… aand when I’m bored .. I eat really really much of it. How do I stop even thinking about it and convince them to stop buying it??



It’s tricky for you since the sweets are right there in the house. The thing is, you may not be able to convince your parents to stop buying sweets. However, one of the best ways to influence them is to stop eating it yourself. That requires willpower and something else to eat. You need an alternative for when you are bored and hungry. If you’re not hungry and are just bored, go out or do something different instead of snacking. If your parents see you eating something else, chances are they’ll buy that for you to eat since will perceive that you prefer it over sweets. They might even follow your lead as you will become their conscience and that will possibly spark their desire to eat better. Ultimately it’s not about them, it’s about you. If you can overcome this (and I’m sure you can) then you will be stronger in other areas where you need to exercise your willpower and take care of yourself. You can do it. You are doing it. It’s an ongoing practice so keep practicing!



Hi David,
This is my take on sugar. If you are susceptible to sugar addiction (which I am) the world is a difficult place to maintain a permanent balance phisiologically. Unlike alcohol and heroin and the like SUGAR IS NECESSARY in our bodies at all times…other drugs are not.
I avoid refined sweets…I avoid refined flours…BUT because I am forever a sugar-addict (if you will) I will always have the desire to up my insulin/seratonin levels by overeating carbs of all kinds (fruit, whole grains) ...which in turn ultimately has similar addictive effects (the bloat, drowsiness, depression, weight gain). I am coming to the harsh realization that sugar addicts have the toughest job…they have to keep their ACTIVE addiction in check (since we have to deal with insulin and seratonin production issues every day——unlike alcoholics and othe r drug addicts who can completely abstain ....after those drugs leave the body as long as they “don’t touch the stuff” they can focus on keeping their mind strong to not succomb…unlike a sugar addict who not only battles the mental addiction of sugar (the highs associated with a sugar boost) but the constant (and necessary) physical addiction because it’s running through our veins every day as a physically necessary human requirement ...My realization is that (to my dismay) it’s only through shear will-power and not overeating that will keep my mind and body sound and happily in balance. and even then there will be slip-ups…it’s inevitable. One last note…in general I overeat carbs and because I eat many fresh whole foods and avoid refined sugars and chemically processed junk overall I feel healthier than I would if I overindulged in refined garbage….BUT!!!! there was once a time in my life I was keeping my daily food intake within the confinds of a normal calorie count…My weight was perfect and I allowed myself a moderate amount of refined white sugar daily (in my coffee, a small dessert at night etc…) and i honestly never felt better than I did at that time. The majority of my food was fresh and natural, I exercised regularly and I felt awesome…Alas that was only a short period of my life…and to be honest I wish I could maintain that eating lifestyle…It was better than raw diets, food combining, and all the rest…so the moral of my story is whoever said, “anything in moderation” was very wise indeed…but oh how nice life would be if I could sustain sugar moderation..I’m working on it anyways….here’s to 2012!



“If you can overcome this (and I’m sure you can) then you will be stronger in other areas where you need to exercise your willpower and take care of yourself.”

Well said, David! This is so true!!! It’s amazing how having control in one area of our lives can lead to having control in other areas as well. It’s truly worth it!

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